If You Eat an Avocado a Day For a Month, Here's What Will Happen to You


what will happen to your body if you eat

an avocado every day the avocado is a

unique fruit with multiple nutritional

benefits numerous studies continue to

show its incredible effects on our

appearance and health so what if you ate

just one avocado a day

how would your body respond and with the

results really be that amazing we'll

answer all those questions and more in

this video so keep watching but before

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number 9 your breath will be fresh at

all times the primary cause of bad

breath is indigestion and an upset

stomach but there will be no more of

that once you make an avocado part of

your daily menu this fruit has

antibacterial and antioxidant flavonoids

which kill bacteria in your mouth and

make your breath fresh it's so good at

doing its job that it may even prevent

oral cancer yes you heard us correctly

scientists from Ohio State University

conducted a study and it showed that

nutrients from Hass avocados can thwart

oral cancer cells not only killing them

but also preventing precancerous cells

from developing into full cancers so we

suggest it's time to throw your breath

freshener away and replace it with a

delicious avocado number 8 your kidneys

will work more efficiently there's a

miraculous mineral to be found in

avocados potassium remember its name

we'll talk about it a bit later anyway

potassium helps your system keep a

healthy fluid balance through chemical

channels for cells and organs a good

fluid balance allows your kidneys to

function better

that's why avocados are highly

recommended for patients with kidney

disease but there's one small exception

if you suffer from hyper potus emia you

should stay as far away from avocados as

you possibly can

the high amount of potassium contained

in this fruit is dangerous for you and

can lead to all kinds of unnecessary

health problems if you don't have this

condition but are still doubtful as to

whether you should add avocado to your

diet or not consult your doctor to get

the whole picture and find out all the

details number seven your cholesterol

and triglyceride levels will decrease

high cholesterol or triglycerides levels

are never good but what matters most is

that cholesterol and triglyceride

markers are linked to increased risk of

heart disease not exactly good news

right but that's when avocados come to

the rescue once again there are two

types of cholesterol low-density

lipoprotein or LDL which can form

plaques in your arteries and high

density lipoprotein or HDL which behaves

way better in your system by

transporting excess cholesterol to your

liver which later removes it from your

body specialists from Mexico conducted a

study that showed how eating avocados

regularly lowers the bad LDL cholesterol

and blood triglycerides by up to 22% and

increases the good HDL cholesterol by up

to 11% just one more reason to fall in

love with avocados number six your liver

will function more efficiently health

concerns regarding the liver can be hard

to solve but let's be real nothing is

impossible for avocados this fruit is

actually one of the best products for a

liver friendly diet and that's all

thanks to its ability to help your body

produce glutathione the liver

desperately craves this antioxidant to

filter out harmful substances and

protects itself from damage avocados

also contain vitamin C and E a powerful

combination that can neutralize free

radicals in no time protecting your

liver even more vitamin E can also team

up with vitamin K also found in avocados

to quell cellular inflammation so one

small avocado can truly be your livers

protector against the surprisingly wide

variety of conditions and all things

evil a true jack-of-all-trades of the

fruit world

number five your blood pressure will

become lower if you suffer from high

blood pressure

avocados should be your best friends at

all times remember the potassium that we

talked about earlier its ability to

regulate the fluid balance benefits your

blood pressure too in this case

potassium prevents osteoporosis and most

importantly lowers your blood pressure

this was confirmed by many studies

including one conducted by the

department of physiological sciences at

the federal University of espírito Santo

in Vitoria Brazil the final results were

quite impressive

people who consumed mostly potassium

rich foods had systolic blood pressure

that was 6 mm Hg lower and diastolic

blood pressure that was 4 mm Hg lower so

if you're still looking for menu changes

that might lower your blood pressure

avocados should be at the top of your

list number 4 your vision will improve

your eye health is closely connected to

your overall well-being which in turn

significantly depends on what you eat

and out of all the products available

your eyes will certainly appreciate the

inclusion of avocados in your daily food


the thing is avocados are high in

antioxidants especially carotenoids

called lutein and zeaxanthin which

protect our eyes against harmful blue

light a study conducted by specialists

from China stated that the intake of

these carotenoids is proportional to

their levels in the retinas so the more

lutein and zeaxanthin rich foods you eat

the healthier you're redness will be

French and English scientists also

stated that lutein and zeaxanthin

reduced the risk of cataracts and

macular degeneration seriously is there

anything avocados can't do

number three you'll have extra

protection from cancer the ability of

avocados to give that extra bit of

protection from cancer comes from the

carotenoids and monounsaturated fat they

contain both of which make their own

contribution to the impressive reduction

of cancer including breast cancer and

prostate cancer numerous studies

conducted by specialists all over the

world showed that avocados organic

compounds caused cancerous cells to

undergo apoptosis or to put it simply

automatic cell death quite a result for

a simple fruit right although there is

still much research being conducted in

the hope of determining the other cancer

types and avocados can help their

positive effects on the system remain

undeniable number two you'll lose weight

apart from all the other components and

elements avocados are rich in fiber

which is essential for making those

unwanted pounds disappear fiber is

incredibly filling and digests slowly

the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

state that women should eat at least

zero point eight ounces of fiber every

day an appropriate dose for men is one

point two six ounces and the most

amazing thing is that you don't have to

make any other changes to your diet the

daily consumption of fiber will do the

trick for you if you want to achieve a

stronger effect eat other fiber rich

foods such as apples green beans sweet

potatoes and strawberries as well or you

can simply combine your daily avocado

consumption with exercising it's not the

easiest path true but the final results

will definitely astonish you number one

your skin will get a beautiful glow

avocados can work their magic post from

the inside and on the outside they

frequently become part of natural

homemade remedies as well as expensive

and luxury cosmetics and their in

side-effects are truly glorious as you

already know avocados are a great source

of vitamin C and

vitamin C is known for its involvement

in the creation of collagen and elastin

which help to maintain the skin's

elasticity and firmness vitamin E takes

it to a whole new level reducing the

damage of excessive sun exposure and

counteracting aging avocados are also

rich in omega 9 fatty acids and they're

crucial for maintaining moisture in the

epidermis and regenerating epidermal

cells as a result your skin becomes soft

and any irritations and redness are

quickly reduced so what are you waiting

for we don't know about you but we're

definitely going to pick up some

avocados now there are way too many

benefits to miss out on and what about

you do you like avocados how often do

you eat them tell us in the comments

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