Eating well in your first trimester

[Music] What's happening in your first

trimester of pregnancy?

It's a time of rapid development!

At four weeks, the fetus is as big as a grain of rice.

By eight weeks, it's the size of a grape.

To support healthy growth, you'll want to stay active,

sleep well, and eat healthy.

That means lots of fruits and veggies.

It also means taking a daily prenatal vitamin that includes

at least 400 mcg of folic acid.

During pregnancy, you'll need to avoid certain foods like

unpasteurized cheese, raw milk products and under cooked meat.

Fish can be a great source of protein and nutrients,

but can also contain mercury, which can be harmful

to your baby in large amounts. This means you should limit yourself to about

two meals

containing fish each week such as canned tuna and salmon.

Weight gain is a common concern.

Your recommended weight gain depends on how much you weigh

before pregnancy.

If you're already at a healthy weight,

we recommend you gain about 1 pound per month during your

first trimester, then about 1 pound per week during the rest

of your pregnancy.

That means about a total of 25 to 35 pounds.

If you're over- or under weight, talk to your doctor about your

personal weight gain targets.

You may be wondering how staying active helps during pregnancy.

Activity helps many pregnant women maintain a healthy weight,

sleep better and feel better in general.

It can also help you cope with labor pain and recover

more quickly after giving birth.

Aim for about thirty minutes of physical activity on most days.

I went to a prenatal exercise class

and that was fun because I got to meet other moms

and we basically talked about how our joints ached

and how our bellies were big and things like that.

But I found for me that the best part about being pregnant

wasn't so much thinking about the weight in like trying to

continually listen to my body and making sure that

I felt good.