hello everyone today's the super

exciting day because we're gonna talk

about cold sores it all started about

five years ago it was my freshman year

of college and I was partying it up it

was a week before my birthday and I got

A's on all my tests I was going on my

friends almost every night watching Game

of Thrones eating popcorn Jimmy John I

was living the dream I got these little

pimples I'm like oh so I did I put

makeup on them and I got the brush and

rubbed it all over my face like so I

wake up the next morning and I had a

fever my little zits had grown a lot

they got so big and they were like

starting to hurt and of course I didn't

know at this point that they were cold

sores yeah so then I go to the doctor

after like a few days and they're like

Gabby you have cold sores you need some

medicine for them but honest it's a

little late they're already out and

about so you just kind of have to wait

it out so I did I bought some Abreva I

put it on and they wouldn't go away they

had literally spread the whole way

around all around my lips I'm not even

kidding I couldn't even laugh so that's

how it all started ever since then I've

been getting cold sores like about

probably four times a year so I figured

I'd talk to you guys about some tips for

how to get rid of them faster and how to

make sure they don't spread because

that's like the biggest issue with cold

sores let's get started tip number one

if you can make sure you get a

prescription for it if you know you're

getting them regularly I wish I would

have done this so long ago but I didn't

they helped so much they make your cold

sores last like two days okay five days

versus like two weeks yet some pills if

you can go to your doctor and tell them

hey I'm getting little breakouts all the

time secondly make sure your closers

don't spread do not touch them if you

feel a little itchy don't touch it don't

don't mess around with it don't pick at

it don't put makeup on do not put makeup

on your cold sores they will get worse

they will spread all over your face you

don't want that change your pillowcase

you are sleeping on that thing if that

picks up your germs from your cold sore

back to your

yeah you will get it all over your face

so make sure you change your pillowcase

as soon as you get your first cold sore

you will have much better result much

better life change out your toothbrush

when you get your close to our change

our cheese brush when you're done with

your cold sore throw it away you cannot

keep the toothbrush after you've had a

cold sore because the bacteria is all

over the toothbrush the next thing is to

put coconut oil on your cold sores it

keeps my lips and my entire face from

getting dry make sure that you don't

like double dip into your little coconut

oil jar and also make sure that you

don't use the same finger to rub the

rest of your lips make sure you drink a

lot of water and don't eat chocolate

chocolate has some chemical in it that

makes your cultures like grow more so

honestly just stay away from the

chocolate the desserts the sugar just

stick to water and like healthy things

and your culture should go away within a

week let's talk about how to deal with

insecurity while you have your cold

sores so when I first got my cold story

sounds like I don't want to go anywhere

I'm so scared

everyone's gonna judge me and they did I

walked around and people would just be

like what is on your face my entire face

was stabbed up it was disgusting it is

so important to not let your

insecurities get in the way of what you

want to do I stayed at home for three

weeks straight I didn't even go to class

I was so ashamed of my freaking cold for

that isn't that okay you need to get out

there and live cold sores are normal

everyone gets some or at least like 50%

of the population does so you shouldn't

feel ashamed or embarrassed because it

is normal and it's okay do whatever you

need to do that you would normally do

and do not let two little things on your

face keep you from doing them no one is

gonna think less of you because you have

little cold sores on your face no one

really cares and they're worried about

their own insecurities they literally

don't care about your life or what

you're doing or anything so keep that in

mind literally no one cares about you

they only care about themselves and what

they look like and there's it's on

face so don't even worry about it it is

also super important to prevent cold

sores eat healthy drink water get enough

sleep don't go out in the Sun for too


alcohol is just not good for your cold

sores neither is eating ice cream or

chocolate try to live a stress-free life

because stress really really flares up

your cold sores

I wouldn't even risk getting stressed

out that is all I have for today

I just thought I would share this part

of my life because it's a very very real

situation there's nothing to be ashamed

of because life happens and cold sores

happen and that's okay that is all I

have for today

thank you guys so much for watching if

you thought this video was gross I'm so

sorry but this is me guys this is the

real me so I'll see you guys next time

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