How to Maintain your Septic System Safely


but Neath this beautiful lawn next to

this cozy home something serious may be

brewing for underneath the greenery

lives a septic system sometimes things

can go wrong within a year of us moving

in here I was here at the sink turned on

the faucet just normal and I hear a

sound coming from the tub so I shut the

thing off and it stopped turn the sink

water back on and again I hear something

coming from his hub so I come over and I

look and there's actually water coming

up from the tub it wasn't clear water it

was brown water and all this smell it

was so awful so I didn't know what to do

I didn't know what that was

so what else to do but call my husband

so when we were buying the house it was

listed at city sewer but when we were

walking around outside and I noticed the

clean-out there and a clean-out there I

knew that it was actually a septic

system and that's a good thing because

when we had our backup I knew exactly

what to do

I checked the clean-out they were all

full so I knew I had to come and find

the lid being in the construction

business I knew what to do and I could

absorb some of the cost myself for the

regular homeowner it's a lot of money a

septic system is like a mini underground

sewage treatment facility on your

property all plumbing leads to a

watertight tank where beneficial

bacteria break down the waste product

the waste is then dispersed into a drain

field by pipes to prevent possible

future problems Debbie and Monte were

introduced to Dan Cohen from eco now

solutions I'm sure a septic backup is

something you never want to happen again

you got that right yeah way too costly

yeah exactly well there are certain

things you can do to help your system

operate more efficiently

okay like what first of all you probably

don't realize that even using or

overusing certain household cleaners

bacterial soaps or drain line openers

can negatively affect your septic system

you should never poor unless he's the


cooking oil or grease down your drain

okay you want to avoid flushing things

like cigarette butts I don't know visit


wipes paper towels or pharmaceuticals

paint thinners insecticides or solvents

anywhere near down your drains to get in

your septic system even if your septic

tank is maintained properly it still

needs to be pumped to Riyadh EPA

recommends that the septic system to

inspect it every three years

and typically pumped every three to five


however certain municipalities have

different laws you should always check

sometimes it's more frequently than not

okay so any suggestions you have for us

to keep our septic properly maintained

you can add eco now's septic oxygen to

your septic systems with septic oxy tips

do is they add oxygen and billions of

bacteria that what they do is they help

break down how to waste solids grease

and even digest toilet paper now because

you can't see what happens in the septic

tank right I'd like to show you a little

demonstration so you can see what the

top right yeah I'm going to show you

exactly what happens in your septic tank

okay what this does is it restores the

natural bacteria that's in your tank it

also adds bacteria to tank so that it'll

run properly and operate at issue as you

can see the tablet is fully dissolved in

this glass in your tank it disperses all

the bacteria and the oxygen to attack

your house always look at that I love

that that's a great idea okay but the

question is how do I get back into my

septic system it's very easy you just

drop a tablet in your toilet and flush

from there at the main pipe leads

directly into the septic tank use it

once a month and you'll have to

thank properly maintain that is easy I

can do that except the got two tabs that

biodegradable safe to you to have no

problem use perfect

thank you so much density and nice

meeting you thank you

by using the septic oxy tabs on a

regular basis

Debian Massey should have no more

problems with the septic tanks to find

out more visit subject oxy tabs calm or

eco now solutions calm


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