What Is The Best Transmission Stop Leak



they can work it is no wonder that the

one person

who has fixed thousands of cars but

doesn't show as a pro

recommends lucas oil will it fix large


probably not will it make your

transmission new again

of course not but if you need a

temporary solution

for any type of leak on any part of your

car they often can be of great benefit

if your car is old and at the end of its

life in multiple ways

it can be just the solution you are

looking for

i have worked on a fair number myself

and my experience would say that

radiator stop leak

as a frequently used product and quite

successful without negative results

power steering it can stop the leak here

as well

i mostly drive standard transmission so

don't know much about automatics

efficacy or success

it is supposed to recondition your seals

and if they are not too large swell them

and stop the leaking

by my thinking it might just be worth

putting one in to prevent future


new fluid with new additives might help

as well

keep in mind i never read a news story

without questioning

the source in the bent of the reporter

or the editor

i never take any advice without

wondering what their slant is

if all the answers come from people that

have zero dollar to gain

by one answer and on average three

hundred dollars to two thousand dollars

plus with another answer

then that is clearly worth keeping in


however their suggestions to replace are

certainly not

wrong they just might not be right for


your circumstances and your vehicle

having said that

all the other responses are from

experienced men

who i do not believe are trying to steer

you wrong or destroy the additive


but their responses are without knowing

your particular situation

and none of them singularly has the

power of internet advertisement

that the attitude blue devils seem to


everyone is biased you have little to


leakage of transmission oil has

catastrophic effects

on the performance of the transmission

transmission oil is nothing but a


which reduces friction among adjacent


of the transmission and ensures the

smoother performance of the transmission

lack of adequate amount of transmission

oil could cause breakdown of


so quality and quantity of transmission


should be inspected properly at a

regular interval

source of leakage of transmission oil


to be identified and repaired in time to

prevent the breakdown of the engine

one should take the vehicle to reliable

and experienced professionals to


and repair the source of leakage some

people try to follow diy

methods to repair such leakage which

could cause irreparable damage to the



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