Comment Response: Sustanon 250, Microdosing, Doctors who Won’t Adjust Treatment, & Estrogen

sussing on 250 response video thank you

so much this video we did on Sutton on

250 was outstandingly successful and I

knew it I just knew it was going to go

well this is so important

it's TRT it's so important from men that

are on testosterone placement every man

in the world that's on trt all the way

through to body builders and people that

are using this for building muscle and

for strength

amazing how much we all learn from you

and from the comments this is open and

that's why YouTube is great for this

kind of stuff people get to really see

and they read from people and men

there's never going to be one answer in

this stuff so you have to see how it

fits for you


right off the bat the the comments that

go back and forth and the estrogen so

someone talks about in his opinion it's

the worst forty Artie most guys are tier

of T actually like ananthan Symphony

versus us and on to fifty some of the

responses say that they agree this is

from the UK so again we see guys in the

UK and Australia on here because this

again is what their doctors are

prescribing it's in his opinion it's

terrible to control estradiol when even

Michael dosing on every day or every

other day experiences here in the UK

majority of lads I know pretty much a

favorable experience with an athlete so

there was a shout out for an anthe in

Lessing it's been marketed someone said

in the board room versus the lab and

that's amazing you know someone brought

this up the marketability of where this

comes from back in the day the idea of

being that the ester is kicked in in

ascending order from shortest to longest

when an actual practice the

pharmacokinetics show anything but that

with the blood markers when they're

monitored that's amazing because that's

the theory you have for esters and you

have very short acting short acting

medium acting and then a little longer

acting so in theory if you just took one

shot it's gonna kick in like that but

when you start to take multiple shots

after the half-lives kick in and you

have a steady-state pharmacodynamic Li

you guys are amazing that you honor us

be form ecology guys too so when that

steady-state kicks in what happens this

is the stuff that there's no science on

this is just kind of art and it's

different men's genetics with enzymes

and their brains and so many other

variables what their weight is their

enzymes other medicines psychiatric

disease depression of a young they old

so many other things to be

sitter I just love this but in theory

when you look at it this is such a great

topic to bring up it's very terrible

someone says unstable blood levels from

sussan on 250 cannot be attenuated

through micro dosing and that's amazing

because micro dosing really

theoretically is gonna work great when

you use a something that an ester that's

very predictable this is not predictable

but let's keep moving someone says here

sussan on 250 is only good for someone

that can feel good

with having elevated estradiol levels

that's amazing to me because so many

times I'll have a man come in after he

started on tea or tea for six weeks or

more even maybe into a year and also how

do you feel and you say I feel great doc

sex drive is off the chart and I feel

great and then you look at the oxygen

levels and they're high so there's such

a disconnect between the actual numbers

on paper and the man himself again we're

getting at so many different

variabilities so much aspects and every

man's brains different the enzymes are

different every man has a fingerprint we

have to understand that so there are men

that feel good with having super

physiologic estrogen levels I mean you

can't take oxygen completely out and

just balancing it on paper and treating

that piece of paper that I say with

micro dosing itself and all robotics

inhibitors it doesn't always work out

definitely true sustenance a week and

don't release too horrible acne and guy

no due to the fluctuations of the short

esters at 250 milligrams a week anything

less than twice a week is unstable by

most it's horrible horrible ester blend

the injection post pain is something

that's talked about here and that's

definitely from the short-acting

propionate and the phenyl propionate no

question about that

well you inject that and you're gonna

feel that but not all men experience it

in depends where you inject how you

inject how often here's a guy hated it I

like the size it gave me but I couldn't

walk for

six to eight days after the injection

all the time after every shot this was

way back we didn't know what was going

on every ten days 250 no wonder the

roller coaster in the bloating

fast-forward to now my 40s prescribed

sipping eight look extremely vascular

and dry

he's on 100 milligrams a week not as big

as I used to be 23 years ago but he

feels better this is amazing to me

propionate is talking to you someone

said the propionate stalking you because

there's the pain you know way back years

and years ago I didn't know any of this

I've learned this all off for my


so more comments talking about that this

is the Esther that you will get in

Europe and the UK so that's amazing and

they're amazed guys are amazed that we

can't get it here in America so we're

all learning about this together next

negative comments regarding Susteren on

250 post injection Painters horrendous

and it hurts real bad well talked about

that that's definitely the short acting

yesterday it's in there the ups and

downs are just not good with a short

acting estrus with sass turn on this

gentleman talks about that he would

prefer an ante for micro dosing but he's

in Europe and the insurance and the

system is paying for sussan on 250 the

problem is generally prescribed once

every two weeks or three weeks and

that's not optimal and that he asked his

doctor that he could split it up to have

more micro dosing probably even just

once a week and he says his doctor

wasn't gonna do that didn't feel

comfortable with that that's too bad I

don't done I wouldn't understand why

that would cause the doctor to feel

uncomfortable you know every doctor is

gonna be different you have to

understand that and doctors will feel

comfortable with a certain regiments

that they use you know we're doctors

there is liability out there in every

country and being a physician so we're

here to heal so when you learn something

this is really something I want you guys

to understand when a doctor treats a

head cold which they shouldn't be with

the antibiotics right but if they treat

anything blood pressure


doctors including me what we you're

gonna have your wheelhouse you're going

to have your regimen you feel

comfortable with and doctors made just

like the cream because it seems softer

to the doctor that's definitely not the

right thing and the right way to do it

but they're gonna feel it's softer and

they're gonna feel that's that's for you

sir this is how I do it if you don't

like that you know I guess you can go

somewhere else or I'm just not gonna do

that and it's too bad when it's your

primary care doctor so that's why I'm

working on these things I'm you need we

need to give doctors the understanding

that every man is different and when it

comes to TRT it's not going to be just

