Ways to Treat Skin that Bruises

don't remember bumping into anything and

yet every day you find a new bruise on

your arms legs or hands well I think I

solve the mystery and found the solution

to solve the mystery of the surprise

bruises I spoke to a few dermatologist

to get the inside scoop on why bruising

happens and here are the most common

reasons why if you've always spent too

much time in the Sun and still do your

skin is damaged and damaged skin bruises

more easily blood thinners are one of

the most common reasons for easily

bruised skin because they slow down

clotting causing even a minor bump to

leave a very scary bruise and steroids

can also cause skin to thin as we get

older too big things happen to our skin

it loses protective layers of fat and

the production of collagen slows down

resulting in thinner skin that bruises

more usually to keep your skin from

getting beat up and bruised by the

simplest little thing or in some cases

from nothing at all you want to make it

stronger so it can fight back first wear

sunscreen every day rain or shine then

just as important you want to strengthen

your skin by using Derman moisturizing

bruise formula especially on arms legs

and hands which will also help skin to

look and feel better during mints

tried-and-true ingredients work together

to restore skins natural barrier

resulting in impressive improvements in

the appearance of bruising retinol helps

renew and rejuvenate skin and improves

texture alpha hydroxy acids help

exfoliate skin making it smoother and

softer derived from the sunflower family

arnica oil helps make damaged skin more


ceramides are a key ingredient that

helped create a protective barrier to

retain moisture and repair and replenish

skin dermatologists recommend that you

apply durmand to all those areas that

are most

to bruising like arms legs and hands at

least twice a day for maximum results

this game-changing product not only

improves the appearance of bruising but

it also moisturizes super dry skin

gently exfoliates and even helps to

restore the natural protective barrier

of your skin so put away those

long-sleeve shirts especially if you've

been doing those push ups because

durmand has you covered

get a money-saving coupon right now go

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Walgreens Walmart or CVS store until

next time remember this we can't control

getting older but we can control how we

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