How to Treat Decking

I'm going to show you how to treat your

decking this quick and easy treatment we

give it the lift it needs to make it

look as good as new

and here's what you need to do the job

decking oil our decking stain roller and

extension handle stiff garden brush deck

cleaner decking timber should be free

from dust dirt mildew algae and other

contaminants remove debris and

accumulations using a stiff brush

decking cleaners are specially

formulated to clean and revive weathered

or tired timber decking they remove moss

mold and algae whilst also restoring it

back to its natural appearance pour the

decking cleaner directly onto your deck

scrub the surface immediately using a

stiff brush and then leave for 15 to 20


for best results wash off thoroughly

with a pressure washer work from one end

of the decking board to the other in a

continuous motion alternatively scrub

the surface using a stiff brush and then

holds down there's a lot the different

stains and oils you can use depending on

the finish of your decking in this case

I'm going to use a natural colored

decking oil to treat the area this one

actually comes with a handy applicator

pad stir the decking oil thoroughly

before application dip the pad evenly

and make sure that you don't overload us

so now we're ready to start treating the

deck I'm going to start in one of the

fire corners using long smooth strokes

and treating about three to four boards

at a time to avoid overlaps start in the

farthest corner push or pull the pad in

the direction of the wood grain the pad

will hold more product than a brush so

you'll be able to apply in long smooth

strokes the pad also allows you to work

away excess oils and redistribute it

evenly along the decking board avoiding

puddles in the grooves different decking

oil products come with pads and brushes

for applications but if you're working

over a large area

I find using a roller can get the job

done in half the time remember it's


to use either the pod or the roller for

an even finish most decks will require

at least two coats refer to the

manufacturer's instructions to find out

the required drying time between coats

so you've just seen err to treat your

deck a quick and easy way to give it a

new lease of life for more hints and

tips go to Woody's