5 Highest Paying Truck Driving Jobs (Where the $ is in 2020!)

these are the five highest top paying

jobs in trucking this episode is brought

to you by GP transcon while we're

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so I have a look at GP Transco one of

the best highest paying trucking jobs is

with private fleets and private fleets

are great these days because they're not

worried about the cost of fuel

particularly ER the cost of equipment

they're there making that all back in

the products that they manufacture and

sell the people they're more concerned

with service they've got a customer base

they want to keep that customer supplied

with their product so they have nice

equipment and they want good guys

running good guys that are going to be

there when they say they're going to be

there they so they pay their guys well

usually places like this have a pension

plan built into the package they have

stock options built into the package

these private fleets are definitely

worth we're looking at and look at look

at some of the big ones okay

look at Walmart for instance the Walmart

fleet they're huge and those guys are

dragging in better than 80 grand a year

just for delivering to Walmart stores

they treat their guys good

it's nice equipment how much how much

better could get private fleets look it

up Pepsi or coca-cola

those are both private fleets nice

equipment but they're working for a

manufacturer they're not working for a

trucking company that's hauling somebody

else's Freight

they're hauling their own Freight so

they want to take the time to do it

right they'll spend the money to do it

right and they'll pay you to do it right

private fleets great thing to get on to

a chemical tanker now it's a wee bit

risky but they pay for every minute of

your time and it's not risky if you're

taking your time and being careful it's

a job for a professional not a look

that's for sure but you know if you if

you own your own truck for instance

you're hauling chemical tanker you also

get the benefits of better fuel mileage

because the tanks are small they're

skinny they're short it's not like

dragging a big

wagon through the wind they're smaller

and easier to maneuver and they pay you

for washes they pay you for loading they

pay you unloaded Mickey all your time a

lot of those guys have a pension package

built-in so chemical tankers I it used

to be that all all tankers paid a little

bit better these days

guys tankers not so much and food

tankers they're doing ok a little better

with the chemical tankers where the

money is not a lot of guys want to do

that now you're not handling this stuff

as a driver you're just backing in and

letting them handle it but you don't

want to roll the thing over on the

freeway and you don't want to have a

crash and there's liability involved so

you've got to be good you've got to be

careful but for that they pay you better

money and you'll make better money just

if you're in the truck as well as I said

with fuel mileage

these guys are self insured so your

insurance won't be as high so all sorts

of perks to Chemical kangkang oversized

loads these guys definitely are a niche

market and it definitely pays better now

personally that's the one thing I never

have tried is oversized I came across a

couple guys in oversize situations and I

looked at the messes they've gotten

themselves into and I decided that was

never for me I didn't have the nerve to

get stuck under a bridge and then sit

patiently while everybody figured out

how to get me out just wasn't for me but

and now that was that was years ago now

as I understand it these days oversize

loads are all charted out by the company

that they tell you specific routes there

are police escorts their ground escorts

the science is really approved on

oversize and the money's pretty darn

good and something else nice about

oversize is you're not on a race

schedule for the dispatcher you're going

to get there when you get there you

won't be running the thing in bad

weather just to make up time because

they just want you to get there and get

there in one piece generally the stuff

you're hauling is very heavy and very

expensive and they don't want to screw

ups so they want good calm guys that are

relaxed and have the skill to get these

wide loads through these narrow streets

or under these bridges or whatever they

got to do and they pay their guys well

for that and they

don't overwork them now another really

good way to make money and it always

worked for me was to be an

owner/operator but this is it's a risky

deal it's always been a risky deal it'll

continue to be you've got to be so

careful on who you contract with you've

got to know the contract inside and out

you've got to research the carrier

you've got it ask around find out who's

good who's me and who's bad but there

are still good deals out there for owner

operators now I'm not talking lease

operators I'm talking guys that own

their trucks enter paying for their

trucks through a bank not through the

carrier because the carrier's always got

an angle but if you own the truck and

you find a good carrier to work for

there's money to be made if you track

your miles they pay you by the mile if

they take percentage or you pay

percentage keep track of everything but

there are some good outfits out there

still for owner operators they're

becoming fewer and farther between

anymore but the right guy with the right

