How Do You Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast? Easy Tips + Prevention

do you have a cold sore do you feel


ugly join the club baby today we're

talking about cold sores

my favorite topic i feel like a true

professional in this subject

i have lived through them multiple

multiple times what i'm here to tell you


i have seven years of experience with

them i'm

super qualified i'm here to tell you

that it is

okay it's okay not to feel excited

about these things on your face it's

okay to be freaked out if that's your

first time that happens

i'm here to help cold sores are so

flipping normal nearly 50

of the population has them i looked up

that back today cold sores are caused

by the herpes simplex virus the virus

creates little

fluid like bumps are on your face sores

blisters they're super painful

uncomfortable and you feel like a


monster today i'm going to talk about

how to prevent them and how to cure them

super fast so you can go back to living

your normal life the most important

thing to remember here is to not let

cold tours make you feel ashamed

or ugly or hideous you are

amazing don't let them stop you from

living your life don't let them stop you

from enjoying

time with your family a wedding a fun


live your life like you normally would

because at the end of the day

no one cares about your cold sores as

much as you do

no one cares about the way you look

everyone is dealing with their own

insecurities it could be acne

a sunburn peeling scalp

foot fungus there's so much that people

are going through that they don't

you're not even aware of that they just

don't even notice that's something wrong

with you if they see a giant

blister on your face that's like oozing


are they going to say something probably

who cares if people notice who cares if

you have to go to work i had a nasty


culture for days at the office you will

go back to normal soon okay you can go

back to living your life to brushing

your teeth without it hurting to eating

all your favorite foods

everything will be okay while getting

rid of your cold sore as fast as


is so important the thing that you need

to remember is you need to prevent them

in the first place because if you have a

culture right now or if this is your

first one

you will most likely get another one in

the future whether it's because of too

much sun exposure

a food allergy you're not getting enough

sleep you're a little stressed out

anything could trigger a cold horse you

literally mess up anything in your

immune system and they're here

they're here to stay for at least a week


but there are ways to prevent them first

one is to boost up your immune system

if you're not taking supplements a

multivitamin vitamin c

what do you do another really good

supplement is called

l-lysine that helps prevent cold sores

and that helps fight them

it'll either stop them from being as

severe or it'll prevent them completely

it has worked for me

hopefully it works for you once again

i'm not a doctor what really helped me i

used to get

cold sores probably once every three


there was a time where i was getting

them twice a month it it was so bad so i

used to take medicine for them

well i realized that i had an allergy

to dairy which i kind of already

knew based on all my trips to the toilet

and even though i did just have a cool

tour this was my first one in probably

six months

after i stopped eating dairy guys my

life got so much better i'm not saying

that you should do the same but i think

that it might be worth giving a shot

getting your allergies tested because

that could be triggering your cold sores

i didn't know that that was triggering

mine but that really was hurting my

immune system

so once i accepted you dairy

life got so much better i would

definitely recommend doing that i

actually had dairy one time since i gave

it up

and it the next day i had flipping i had

a cold tour eat healthy

have a green juice from time to time a

little salad

i hate vegetables now let's talk about

how to treat them

fast don't touch them if you have a cold

sore don't spread it don't use the same

towel to dry your

mouth and your face they are so freaking


you don't want to share drinks with

anyone at this time or go smooching


they are contagious you will pass them

on you can

be contagious to yourself so last week i

had a culture here

i it doesn't spread to here and then

somehow spread to here

so i had three at a time there are so

many different opinions about this

but i have tried both methods some

people say to keep them

moist to keep your cultures moist

another say to dry them out the scab

needs to heal

and form and stay intact that way it can

fall off and heal on your face they


so much quicker when i actually dry them

out i either put a briba or a campo

fanique on them

i personally like campbell finique a lot

more i've been using it for years

and i think it does work better than a

breathable but whatever people have

different opinions on this too that's

it and then to keep my lips moisturized

around it because it gets so

dry i just put on coconut oil around my

lips while you have your cold sore stay

out of the sun

let your scab heal take care of your

body you need to heal from the inside


that is the only way you can truly get

rid of it quickly

the sooner you start treating it the

sooner you start being careful with it

the quicker it will go it okay that's

basically it

don't stress out about it eat healthy

don't drink alcohol don't do anything

that's gonna

mess with your immune system because

that's really how your body heals

don't mess with the scab let it heal

that is honestly the quickest best way

to be done with them don't pick at it

don't pick at it you're not ugly because

you have a culture no one cares about

what you look like

no one's worried about you take care of

yourself be

the best you that you can be you're not

ugly you're not a monster

you need to do what makes you happy

spend time with your friends don't hide

in a room for three weeks like i did in

the past

don't do that also if you're wearing a

mask make sure that you switch it out

and wash it every single time that you

wear it

you do not want to keep wearing the mask

that's been touching your cold doors

don't irritate them be careful you got


let me know how it goes feel free to

reach out to me if you have any

questions you can dm me or leave them in

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guys you got this thank you so much for

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next time bye