Top 5 Best Vacuum Cleaners To Bust The Dust In 2019


sharks next-generation navigator vacuum

includes the 0m cleaner head which

actively removes hair wrap from the

brushroll it's lightweight design and

above floor lift away technology makes

it easy to clean stairs furniture and

other above floor areas anti allergen

complete seal technology ensures dust

and allergens do not escape from the

vacuum back into the area breathe swivel

steering provides effortless

maneuverability on both floors and

carpets allowing for seamless to be pick

up in hard-to-reach areas introducing

the hoover turbo power

high-performance vacuum cleaner for when

reach means everything simply plug in

and the long 7 meter cord allows you to

go room to room without unplugging and

vacuuming your stairs couldn't be

simpler with the 13 stair stretch hose

efficient dust separation airflow

technology and h lab designed floor

nozzle combined to deliver independently

tested a class pick up from hard floors

exceptionally long 13 meter cleaning

reach multi cyclonic no loss of suction

and Hoover's advanced airflow technology

combined to deliver independently tested

outstanding cleaning performance with a

three-in-one crevice upholstery and

dusting tool simply attach the four

point five meter stretch hose to reach

those hard to clean places the powerful


turbo tool loosens and lifts stubborn

pet hair introducing the hoover turbo

power high performers cleaning with

exceptional reach













simply open the door and empty the

contents into a trash can you may need

to tap on the vacuum to get everything

out make sure you've emptied the dust

container some units may require you to

pull aside the dust container like so

remove the pleated filter by pulling

firmly and tap the filter vigorously to

empty the dust if your vacuum is the

nozzle design just press the buttons on

the side and pull the nozzle off empty

the contents into a trash can tapping if

necessary if you notice a loss of

suction in your vacuum check the filter

most Black & Decker vacuums have a

plastic pre-filter and a pleated filter

which are reusable and should be cleaned

regularly to separate the cloth filter

from the plastic pre-filter twist the

pre-filter in a clockwise direction

shake or lightly brush any loose debris

off both pieces with both styles it's a

good idea to periodically wash the

filter and the dust container just use

warm soapy water and make sure the

filter is completely dry before putting

it back in the vacuum filter should be

replaced every six to nine months or

whenever there's wear damage visit black

& decker comm to find the correct

replacement filter for your hand vacuum

or to learn more about other black &

decker products