truck with the right carrier can still

make money as an owner operator but if

you bank it if you're careful if you

halt for the right carrier there is

still money serious money good money and

being an owner operator for the right

carrier and these jobs are getting fewer

and farther between these these jobs

used to be the way to go honestly we're

Union jobs because the Union took good

care of you the Union made sure that you

were making money because they didn't

want you to leave because the Union also

wanted to make a chunk out of what you

were making

so they ensured that you were making

money so they could make money and and

the guy paying was the carrier now you

know the Teamsters aren't what they used

to be I was I was a teamster for a

little while I found the system a little

bit awkward to work with particularly

when it came to seniority and some of

their rules like that because when

they've got slow everything's based on


so they'll suggest you you move to

another location to a different yard

because this yard so slower they'll sit

you at home because they're just not

that busy

the senior guys the top guys just keep

taking the loads of

taking the load zone you're sitting

there waiting and waiting and waiting

and and for the brief period of time

that I was a union guy I would sit until

the weather got really bad and then the

senior guys decided they didn't want to

work in the snow storms and the

blizzards and that was when they would

call me and I would go so there's some

tough parts to it but if you can stick

it out and it's not like that everywhere

with all unions they we used to laugh at

ups for instance but you know what ups

is a desired job anymore

forget about the shorts and the goofy

uniforms if you're dragging down 100

grand you're working for UPS why not

because that's what it's all about the

money at the end no one's gonna remember

20 years from now about your funny

outfit again Pepsi and coca-cola both

unionize the work may be a little boring

you may have to put up with some crap

but if you can put up with the crap

stick it out and stay for the long run

stay for the duration you've got a

pension you've got stock options you've

got benefits I've got all sorts of

pluses there's all sorts of benefits

you've got to think you know I can't

stand this another day you've got to

think you know what in 30 years

I'll be glad else I stuck this out I

know what I haven't know a guy that

drove for Pepsi for over thirty years

he's got a cottage on the lake he's got

a ski boat he's got a Corvette he's got

a high-dollar pickup truck he's got all

this stuff and just because he was calm

enough and smart enough to say yeah it

works a little boring but you know what

I can see the payday at the end of the

rainbow he stuck it out man he's in the

dome now retired and over 50 you're just

over 50 years old retired got all the

toys not lacking for anything

there's some serious benefits in being a

union driver now I was always one that

no matter how far I went I wanted to

progress I always wanted to make more


I knew the cost of living just kept

going up and up and up and up I wanted

to be the best I could be and part of

that deal was working for better

carriers and making more money and that

was a constant progression for me that

was what it was all about for me I like

the nice rides but for the

time I was putting in and there was a

lot of time I wanted to be making the

big bucks that was that was my goal

always make more money make more money

make more money so to do that you have

to get away from general freight and

mega carriers you can't do that stuff

because those guys are all about paying

themselves and paying you the least they

can possibly pay you they want the money

in their pocket not yours I wanted the

money in my pocket that's what I was all

about you've got to concentrate on on

specialized stuff these days niche

markets stuff where the costs and the

wages are going to increase with the

cost of living so you're always

constantly making more money remember

there is no pension hardly ever any more

in trucking unless you get one of these

specialized jobs and can either get a

pension provided by the company we're

building off into your own bank account

that you're building your own pension

because you know what the years go by

fast which is a good thing that's one of

the best things about trucking is how

quickly the years fly by but you'll be

surprised how quickly they fly by and at

the end of the day you want to have a

good chunk of dough in the bank to live

off because you know what'll work -

you're 90 years old you gotta take some

time you're yourself you've got to be

able to slow down you want to ease into


still take the occasional drive but

you've got to have the money in the bank

to do it these jobs generally aren't for

new guys they take a few years

experience you've got to have a clean

resume you've got to have a good record

you've got to have good recommendations

from carriers that you've worked for

before because these guys are looking

for the best of the best they're paying

top dollar they know they're paying top

dollar and they want the best drivers

they can possibly get and these are jobs

that generally don't have a lot of

turnover these guys if there's a spot

it's because somebody's retired out of

it it's not that they've gotten

frustrated and quit cuz the money was

too good they just stayed with it as

long as they could and retired and

