Medical Mondays: Influenza Treatment at Home

can I treat influence at home yes you

can treat influence at home by

supporting your child making sure that

they're comfortable by giving them a

seat aminophenyl I be profen and it's

also very important to make sure that

they're well hydrated so making sure

that they're drinking and taking plenty

of fluids is important symptoms to look

out for our dehydration high fevers

difficulty breathing or if your child

just isn't acting like themselves now if

you're really concerned about your child

and they don't seem to be getting better

it's really important to take them into

your health care provider as there are

some antiviral options that can help

treat influenza these do require your

position to prescribe them and have some

specifics around when they should be

given in some instances it might not be

appropriate to give your child one of

these antivirals despite them having

influenza so yes you can treat your

child at home with influenza if they're

doing well and you can support them but

please if you are concerned take them to

your health care provider as they might

have a medication and some other

treatments that could help you