How to clean "Hardwood floors" in under 5 minutes

all right thank you for taking an

interest in our video today we're going

to show you how to clean part of it for

we're gonna keep it real simple all you

need is a few items and we'll go over

that a few moments but first thing first

just a couple rules to remember if

you're going to use a hardwood floor

cleaner make sure to use something

that's pH dedicated for hardwood floors

if you use something for example like

vinegar water vinegar is an acid it will

etch your floor if you use a general

all-purpose cleaner or something like

pine saw for oh my those do contain what

are called key lights and key legs will

etch your floor and it actually is just

a nice way of saying you will create an

uneven sheen in the appearance so this

is something that doesn't happen

overnight it will take 1 or 2 months

maybe even three but one day you use

these chemicals you will find that your

floor will lose its Sheen and scrubbing

is not the answer

the sheen is God's then we're gonna come

back but that's another subject what do

we use we use water if you clean your

floors regularly and I suggest you do

it's real simple sweep and then flat mop

so all you need is a few things to clean

it for us I'm going to show you what you

need mr. regular for your old flat mop

like this you can get them in word and

hardware store like terry cloth towel

and some water we're going to soak this

and after we soak it will wring it out

and then I'll show you the simple

technique for cleaning your floor's ok

so I have my flat mop I have my terry

cloth towel I like using white because I

can basically see what I picked up off

the floor do you

like really doesn't matter tell us ring

down less wet spring down and I fold it

in half and you just so happens to fit

flat mom what I'm going to do is there's

a simple technique

you run the mop along the perimeter and

then you go back and you follow up with

in what we call the s powder so I'll

just quickly demonstrate you always want

to drag them up in one direction never

going back and forth we're just going to

do this small section right here so now

I've done the perimeter and I'm going to

go to the farthest point now and just do

my S pattern now before that's dirty you

may have to do this two times or three

but the more often you do it the better

your forward will of well

and there you have it that's it that's

how you clean the hardwood floors it's

pretty simple as you can see that took

literally less than one minute to do you

should be able to do 500 feet and

without exaggeration in five minutes or

less okay thank you so much good luck