that's why there's an opening so you may

not get a job the first time you you

applied at one of these deals but you

know what you've got to be persistent

because guys retire there come openings

there there changes you've got to stick

with the program

don't get discouraged keep in touch with

these people that you want to work for

that you've researched that you've

sought out you know they're paying well

and you want to get on there

keep at it be persistent have face to

face with the hiring guy the recruiter

just keep you always on their mind with

these high-paying jobs you've got to

realize that sometimes the niche doesn't

last and you've got to be prepared to

move and you've got to keep your eye on

the temperature and watch the

thermometer to see if things are

starting to slide because if they do you

got to be ready to move look at the the

Alberta oil fields up we're up in Canada

here where I live at one time that was

big money that was great money then the

politics got involved and slowly slowly

slowly those good jobs have disappeared

so and I'm there were guys here from

town that ran at Alberta to work in the

oil fields they made great money while

while it lasted you got to make hay

while the Sun shines but these days

they're all around here looking for work

because the oil fields of collapse

because of the politics involved up here

so you've got to be prepared always to

keep your eye on the weathervane to see

what's going on with your trucking job

and the climate around it so you can

jump if you need to and not get sucked

down in the vortex when the whole thing

collapses and that does happen once in a

while if the mandate of the eld is these

days you're restricted to the number of

hours that you can work it's already law

in the US it's going to be law up here

shortly in Canada so if they're telling

you you're restricted by hours you've

got to make the most money you can in

that time period it's not like the old

days when you could just work until you

dropped grab four hours of sleep and

dive in again these days it's highly

regulated so it's very important to be

at the top of your game get the most

bang for your buck because you've only

got so many hours with which to do it in

while we're on the subject of

high-dollar nice trucking car hauling

specialized car hauling used to be one

of those niches these days of course

everyone's had a kick at the cat and the

money's gone down the toilet but at one

time hauling cars was a big deal and it

paid really well now I remember the

early days when I remember passport

transport I believe they were out of

Florida they were the first ones I ever

noticed that that had gone into this

high-dollar car hauling niche market and

they were they were making big dough

they had fancy trucks and I remember I

remember seeing an article in overdrive

magazine about Passport I took it to the

guy I was hauling four at the time and

he was always interested in new angles

on making money I said hey look at this

look what these guys are doing

look at these car trailers they double

stacked cars the cars Japan you know

five ten grand apiece this guy is making

money these guys are making money so

this fella I was working for one yeah we

should try that and he fancied himself

to be a bit of an inventor so he built a

couple of car trailers but you know in

the early days when you're experimenting

you run into some speed bumps so the

biggest speed bumps that this fella ran

into and it was awful was there are two

decks in the car trailer it's the

enclosed car trailers so the first deck

would rise up and lock in and they'd

load another set of cars underneath it

but the the upper deck was supported by

uprights with holes and pins in the

decks but the first couple of trailers

he built he wanted to keep the trailers

light so they were fibreglass walls but

he didn't build the upright structure

independently of the walls

he built the uprights so they were

fastened to the fiberglass walls or FRP

walls or whatever that they called it

back then

cheap fibreglass walls and as the truck

rolled down the road the walls would

flex and buckle and Bend and weave so

what was happening was every once in a

while the walls would weave enough and

Bend enough that the pins holding the

upper deck would pop out on the top row

cars would come down on the bottom roll

cars and I remember strolling into the

office one day and I said where's the

boss how's it going he says I'll always

in my he's in the can throwing up he's

really he's really upset what had

happened was that the top rows of cars

BMWs had come down on the bottom rows of

cars so he had an entire roll of bottom

BMWs there were about maybe two and a

half feet high didn't exactly worked out

the way he planned he knew he had some

modifications to make on the trailer it

wasn't funny at the time he was blowing

Chow in the can because he knew what

this was gonna cost him now there are

other highly specialized niches that pay

really good money check the link below

go to our website have a look at that

article because it lists more of them

and it's it's excellent but that's the

way to make money in trucking these days

if you know if you just you're single

and enjoy the ride stick with the

general Freight it works for some guys

but me I always wanted the fancier rides

and the better money so that's how you

do try keep the rubber side down take

care and I'll see on the back off