How to Heal and Cure a Cold Sore Overnight....Fast, Natural, and It Works!!

Hi, my name is Dr.Tamisha Denis and today. I'm going to show you how to cure a cold sore fast and


So you got a cold sore and you want to get rid of it fast ?

I Have found over the years that

No matter what I tried to get rid of a cold sore I could just never do it

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It's really quick. You can skipped over this part if you want

But I remember the first time I got a cold sore I was 18 years old

And I got it right here on my upper lip and ever since then

Probably every two or three years if I'm feeling very sleepy or like I'm sleep deprived tired

Spend a lot of time in the sun or in the cold then all of a sudden I get this tingling

Sensation in this upper right portion of my lip and then I start to feel really

Irritated like my lip is swollen

And then I'll feel like that weird and anybody who has ever gotten a cold sore knows what that feeling is like

So recently I started researching how to get a rid of a cold sore really fast and naturally

again some common causes of cold sores include


Injury to lips sun or ultraviolet rays illness or fever

chapped for dry lips

So about a year ago the last time I felt that tingling sensation

No, no

Huh, no no no no no no no no no



Started to do a mad google search how to get rid of a cold sore really fast?

I was not trying to have a cold sore I see patients all day long. I talked to them

I'm fortunate enough to be able to wear masks half the time

I'm talking to people or working on them

But I did not want a cold sore and I knew abreva wasn't going to help so what I found was two key things

so what I did is I got some vanilla extract and


Just got some cotton

[and] [your] [fill] of myself is smells so good

so here's the vanilla extract and what I do is I just dip the vanilla extract into

The bottle of course I'm using that bottle exclusively for this purpose if you have vanilla extract you could use it, but I wouldn't recommend

returning it

to your kitchen cabinet

Just use it for here and just kind of press the little extract soap in that

I just press the Cotton tip soaked to the vanilla extract hard [onto] it

And I just kind of rolled it over and over

I tried to saturate the q-tip as much as I could and

continue [to] press over and over to that area and the most important thing is that

You kind of get it as what is possible

And if you're fully committed to getting rid of the cold sore you're going to do this over and over again

So I literally sat in front of my television

With with the bottle of vanilla extract and cotton tip and continue to press it onto my lip over and over again

the second thing I did is I got a bag of ice I filled a small plastic bag filled with ice and

after I took the vanilla

extract Soaked on the Cotton Roll and I did q-tips to

Onto my lip. I would alternate it with ice yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah now the most

Important I think key to this whole thing is that you have to do it when you get that first weird

Kind of sensation on your lip or wherever you get your cold sores so as soon as you feel that weird

First sit that is the time to act if you've already

Fully had blisters and all of that stuff on there it is not

I don't think it's going to help, but I think right there

And I promise you the next day when I woke up there was nothing

You still got it !look at her just live in the dream

I love that just as a side note for your loved ones that is also the time that you are the most contagious

When you're feeling that tingling sensation once the blisters come or the swelling is there then by that time?

You're basically [on] the tail end of it some people get scars

I get really nasty and or like little specks that get really nasty

But that part is not the contagious part the part that contagious is a tingling sensation at the beginning

It's probably also not a good time to be sharing drinks and kind of anything that you put your lips on

No matter what I have looked up and research and even as a dentist have tried

The same things are always true if you did nothing for a cold sore

It's normally going to naturally go away in five to seven days

So you're embarrassed but fact number one cold sores affect about eighty percent of the population

Fact number two cold sores are highly contagious and can spread through direct contact

Fact number three once the virus of a colts enters your body, it's there for life

cold sores

Mostly appear on the lips, but it also can appear on other forms of the body like chin and nose and other areas

fact number five the herpes virus remains latent and hives with the nerves of the body

That means that it lives within your body and whatever you get stressed out. That's when it comes out

And like what we talked about before stress could be as simple as being on in cold weather or being in the sun all day

The virus makes clones of itself inside of your nerves, and then just kind of spread that out throughout the body

Fact number seven the reason that you get these

blisters is because the

Virus will Destroy the cells around that area creating blisters

So when that virus destroys itself that's when you get these open ugly sores

Ice is still one of the safest ways to get rid of a cold sore or manage how it feels?

number nine the virus can still spread two days after the eruptions have completely

Healed so be careful with your family and friends sharing cups kissing any kind of contact

With no other intervention the body can still cure a cold floor

It's actually kind of boring no no no it's wrong enjoyment

Wow, really?

gave you a lot of space and

my last tip

Make sure you keep your lips

Moisturized of course during the whole process of having this cold sore that's going to get dry a little flaky

I like to use blistex sometimes I use Carmex

but anything to kind of keep it nice and smooth and

Opportunity and also let make sure your lips to feel better because sometimes these things can be painful

So that's it for how to cure a cold sore naturally and now you know with vanilla extract

So that's it for how to cure a cold sores naturally with vanilla

So this has been the Modern Smile

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