Graves' Disease: Thyroid Treatment at The Children's Hospital at Montefiore

my name is Cheryl Tishman and I am the

mother of gabe Tishman gabe's now

seventeen last year when he was 16 is

diagnosed with Graves disease Gabe has

had a passion since he was five years

old of playing tennis and he plays a

national level he plays all around the

country he plays seven days a week three

or four hours a day so last summer I was

watching him too struggling and being

out of breath and more physically he

just looked thin I was really tired day

after day going to bed early having a

good salty nine hours of sleep at night

and still being extremely tired during

the day I actually thought he might have

mono or Lyme disease but the blood work

came back with that his thyroid was

tearing it out of whack and we were

advised by our pediatrician to find a

pediatric endocrinologist we did

research we immediately called people

that we knew and we had two referrals

that both pointed to dr. to it when they

presented to us he had high heart rate

he was eating but losing weight he had

lost a considerable amount of weight

over the past year I did a history of

comprehensive physical examination

evaluated him with confirmatory

laboratory tests that confirmed that he

had Graves disease Graves disease is

hyperthyroidism hyperthyroidism and

hypothyroidism are autoimmune disorders

so for hyperthyroidism it makes the

person hyperactive makes them lose

weight even though they're eating large

quantities of food may cause

palpitations increased sweating

increased heart rate and then our when

we went back to our pediatrician back in

Westchester and we said that we're what

we were doing he said Montefiore is

known to have the best

it's important to treat thyroid

disorders in a comprehensive model

because it really makes things easier

for the patient less confusing for the

patient and it comes up with a treatment

strategy that takes into account a lot

of different options many disorders need

to be treated in a comprehensive fashion

but specially thyroid disease because

tyroid is a gland that affects many

parts of the body

I'm dr. animo Dell I'm an attending

physician here at Montefiore in the

Department of Radiology division of

nuclear medicine I work very closely

with the thyroid surgeons and

endocrinology and we work together both

in meetings we also will often just pick

up the phone and talk to each other

about specific patients that need a

specific line of care and we all give

our input as to how the patient is best

treated and so comprehensive not only

conveys our approach to the patient as

an entire entity but the fact that we

bring all these various experts to the

patient in order to make the best

diagnosis and come up with the best

treatment point the treatment at our

comprehensive thyroid program is

individualized for the patient's

conditions so for some patient

radioactive iodine might be the first

line of treatment for those medication

may be the right treatment and for

another group may be surgery is the

right treatment it just depends on what

the patient has and what other

conditions they may have simultaneously

radioactive iodine is very specific for

the thyroid gland iodine is only

concentrated in the thyroid bed so it

doesn't go to any other organ it just

goes to the thyroid gland that was my

biggest concern I might be just

concerned but what about one of the

after-effects one of the side effects

and what about his future health

Gabe's family's major concern was the

risk for malignancies in the future

after therapy with radioactive iodine

and I reassured both Gabe and his family

that there's absolutely no risk of

increased cancers after therapy with

radioactive iodine for Graves disease

Jeff is doing really well he's playing

tennis he's going to school taking his

exams he's able to concentrate better he

comes for evaluation now every three or

four months where he gets laboratory

tests done for his thyroid function and

he's on thyroid replacement therapy

my focus is back my energy is back I'm

normal I'm better than normal now he has

strength and energy and he's not

struggling and he is doing much better

in school it really doesn't affect your

life at all it's just in the beginning

you lose a little confidence but after a

while you gain it back all I have to do

is take one small pill a day you forget

about it I forget that I've Graves


the Dishman family could have gone

anywhere in the country for treatment of

Graves disease for their child but they

chose Montefiore because of our

comprehensive program and what we

offered I can't say enough that if your

child has any questions they have the

answers and we felt like we left there

knowing that we're on the right path I

am very happy that we chose Montefiore