What to Line a Rabbit's Cage With : (THIS SAVED ME SO MUCH TIME!) : 3GirlsStitching

hey everybody my name is Rachel and

today I'm going to do a review in our

bond tastic product series so this is

going to be a review of some items from

three girls stitching Etsy shop now this

video I am most excited to film I've

ever been this excited to film a video

before because this company and this

product is just so so awesome and will

save me so much time so I might as well

get into it so you kind of see what I'm

talking about basically I'm going to be

showing you some caged liners as well as

a lap slash potty pad that you can get

for your rabbit that I got and I'm so

happy I did so the first thing I'm gonna

show you is this lap slash potty pad and

this is in the whales print sorry I have

it upside down um but you can see it's

really cute there and it's just black on

the reverse side so you could get you

know just a plain color if you wanted to

or you can request to have a certain

color on the back or they just you know

do what they think would look good and

that's what I did so I'm really really

pleased with this now the lab slash

potty pad what I'm going to use it for

is putting it underneath my Lowe's

litter box just to kind of have a little

catch-all thing if you've arrived it was

kind of messy having one of these will

definitely be a lifesaver for you even

if your rabbits not that messy just

having that little bit of extra padding

and any little loose hay and pellets or

I guess you know litter another thing

that you can use this lap slash potty

pad for is the lap aspect of it so

rabbits nails are pretty sharp I

definitely know that I'm sure you know

that as well if you are a rabbit owner

so having something that you can put on

your lap while you have your rabbit on

your lap or if you're letting someone

else pet them or whatever it can just

help protect you and the rabbit as well

as giving them a little bit more

security so they have something to put

their nails into so the next thing I'm

going to show you or the last thing I'm

going to show you is this cage liner so

you'll see it in Milo's cage this is the

color it's just the blue in green tile

print and then it just has this nice

blue color on the back on the reverse

side now I really really love just

basically this is just a smaller version

of that by the way if you didn't really

get that that could be kind of confusing

but basically it's just a layer of

fleece a layer of the u-haul padding

then another layer of fleece so the

u-haul padding can help catch that you

know if there's any extra moisture water

you spill something whatever this will

protect it so with that being said I

wasted so much time it probably takes me

about 45 minutes to change my Lowe's

cage without these because I have to

suck down a bunch of puppy pads or potty

pads whatever you call them and then put

a couple layers of fleece on top just to

make sure that the ground did not get

gross obviously if something spilled or

Milo had an accident

so I he's in a lot of time doing that

I'd have to stick my little fingers

underneath the X pen it was just a total

complete mess and not getting me sooner

was totally a huge mistake of mine so

this makes life so much easier basically

I put this in Milo's cage when it gets

dirty I just fold it up throw it in the

laundry and then put it back in super

easy so much time saved like I said I

love this I think it is just awesome

just the way it looks and I do want to

mention I got the size that's 2 by 6 now

if you look if you want to see the

actual dimensions of what the pads going

to be look at the inches on the side of

that so I got the 2 by 6 but really it

comes as a 2 by 7 so that can be kind of

confusing they leave a little bit of

extra room just so if it shrinks or just

kind of soap there's more room on the

side of the cage so if you want one

that's going to exactly fit make sure

you check out the inches instead of the

feet measurements because they will not

align so Milo's cage is 2 by 6 and this

is 2 by 7 which is great because it

gives me some extra room on the sides in

case smile gets anything anywhere but

that's just kind of personal preference

so if you want one that completely fits

to the cage make sure you go and check

out the inches so like I said before

this is just so awesome and I know will

save me so much time and I think if

you're a new rabbit owner whatever a lot

of times you know if you're not

free-ranging your rabbit binding netting

can be so difficult some people will put

like litter as bedding and that's not

good because then your rabbits not gonna

know where to go in the bathroom because

rabbits can be litter box train if you

don't know that but you don't want to do

that and then

have to be careful that they can get

sore hawks and stuff so you have to make

sure that it's padded the right way and

all of those kinds of things and can get

really expensive but I would say that

three girls stitching definitely has the

best prices that I have seen for the

quality for sure it has the one layer of

u-haul pads which will help protect

anything that you know could spill or

anything like that and then it has you

know the fleece which will help make

sure your rabbit's feet go in the right

way and help prevent against or Hawks

because that's something you really do

not want to deal with so having this is

a lifesaver I know it can be kind of

expensive but I definitely think it's

something that you should invest in and

I think that it was a huge mistake

that I didn't invest in it earlier just

because it saves you so much time to

have these kinds of things instead of

going and wasting your time changing the

cage when you don't need to be doing

that your time is valuable and this will

last a long time you can just throw it

in the laundry totally reusable and

stuff and just really worth it

I also want to mention that the lady who

runs the three girls stitching or at

least the one that I was talking to is

really really great so if you go and you

have certain measurements and stuff

totally contact her she's awesome about

kind of figuring out what you need those

kinds of things and making the custom

prints there is so many prints to choose

from you can see they have like a Flickr

page you can go through so if you have a

boy a girl you want to themed anything

like that then you know this is the

place to get it I would also say that I

was doing the under the seat theme maybe

you think it works maybe you don't but I

I'm really pleased with it there's so

many different options so I think that's

the hardest part trying to figure out

what print you why because there's so

many cute ones I mean they just are

they're really great so please go check

out three girls stitching if you want to

save some time because don't make the

same mistake I did and just deal with

the fleece because it's not worth it I

promise you it will make your life so

much easier if you're a new rabbit owner

whatever if you are not free-ranging

your rabbit you need one of these in

your cage I just like I can't say it

enough and that's you know my honest


I just I'm telling you that because I

made a mistake and I don't want you to

make that same mistake either so thank

you so so much for watching I hope you

enjoyed this video and I hope you have a

great day

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