How to Install BlueDevil Transmission Sealer


you need some help of some Blue Devil

products I got you covered

let's go



and welcome back to the blue devil

products garage today it's all about

your transmission blue devil

transmission sealer is guaranteed to

restore dried shrunken and crack seals

back to their original condition quickly

and safely now it works in both manual

and automatic transmissions and it's

super simple to install so with their

engine off you want to pop the hood

locate your vehicle's transmission

dipstick you want to remove it and start

a funnel and pour the proper amount of

blue devil into the transmission now

it's real important not to overfill your

system so make sure you check your

owner's manual for your filled capacity

of your vehicle and remember one ounce

of blue devil treats one quart of

transmission fluid they do you want to

replace the dipstick shut the hood and

man hit the road the leak will begin to

seal as you drive now the process could

take an hour - in driving time which you

don't have to do in a continuous drive

and blue devil revitalizes those leaking

seals to their original condition as it

circulates throughout the transmission

system drive your life and live leak

free and we'll see you next time if you

have more specific questions regarding

this installation or any installation

contact the blue devil products tech

team at one eight eight eight eight six

three oh four to six or online at go BDP