Medical Treatment, Medications for Heartburn and Acid Reflux-Mayo Clinic

certain medications may help reduce the

symptoms of reflux over-the-counter

antacids soak up acid in the stomach

they may provide quick temporary relief

from heartburn but if you need to take

these more than twice a week you may

need something stronger medications

called h2 blockers prevent a chemical

called histamine from causing stomach

acids to be produced medications called

proton pump inhibitors are stronger and

longer lasting than h2 blockers proton

pump inhibitors or ppi's turn off the

proton pumps that produce acid your

stomach will still have enough acid to

digest food but less acid to splash into

your esophagus a proton pump inhibitor

can be very effective but only if you

take it correctly this medication must

be taken on an empty stomach wait 20 to

60 minutes then eat something that turns

on your proton pumps which allows the

medication to turn them off for example

you might take the medication when you

first get up in the morning wait 20

minutes to an hour then eat breakfast

it's important to take the ppi every day

your body needs to build up and maintain

a certain level of this medication for

it to be fully effective talk with your

healthcare provider about the most

appropriate type of medication for you

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