Natural Solutions for Acid Reflux

as it reflux and if X million of you and

many of you are probably taking

medication for right now but new

research suggests that medications may

be secretly doing you harm today I'm

going to show you medication free ways

is they goodbye the acid reflux you know

the pain the blistering burn in your

stomach a heaviness in your chest your

throat raw and sore acid reflux when it

strikes you need relief you reach for

tablets guzzle pink stuff and pop

prescription pills all to calm the fire

raging in your stomach but concerning

new research reveals that these acid

reducing drugs could be causing

long-term harm studies show that in some

individuals prolonged use of these

medications can rob you of b12 which is

linked with anemia a host of

neurological problems and even dementia

think you're not at risk one of the

largest groups suffering from these

side-effects is people under 30 so what

are you supposed to do what acid reflux

attacks the good news will show you easy

medication free ways to battle the blaze

in your belly

so here joining us how often you get

acid reflux I get it almost every single

day and it stress makes it even worse

and unfortunately I'm under stress right

now so describe your symptoms right now

then it starts like a burning in the

stomach and then it goes up into my

throat and it makes me get hoarse and

then I have to drink a lot of cold water

and in fact last night I was under

stress and I told my husband I'm giving

him like that was but she's yelling a

little bit and he's like orders why why

is your throat what's wrong with you I

said it's my acid reflux so he says get

me some water

out of a commercial practice but

everything you described is right out of

the book the common symptoms are burning

anywhere from your stomach all the way

up to your throat you brought that up a

lot of people don't realize that hoarse

this sour taste in your mouth and then

of course you had a chronic cough

because the acid refluxing back over a

lot of people asthma actually have

reflux really misdiagnosed okay so I'm

gonna go through non-medical solutions

for everybody to understand

how to treat as a reflux in say goodbye

to the medications each treats a

different cause about the reflux the

first one prevents acid reflux by

entirely changing the way the sphincter

works and so there's a big muscle in

between your stomach and the esophagus

is read about here and when it gets

loose the acid actually can flow back up

that's why we have the problem coming

back around

I'm gonna show you a really cool

solution for the first time ever I'm

talking about something for the acid

reflux I never thought worked before Wow

melatonin that we talked about melatonin

for sleep before a lot of you know that

but this actually makes sense to me now

that I think about it because when

you're asleep your body has to be extra

vigilant to prevent the reflux from

happening because you're lying on your

back right and gravity would carry it up

it turns out there's 400 times more

melatonin made in your intestines that

made in your brain wow that's really

interesting that's great cuz I want to

get off my pill most of us especially

now we know the side effects now there's

one other thing I want to point out you

want to take it for a couple weeks you

don't want to take it for a couple days

you gotta take a you know three

milligrams for four weeks take it about

two hours before bedtime to see if it

really works for it let me show you what

I think this works it's one of the most

impressive pieces of research I've ever

seen that really would naturally allow

us through the right thing so I built

you a model based on that research this

giant tube is your stomach

all right impressive up at the very top

of the red ribbon that's where that

sphincter is that I mentioned to you

alright so you're gonna have to play

acid reflux sounds good

get to work there's all the acid now

you've had a big cheese nacho meal pour

that in there

alright the acids are strong all over


goes up the stomach flows the acid up

then you wash it down with a soda and

then finally pick the Cheesecake all

this assets flowing all over the place

so I'm going to shut that sink there

down and turn off that motor when I

snaps the sphincter shut I really can

block the ability of any asset down here

in the stomach Gail to go back up into

the esophagus into your mouth and

everything else that's above us here Wow

that's literally what melatonin seems to

do when it's put in the body and that

way the acid can't wreak havoc inside of

your body make sense right

alright so loosen up a little bit come

on over here we got we got after a

little bit acid all over me with a

surprise so we also have as national

solution that works to prevent further

damage of the stomach and the esophagus

and I want you to try licorice to

accomplish that I'm not talking about

the red kind of licorice the candy you

get in the five intense I know you're

going there

this actually coats real licorice cosas

stomach and the esophagus and it

prevents some of the burning that

happens by building up the protective

mucus so you actually want that benefit

it heals also sometimes as well so you

gonna look for its green g/l licorice

the GLD Koresh that means it's been

stabilized for long-term use you didn't

shoot one or two tablets 20 minutes

before a meal so here just chewing on

that enjoy it

anything clever that's good not bad no

it's not bad at all

and it you know it is it works I think

you should put that in your

armamentarium the other with the

melatonin last one for the occasional

flare-up this is the simplest solution

of all it's baking soda its alkaline I

think about this it's the acid that's

causing a problem the alkaline solution

neutralizes that it's found the baking

soda you got it all over the place it

works immediately take about a

tablespoon of baking soda added to a

half a cup of water and for anyone

that's suffering from acid reflux it's a

very simple solution that you got right

in your cupboard I would never think of

that yeah well I'm not gonna force you

take us right now

yeah but the kind of thing I would offer

to you that's great thank you very much

out of that

it was very much we'll be right back