How to Clean Walls & Baseboards! (Clean My Space)

walls and baseboards might not be

exciting to most people but every now

and then you gotta clean them and that's

probably why you're watching this video

well we didn't want to make a whole big

feature-length film about cleaning walls

and baseboards I thought I'd put

together a quick little tip for you on

how you can get this done walls in case

you haven't noticed our vertical

surfaces dust lands on horizontal

surfaces so your walls aren't going to

get necessarily dusty but they will get

stained scuffs and fingerprints so that

is what we're going to focus on cleaning

if you want to clean your walls you

should clean them maybe once a year

thoroughly during spring cleaning or if

you're preparing to paint your walls

that's the other time you want to clean

them thoroughly otherwise you're just

going to be focusing on spot cleaning

prior to doing any wall cleaning whether

it's spot cleaning or the full blown

wall cleaning you always want to test

what you're using in an inconspicuous

area and that's important because some

paints can't handle being cleaned and

will leave a permanent kind of wet mark

on the wall so to find an inconspicuous

area go behind a piece of furniture give

it a quick little wipe you see what

happened to clean your wall fill a

bucket with hot water and add about a

teaspoon of dish soap the next thing

you're going to do is take a sponge mop

dip that in the bucket let it saturate

bring it out really really well and then

work your way from left to right do the

W pattern when we talk about doing with

vacuuming up and down your wall once

that's done you'll want to dry the wall

and the easiest way to do this is to put

a microfiber cloth on a flat head mop

and repeat the same motions that you did

for the actual wall cleaning starting

from the left working your way to the

right if you notice any fingerprints

streaks or marks that are on the wall

and you don't want to have to break out

the whole mop and do the whole wall

cleaning stick you can spot clean the

wall and it's super easy to do just take

a dampened microfiber cloth and dip the

tip into a little bit of baking soda and


off the stain follow it up by buffing it

dry with a dry cloth that will get rid

of all the residue the baking soda

provides a tiny bit of abrasion which

should help rub off any marks or stains

now remember you do want to test this in

an inconspicuous area as well sometimes

baking soda or even magic erasers can

actually remove paint off the wall if

you have greasy stains on your wall this

is a simple fix for that grab yourself a

stick of white chalk and scribble over

that greasy area the chalk will help

absorb any of that oil gently wipe it

off and then spot clean that area as we

just discussed baseboards are kind of

like the old man ear hair of a house

they need to be maintained every now and

then and when they aren't maintained you

can certainly tell so you don't have to

do it all the time but when it starts to

become a little bit obvious pay

attention to your baseboards you want to

clean your baseboards resist all

temptation to use a mop and wipe them up

along the baseboards that will have the

dust sticking to the baseboards and

leaving this gross sticky streak of dust

it looks horrible and it is so obvious

that you did the wrong way so instead

I'm going to show you the right way to

do it it's super simple get the brush

attachment of your vacuum and just

quickly brush up any of the dust along

your baseboards if you want to wipe your

baseboards take a dry microfiber cloth

dust the baseboard with one hand have a

wet microfiber cloth and the other hand

give that a quick wipe and that will

clean your baseboards all done this

week's comment question is how often do

you clean your baseboards or when was

the last time you cleaned your baseboard

let me know in the comments down below

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