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what to wear skiing and snowboarding let's get you dressed right

when you're getting ready to go out skiing or snowboarding and you're

considering what you're gonna wear there's three layers that are important

to wear in your body first being a base layer or a next to skin piece that's

gonna help wick moisture away from your body the second layer or layers are

going to be insulation layers or mid layers over top of that is an outer

layer basically something that's water-resistant that will help protect

you from the elements including the wind throughout the day when you're picking

out your base layer it's important to take temperature into consideration if

it's warm out picking out something that's really thin and polyester is

gonna keep you nice and cool throughout the day if it's cold out like today I've

got a little bit thicker of a base layer on this is merino wool and that's just

gonna keep me in sleigh to keep me warm all day just make sure you're not

picking out cotton when cotton gets wet it actually gets cold and so it's not

comfortable and it'll maybe throw off your day same thing when we go to the

pants I pick out something very similar maybe a fleece if it's pretty cold out

or something a little bit lighter underneath next on top of the base layer

comes the mid layer or the insulation piece I like something that zips up and

comes up high on my neck that keeps me a little bit warmer also synthetic or some

sort of a will blend is going to do the best job for insulating and keeping my

core temperatures warm throughout the day I usually have a couple mid layers

on so over top of maybe a white fleece layer I might have something like this

that is synthetic and has some insulation to it so it's going to start

that nice layering effect it keeping keeping me nice and comfortable and warm

I run cold when I'm out skiing so I tend to go for a big thick down mid layer

it's great insulation keeps my core warm it's super comfortable just love the way

it feels it's my second mid layer piece when I go for my outerwear piece I

always look for something that's both windproof and waterproof this is a ski

or snowboard jacket that's gore-tex if you don't have something like this it's

totally okay to use a good raincoat something that's just gonna keep the

snow off or you know keep you dry throughout the day absolutely same thing

with the outer layer on your legs something with some water resistance

that way if you do end up sitting on the snow or there's some moisture coming

you'll stay pretty much dry when you're looking for a sock to wear it's

good to have something nice and tall that's gonna be out of your boot it's

also good to again not have something that's cotton I always wear a different

pair of socks to the mountain and then I change into my ski socks when I get

there and this just makes me start off with a nice dry layer when I get out

there so that moisture doesn't freeze keeping your hands and feet warm is

going to be really important throughout the day specifically for your hands

either a glove or a mitten is a great option

gloves tend to give you a little bit more dexterity I like mittens because I

tend to be warmer either a glove or a mitten great option some kind of a water

resistance property is perfect I never go out without a face mask having a face

mask on keeps the Sun the wind out of your face keeps you comfortable it keeps

you a little bit warmer and then literally to top it all off

I'll stick on my helmet and goggles if you're ready to buy ski and snowboard

gear make sure you're getting something that's waterproof breathable heads

ventilation and plenty of storage same thing goes for ski and snowboard pants

you'll find great features like side zips for extra ventilation protective

areas against the edges of your gear and lots of pockets to throw things in if

you'd like more information check out our other videos let's go