what's good i am here today with a very

very highly requested video this is

probably the most requested video

actually and that is how to get rid of

hyperpigmentation commonly but

incorrectly known as acne scarring so


what is hyperpigmentation so

hyperpigmentation occurs when something

causes an overproduction of melanin in

your skin which then causes

discoloration or unevenness of skin tone

and there are many different types of

hyperpigmentation there's like melasma

and different things like that but the

type of hyperpigmentation that you're

probably watching this video for is

called post inflammatory

hyperpigmentation and those are that's

the type of hyperpigmentation that's

left after acne has healed people of

color are a lot more susceptible to post

inflammatory hyperpigmentation however

it can affect anyone of any race any

ethnicity any skin color and I need to

plug in my disclaimer here I am NOT a

professional I am NOT a dermatologist

I'm not a chemist

I'm not an aesthetician I am just

someone interested in skincare so after

watching this video I highly encourage

you to do your own research and to talk

to professionals on your own time I am

just relaying information that I've

learned from other professionals books

articles scientific journals written by

professionals so I encourage you guys to

do the same so how the heck do you get

rid of post inflammatory

hyperpigmentation good question here's

some treatments for you so the first

thing that you can do is absolutely

nothing post inflammatory

hyperpigmentation will heal on its own

it will go away on its own

without the use of like an external

treatment however depending on the

severity of the wound and the color of

your skin that could take anywhere from

to 24 months it could literally take

years for post inflammatory

hyperpigmentation to go away but trust

me I know what it's like to live with

skin problems I know the type of

negative impact it can have on your

self-esteem and confidence and I also

know that people want to get rid of it

right now immediately

so while patience is a virtue there are

much more efficient ways to get rid of

post inflammatory hyperpigmentation so

treatment number two is sunscreen every

time you walk out of your house without

sunscreen you are making your problems

worse the Sun already causes your skin

to darken by absorbing the UV rays so

that's why when you go outside for a

long time you get tan and it will in

turn make your dark spots worse darker

so getting a good sunscreen will prevent

your dark spots from getting darker but

you should already be using sunscreen

anyway to protect your skin I don't care

how pale or dark you are you have to be

using sunscreen I don't care what race

you are okay with this city you are I

don't care if you're as white as this or

as brown as this that was a good

comparison huh sweetie but today I'm

sunscreen on

so this hyperpigmentation doesn't just

melt away like it doesn't just disappear

it needs to be brought to the surface

and then replaced with fresh new skin

cells physical exfoliators could be

really beneficial in helping do that and

by physical exfoliators I mean like

facial scrubs like facial brushes like

Claire Sonic's vanity planet spin for

perfect skin brushes things like that

however the physical scrubbing of your

skin could just make your acne worse and

then it'll leave a lot more dark spots

and it'll be a lot more difficult to get

rid of because now you are trying to get

rid of these stark dark spots but now

you have ones that are going to be dark

spots and we don't want that that is why

a lot of people's preferred method

of exfoliation is the next treatment

chemical exfoliation so there are

certain types of acids that are present

in some skin care products to chemically

exploit your skin and they're often

found in much lower percentages than

chemical peels so that it's like gentle

enough to use more often like every day

or every other day or twice a week or

whatever your skin can handle most

chemical exfoliator --zz will either

come in the form of an AAA or a BH a but

for things like hyperpigmentation and

sun damage you want to look out for an

aaj and here are some AJ ingredients

that you should be looking for when

you're considering purchasing new

skincare products for your

hyperpigmentation glycolic acid lactic

acid citric acid and ascorbic acid which

is a vitamin C derivative so all of

these chemical exfoliants will exfoliate

your skin to reveal fresh new skin sales

chemical exfoliation will any type of

exfoliation really does make your skin a

lot more susceptible to sun damage so

like I said it is very very very

important I cannot stress that enough

that you use a good sunscreen SPF 30 or

higher then you go to another treatment

is something called tretinoin so

tretinoin is a retinoid which is a

derivative of vitamin A and it's most

commonly used to treat things like acne

fine lines wrinkles sun damage and

hyperpigmentation by increasing cell

turnover and stimulating collagen


retinoids can be found in some

over-the-counter skin care products at a

very low percentage but studies have

shown that they work most effectively at

certain percentages in relation to your

skin prescribed by a doctor and if

you're not familiar with the word

tretinoin or retinoids a very common or

like a really well known

brand or product of tretinoin is called

retin-a you've probably heard it before

but that is like the most common I think

or the most known okay moving on to

hydro key known hydro key known is a

very controversial ingredient for many

reasons and higher percentages can only

be prescribed by a dermatologist

so what hydro Kino does is it inhibits

melanin production and it kind of just

like targets it and breaks down

excessive amounts of melanin you send to

essentially brighten the dark spots

there are lots of studies against it

however there's a lot of studies that

are also for it it's very it's a very

controversial ingredient like I said

there's a lot of possible side effects

but with all the side effects noted I

decided to just try it anyway my

dermatologist prescribed this like

little mixture of 1% tretinoin and I

believe 8% hydroquinone and I actually

had to sign a waiver stating that I was

aware of all the side effects like I

literally had to sign a waiver sounds

like a little fearful I was like I have

to sign my safety away interesting but

about five weeks later my skin literally

has never looked better like the texture

of my skin is so so nice and all the

hyperpigmentation will not all of it but

like I'd say like a good 85 to 90% of my

hyperpigmentation has just completely

disappeared I used to have

hyperpigmentation all over here because

I talk about this all the time at the

beginning of this year I've had really

bad breakouts from a shampoo and

conditioner that I was using it left a

lot of hyperpigmentation everywhere and

as you can see Rome a cup on my neck

this is like completely gone that's

before and this is after like it's all

completely gone and nothing worked on

that until I tried this like tretinoin

Hydra Pinot combination so that is what

worked for me I know that it's not for


but yeah if you were

one during my secret to really nice skin

it's literally that so I will be putting

links to products that you can look at

in the description box below because

this video was a little bit more about

ingredients more than it was specific

products so I'll put down products below

that have these specific ingredients and

you can just check them out try them for

yourself I would though I would still

highly recommend you go see a

dermatologist and see what they say

because they will know a lot more about

your skin than I do I'm just not a huge

fan of the my skincare because I'm not a

chemist and I don't know the effects

that a pure substance is going to have

on my skin without being diluted with

something else but anyway thank you guys

so much for watching this video get this

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