one exact type of regimen for every man

look how incredible this is who would

believe this one video on just one

medicine Justin on 250 would blow up so

big and doctors read this it's

incredible the variability but of course

we know that because it's fingerprint

medicine every single man is different

and you have to take that into account

when you're prescribing certainly

testosterone therapy again more that

seems the worst side effect here is the

post injection pain and then here's

another guy who really says he doesn't

like it needs to be injected every day

to avoid elevated estrogen we don't know

here's another man feels poorly he says

he feels much better on sipping a torn

aunt they been on sussan on 250 for

three years in Australia one injection

every three weeks felt nothing and still

unwell doc had me on same amount but now

every two weeks had all my bloodwork

done and still low testosterone low sex

drive is now gone I asked for weekly

injections to get my numbers up I was

told by the dock that it can't be done

in Australia that's interesting they're

giving a medicine but they won't budge

on how it should be the interval should

be given like micro dosing I again I

just don't again doctors we have to work

with these doctors doctors please

consider changing the dosing regimen

it's not illegal it's unethical not to

listen to the patient I just don't

understand it

again they're going to feel a certain

way and that doctor is not comfortable

with changing that so this man feels


seems like this man feels worse when

he's been given testosterone and I do

see that you know men will come in they

have low tea they get treated the doctor

takes the consideration to treat them

with a gel with injections pellets

whatever it is and then the the guy

looks worse because he goes to the lab

after injecting every 2 or 3 weeks and

then he's actually lowered that

testosterone because the pituitary is

now shut off and the ester is out by

time he goes to the lab in their forts

level this is definitely something I see

frequently and doc how can I be treated

for testosterone and you've just crashed

my numbers it's because of the dynamics

of the ester they're not dosing it on

the interval that's appropriate so much

variability again these are so simple

it's just so simple get that variability

right no one wants to be a pincushion

I saw you don't like that but you want

to get the variability so it doesn't go

like this and it just the ester goes

like that and the man's brain feels


here are the positive comments susta not

is the only test i'll do

I took it six weeks to feel sipping an

ant they sussan odd was immediately

immensely better interesting been on

suss it on 250 for about a year one mil

we can tell you from firsthand

experience this is by far the best tea

or tea option out there that's from a

guy named Jim head-on

TRT sauce on 250 week I feel better when

I'm on Sutton on I did suss for three

years switch to sippin eight for about a

year and he's gonna go right back he

splits it Sunday's in Wednesday's

prescribed Sutton on 250 125 milligrams

every five days that's this is a very

common dose by the way you know half a

mil sussing on 250 every five days

slight post injection pain compared to

an amp eight only drawback for him but

he still prefers sussan on 252 his

single esters

there it is this nails it right here

he's not using it specifically for

bodybuilding so he's using it for

wellness just to feel well really enjoy

learning doc thank you here we are back

in the UK

Sasa Don I feel the peaks and troughs

are less harsh and less frequent it's a

shame you can't prescribe in the US this

is in contrast to the initial questions

where men were saying there's great

peaks and troughs and crashing so you

can see this is an art to this it's

gonna be man for man here's the guy says

I felt overall healthier cleaner on

sussan on than any other ester here's a

guy I never felt as good with

testosterone and Nantais as with sus

Adan 250 big difference you can actually

feel the effect the next couple of days

testosterone Anantha takes more time

it's not worth it

he took it for four months and he felt

poorly on it his dose looks like to be

again it's not half a mil suss it on 250

and he's doing it probably every five

days 3 to 5 days seems to be what the

average is going on here last question

is about Michael dosing and that that's

very straightforward micro dosing you

know some guys are suitable to sing it

every day or every other day that's

really micro dosing and I think that you

know that's you're doing it's too much I

mean who's gonna be doing this every day

I'm amazed at you guys in my patients

that really want to break down and do it

every day or every other day tiny doses

I mean you gotta use a 1 mil you pin and

you gotta use a needle that 25 27 gauge

but you know even I heard guys 29 boy it

has to be so warm you know and it takes

so much time to inject that but again

these men are particular and they like

to do that but most commonly it's a half

a mil it's just kind of it's just like

sipping a torn anthem because it's 200

versus 250 the total Astra number is

very similar but again the amazing

pieces that the break that this amazing

milieu of Astor's does something to to

men's central nervous systems and they

just feel this sense of wellness in this

this bubbly you know hi kind of a low

grade but sustainable and the libidos

can be outrageously well I mean this is

just my anecdotal take home from that

you know muscle building the muscle I

mean it's hard to say and the aunt

they'd sipping a testers in the end you

could see that difference with the total

and the free ester on any ester sipping

eight and that they propionate this

blend right here but in the end the

sustainability and the overall wellness

and that your for ik effect is something

that we're looking to give to men that

are on testosterone yet using any ester

or any means possible so I conclude this

video thank you so much let's get even

more comments going on this because I

want the world to really know what about

these esters all the esters on

testosterone even try to compare these

to the other to the palates maybe we

could see comparisons versus the poets

and the transdermal gels will be really

interesting to get your opinions in your

comments and experiences on that and the

closing note for the health care

providers is that doctors have to feel

comfortable with what they're

prescribing they have to have a

methodology and that you have to respect

them for that man please but in the end

doctors you you need to have options for

men you didn't know no man is gonna be

the same so you have all these options

consider the options and be open to the

options and microbe dosing be open to

microbe dosing it's not illegal apart

from a man taking more injections where

he could be feeling more pain

it appears and with more injections

you're prone to more infections because

you're pinning yourself and breaking

your skin more frequently so

statistically you're at risk for

infection so all men have to figure it

out for themselves with their caregiver

and that's why I'm here to

ringg testosterone therapy - a place

where every man can be cared for

properly across the board and that is

testosterone ology