DISPOSABLE RAZOR VS ELECTRIC SHAVER | Comparison | Which Is Best Everyday Shaving Option for Men?

disposable razors versus electric

shavers that's what we'll be talking

about in this video these are the two

most popular options if you're looking

to get a clean shaven look you're most

likely using one of these two things now

in particular on YouTube recently I've

been seeing so many influences

absolutely pushing different types of

disposable razors on the audience and in

such videos that are normally sponsored

these people are really put it across

that's these different brands of

disposable razors are the only option

the only good option anyway to get a

decent shave and if you use anything

else it's gonna leave your looking bad

and in my opinion some of this really

biased information that's going around

is just a bit sketchy and I think it's

influenced by the fact that more razor

companies are likely to sponsor videos

than electric shaver companies so

therefore in this video I wanted to do a

more unbiased direct comparison of wet

shaving with a disposable razor and dry

shaving with an electric shaver so you

can decide for yourself which one of

these options is going to be better for

you because from the way that the

disposable razors have been pushed on

people like it's the only good option I

don't know I think by the end of this it

may be a bit more even I'm gonna break

this down into a couple of different

sections first we'll focus on the

disposable razor the pros and the cons

of this one and then the same again for

the electric shaver one of the biggest

benefits that is heavily promoted about

razors is that it gives you a closer

shave as you slice the hairs because

it's so close to the skin you're left

with a softer feeling face when compared

to an electric shaver and some of this

soft feeling comes from the fact that

the razors often take off the top layer

of dead skin as well sort of acting a

bit like an exfoliant and as well as the

feeling on your face being a bit

different to an electric shaver I

suppose that if it is technically a

fraction you know millimeters closer to

the skin you're probably not gonna have

to shave quite as often I mean you could

shave every day if you want but you

don't have to and also one of the big

selling factors they seem to be

massively emphasized by these companies

is how cheap they are

or at least how cheap the initial

purchase prices compared to buying an

electric shaver these razors proved much

more inexpensive in the very short term

but they do come with added costs which

we will discuss in a moment and aside

from the closeness of the shave I think

that the real marketing sort of points

in the marketing strategy around loads

of these types of razors is that it

gives you that sense of tradition the

elegance the coolness are still using a

bladed razor it's even getting to the

stage now where it's a bit like a

cutthroat razor that real idea of

replicating what your dad used to do in

the 1960s and 70s lathering up in front

of the sink you know ultra masculine it

gives you that feeling of confidence

potentially but I think it's only fair

that we take a look at some of the cons

that you get with disposable razors now

for me my biggest problem with using

razors really in any form is that it

irritates my skin and you're probably

thinking oh well you're not using the

right cream or gel or anything like that

the problem for me is I have pretty

sensitive skin and I've tried several

different types of gels and creams and

although they've helped make the shave

really easy they haven't really stops

the sensitivity and I often end up

getting rashes no matter what I use even

when shaving with the grain varying the

speed of my strokes it doesn't seem to

make a great deal of difference I can

use an electric shaver dry and the

irritation is no any of the same you

will have seen out on some of my videos

before I've got a patch of the doctor

thinks it's some sort of eczema or

dermatitis there's almost permanently on

my neck and using one of these only

makes it worse

and although I often like to use one of

these to give my neck and ultra-soft

feeling it doesn't really help my skin

and obviously if you are clumsy then

you've got the chance of cutting

yourself whereas it's pretty much

impossible to cut yourself with an

electric shaver and for me this is

particularly difficult on the top lip

even so it's only a minor issue really

and I found that with certain types of

disposable razors like the one that I

received a while ago from bold King

which is got like a flexible head on it

this isn't a great issue and I've

obviously got to point out the

long-term Kostich of disposable razors

because yes of course they're cheap like

they're advertised so cheap to get these

but unlike an electric shaver it's not a

one-time purchase every so many shaves

you're going to have to be changing the

head and no matter how cheap you're

getting them in store or having them

order directly to your house every month

and it's still going to cost more in the

long run with the lubricants we face

added than an electric shaver does

speaking of the electric shaver let's

move on to the pros and cons of this one

now I'm gonna speak again here about

