What Triggers Your Acid Reflux, and What Solutions Will Work

what is the big idea behind this reflux

detox doctors their entire principle

behind detox is the shock and all your

cysts system so you can get rid of all

the bad stuff and usher in a good new

place for your life now what we're going

to do is we have to go on a hunt kind of

like a hunt to find out what your acid

triggers are because you got to find out

what those triggers are to know where to


and so once we find those triggers we

can eliminate the bad stuff out of your

system and we can insert the good stuff

and remember the first step and making

sure you get good help is to find out

what's wrong answer this question to

find out your acid reflux type you are

most likely to feel that burning in your


after a you ate a heavy meal B you sped

through your dinner or C you down to

double-shot espresso

if you answered a you may be the food

trigger acid reflux type if you an

should be you may be the speedy eater

acid reflux type and if you answered C

you may be the caffeine trigger acid

reflux type so now that you know your

acid reflux type dr. James roster has a

customized detox plan for you we're

going to start with the detox plan for

the food trigger type they're the folks

who got pizzas in their boxes Tara is

one of those examples so if the deal

here is we want you replace those two

meals that often were foods that you

shouldn't be eating with alkaline shakes

every day two shakes dr. rosser

explained first of all we got to go back

to a high school and science when you

talk about acid reflux you have to talk

about acid causing foods and alkaline

foods but acid causing flute foods are

bad that alkaline foods are good that's

what you have to know so we're gonna

replace your two meals with the alkaline

shakes okay the good kind now let's take

a look at these shakes where we have two

choices green or purple green or purple

you got it

okay now I'm gonna have to choose one

I'm gonna choose one of those now now

here I am I'm gonna go over what's in it

okay here we have a little ginger we

have kale

kado mango and boy one of the staple

items happens to be coconut water and

there we have the green shake now we're

gonna go over and look at the purple

shake and I love the purple because

that's my fraternity color and so now we

have coconut milk and then we have

blueberries we need to look calories and

filler with almond butter then we have

spinach you know pop I loved it and

that's for real and then honey

especially manuka honey dr oz we just

found only in New Zealand and it has

really superior healing so now she's

gonna have to make a choice what should

he sell better to you Kara green well we

really love blueberries okay but I think

I like avocados better so yeah I'm gonna

go with the give it a taste

I'll taste the blue and I'll confirm go

ahead okay if you like yours Oh - so

good what do you think oh you like it

that is really good for the food trigger

folks it's hard to give up the things

you love beets or anything frankly if

you can get two of these alkyl and

drinks as a replacement to those meals

it'll make a huge dent in your reflux

you do that this is a delicious toast to

you good idea all right

lucky girl oh thank you is one more

thing for the future context you're

gonna offer a little extra trick well

the food trigger types if you can just

know when you're eating and knowing

you're going to bed give me three hours

and that would allow your stomach to be

empty so when you lie down you don't

have all that stuff to come back up it's

simple but very very important next up

the detox plan for the speedy in your

pipes the speedy ones that they call how

are you now you've had to rush to over

here cuz your speedy eater alright so

how long is it typically take for you to

eat a meal it should take 30 minutes I'm

gonna warn ya okay so to be honest it

takes me about five to ten minutes I'm I

go to school at night I go to work in

the morning so I have no time to do

anything nor prepare a meal so I'm

always in a rush dr. Rosher how does

eating fast could she wait to reflux for

this group I tell you you guys got to

really look at this demonstration that

one is the more most effective ones I've

ever seen this is what you should be

doing actually one thing we built we

rebuilt you my dear yes alright so

that's your man

a little bigger than yours but your

mouth that's your sweater we both have

one there's your stomach down here right

and butch is gonna be the slow person

I'm gonna be you because we're gonna do

this together okay right now guys you

got to roll with me on this I'm gonna

show you how it's supposed to be done

here we go we're gonna start really slow

and we're gonna slowly see how things

are going they're not backing up we have

the stomach slowly feeling you notice

how soft the stomach is the pressure is

very low and you just keep going keep

going keep going and I tell you what

this is how you should eat

not even a belch nothing quiet seamless

feel that you want your stomach to feel

like that nice and pink right now

whatever food you eat doesn't matter

when you instead of doing it the way dr.

Rosher did it you just dump it in there

like that watch what happens whoa whoa

whoa whoa it starts to do all kinds of

things you're burping you're bubbling

you're regurgitating you don't want that

all that acid pouring up and down you're

exploding inside without my goodness get

away from here dr. Rosher move away

think you don't want this so he already

got me he already got you don't want

this happening inside your body when you

rush your meals down in five minutes

that's about to pop by the way you're

still pumping and hours later it's the

gift that keeps giving it's still

causing you torture all because that

stupid to-do list forced you to rush in

five minutes and dump down meals so what

is the trick to avoiding this

catastrophe moving more in your

direction well I want to give you some

really good hints first of all we got to

go gyro all right think about if you're

in Europe we don't really eat that fast

and you're there all the time

meals can go on what hour hour and a

half at least so what I want you to do

is try not to eat alone okay have

someone with you the more you talk the

slower you eat also if you're really

trying to do this because it's so hard

bring your own utensils or get a small

spoon or a very small fork and

subsequently go ahead and do this and

what you should try to do is really work

on this because I can tell you if you

start doing these little things you can

have big results all right thank you

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