Food Wishes Recipes - Tomato Sauce Recipe - How to Make Tomato Sauce

hello this is chef john from food wishes

comm with basic tomato sauce one of my

most requested food wishes

chef shows your all-purpose basic tomato

sauce so here it is and it is very basic

so you're going to finely dice one onion

and one rib of celery very small

some people use carrot I don't I'm going

to add some olive oil not really strong

extra-virgin just regular olive oil and

a pinch of salt and over medium-low heat

you're going to sweat that for a long

time like 15 minutes I want it to get

really soft and golden and then the star

of the show

this is the secret to every great tomato

sauce san marzano tomatoes you have to

find these they're from Italy they don't

look like any other plum tomato look at

that they're just magnificent they're

long they're almost seedless they're

just really meaty great flavor you got

to go to an Italian market or a big

supermarket but you can find those

they're often packed with some basil

leaves which is you know bonus so I have

two cans of those alright you're going

to crush it with your hands

now there's better ways to do this but

there's no other way that you should do

this does that make any sense it should

alright so crush it really fine with

your hands so you basically have a puree

and we are ready to go all right so our

onions and celery should be really soft

and sweet and golden by now you know

what I'm browning but you wanted to be

really well sweated I'm going to add in

my garlic cook that for about a minute

I'm going to add my salt my sugar a

little bit of red pepper flake a little

bit of dry Italian herbs a little bit of

anchovy paste so that's right relax

you're not going to taste it don't tell

anyone you put it in there in fact you

know what that's called secret

ingredient and a tiny tiny bit of white

vinegar I'm going to raise the heat up

to medium I'm going to cook that for a

couple minutes and I want to evaporate

the liquid I don't want it to brown

I don't want color on the bottom of the

pan but I do want to cook that until all

the visible liquid has evaporated see

that kind of looks dry then I'm going to

add a tablespoon of tomato paste and I'm

going to cook that a little bit I'm

going to say two minutes just

xD edge off then we're going to add our

San Marzano tomatoes be careful not to

splash your camera and then last but not

least a couple tablespoons of fresh

Italian parsley alright give that a stir

alright we're going to add a little

splash of water and you're going to do

that occasionally as this cooks when

that comes up to a simmer we're going to

turn it down to low and we're going to

simmer for an hour and a half now some

of these tomato sauce recipes I see they

say simmer 30 minutes come on you got to

go longer than that so every once in a

while you're going to give it a stir if

you need to you can add a little splash

of water and that's it hour and a half

later you're going to have a beautiful

all-purpose not too chunky not too

smooth tomato sauce and whenever you see

me saying just add some tomato sauce to

this to that this is basically the one

I'm using if I'm going to do a meat

sauce this is my base and I just add me

to it and so forth so anyway there's not

one tomato sauce I use there's a bunch

this is just a basic workhorse

all-purpose tomato sauce and that's how

I make it so anyway I just granted about

300 people's food wish they wanted to

see my basic tomato sauce there it is

and by the way no metal utensils you

only can use a wooden spoon for this

otherwise it's bad luck anyway go to the

site all the ingredients are there and

as always enjoy