electric shavers as a whole not this

specific model or brand but if you do

want this specific model or that

specific razor I will leave links to all

of these in the description below the

first benefit of using an electric

shaver is one of the most important ones

for me and that is that it's just miles

miles faster than using a standard razor

you don't have to worry about lathering

up you don't have to worry about

applying different creams to your face

both before and after the shave you can

use most electric shavers these days in

the shower if you want to and just blitz

it while you're in the shower or

completely dry in front of a mirror it

still works for me on a day-to-day basis

when it comes to preparing to get ready

to go to work it's a no-brainer between

these two I'm not wasting an extra 15 to

20 minutes of Lian time using one of

these attempting to get the perfect

shave you can get shaved and done in a


with this the types of heads that both

the linear and the circular types of

shavers have got these days make it

almost impossible to slice yourself

they are also multi-purpose a lot of

them including this model here I've got

a simple trimmer on as well which if you

want to neaten up your facial hair you

can do easily although if you're

something like stubble I probably

recommend a separate stubble trimmer

which does a better job I like to use

this attachment to actually go over the

ear area because my hair seems to go

straight down onto my ears and it makes

me look sloppy with a disposable razor

you just can't do that you're either to

the skin or nothing at all also so long

as you're buying yourself a decent one

then they're not gonna break as quickly

as the disposable ones now obviously you

would expect that from an item that

you're paying significantly more for and

this is sort of a pro and a con for

electric shavers because they

significantly more expensive to

initially purchase than any set of

razors which may be a step too far if

you are incredibly tight on cash for the

real advantage of these comes in the

very long run as I sort of touched on

earlier and something like this will

prove cheaper let's say you've spent 60

pounds on an electric shaver when you

compare that to spending let's say 10

pounds a month on disposable razors in

six months time this will already pay

for itself as worthies you keep on

having to purchase them that one is

really a balancing act depending on how

much you can afford

so the cons of the electric shaver

number one you don't get the same

closeness on the shave due to the way

that they're constructed the blades

aren't going directly onto your skin

you're never gonna get quite the same

closeness as with one of these as a

result they're also not particularly

good if you've got a hair that is lying

flat to your face it's definitely more

tricky to get under it and to get it cut

they also vary in terms of performance

depending on which model and brand you

get this is why I'd obviously encourage

you to watch as many reviews as possible

I've been a Braun user for years because

the products are built absolutely solid

I've never really had any problems with

them and it gives me a close enough

shave but there are definitely some

other brands out there that are a bit

sketchy if the price of something seems

too good to be true then often with

electric shavers it probably is also you

don't get the shave ritual you're not

gonna look like he's dad used to do in

front of the mirror with all your

shaving foam on you just don't get that

with these maybe it's not quite as

masculine potentially that's the summary

really of electric shavers versus

disposable razors there are other

instruments out there they can cut the

hairs on your face but I'm not going to

be talking about them in this video I'm

not really going to tell you which one

of these is objectively the best but I

will end this by mentioning what I

actually use each of these for for

day-to-day use I use an electric shaver

for me

these still get close enough to the skin

and the killer for me really is the fact

that using disposable razors takes so

long if I was a rich person and I had no

work to go into each day then sure I'd

use one of these but for me I can get

you know 95% of the same results

using one of these and it takes three

times less often I get horrible stubbly

hairs on my neck that this sort of can't

get so I will still use the disposable

rays in order to chop these off and

occasionally I will still get the urge

to use one of these for my full face but

I don't know it's not very often even

with the emergence of dozens and dozens

of companies selling disposable razors

trying to sell them straight to your

door there's still a reason why electric

shavers are still around and that's

because in my opinion they're probably

the best option for day to day use for

men but either way I've been quite

impressed with the disposable razor from

bald King so as well as the braun shaver

i'll leave a link to this one as well

down below and if they're too expensive

for you i'll try and find you know

cheaper alternatives to both of these as


alton own today's video vote which of

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