Guide to Keto Alcohol & Beverages


for many people adjusting to the new

lifestyle that a ketogenic diet requires

can be difficult drastically changing

your diet shopping for new foods meal

planning and tracking macros requires a

good deal of thinking ahead and

maintaining discipline as so many in our

community can attest the results are

more than worth it but nevertheless

change can be hard for everyone one

particularly tricky situation can be

going out whether it's happy hour with

friends or a nightcap after a special

dinner bars are generally not the most

keto friendly places beer and wine are

loaded with carbs and most cocktails are

- even non-alcoholic drinks are often

packed with sugar but don't worry

following a keto diet doesn't mean you

can't ever drink alcohol or fun drinks

again we've got your comprehensive guide

to boozy and zero proof beverages when

it comes to adult libations cutting out

all the beer and wine is a good place to


however if you enjoy a glass every now

and again some options are better than

others there are some low-carb beer

options out there such as Bud select

Miller 64 and Michelob Ultra some of

these are pretty low in calories and

carbs for instance Michelob Ultra

contains only 2 point 6 grams of carbs

and 95 calories if you want a different

brand of beer check its nutritional

information ahead of time online so you

can plan accordingly and accurately

track your macros most often darker

beers mean higher carb counts so pass on

stouts and lagers that are darker in

color especially those that are red

amber around if a glass of vino is what

you like to unwind the best choices are

unsweetened and unflavored champagne dry

red wine and dry white wine though there

isn't often nutritional information

wine packaging an info about some brands

isn't easy to find online these lower

sugar options usually contain between 4

and 5 grams of net carbs per 5 ounce

glass always avoid sweet wines wine

coolers and fortified dessert wines such

as port and sherry other beverages such

as hard cider and hard seltzer sometimes

market themselves as healthier choices

but in reality many have more carbs and

calories than light beer always do some

research before cracking a cold one open

hard liquor and spirits are usually the

best choice for an by being on a keto

diet while liquor is made by distilling

the natural sugars and grains potatoes

and fruits nearly all of the sugars are

converted into ethyl alcohol during the

fermentation and distillation processes

generally liquor with 40% alcohol by

volume 80-proof or higher will have 0

grams net carbs even whiskey bourbon and

most rocks the most important thing to

remember about hard liquor is that many

of them are flavored and those additives

can ramp up your carb count steer clear

of any sweet mixes like margarita mix

liqueurs and fruit juices all of which

will add extra carbs not everyone enjoys

a straight shot of liquor or a shot on

the rocks so if you're looking for

mixers keep it simple seltzer and

sparkling water are the best options and

the occasional diet soda or sugar-free

energy drink is okay too

be aware that some diet sweeteners do

spike blood sugars to learn more about

low carb sweeteners and which are best

to consume check out the video title the

best and worst sweeteners on a keto diet

it's important to note a few keto

specific things about drinking liquor it

can actually deepen your level of

ketosis because of alcohols effects on

liver metabolism

essentially more ketones are produced as

you drink more and when your liver is

processing alcohol it's being converted

to a triglyceride which can also

positively affect the production of

ketones however drinking alcohol will

slow weight loss down because even if

you consume low carb alcohol and stay in

ketosis the ethyl will be burned by the

body and preference of all other

nutrients in other words alcohol will

slow down the fat loss process because a

smaller amount of the free fatty acids

will be converted into ketones people on

a ketogenic diet tend to have a lower

tolerance for alcohol

meaning they experience a heightened

level of intoxication that also happens

at a quicker rate than usual it is

crucially important to be careful when

consuming alcohol on keto especially if

you're driving do not drink and drive

also many people report worse hangovers

while on a ketogenic diet so if you're

drinking alcohol be sure to stay

hydrated remember to drink one glass of

water for every ounce of hard liquor or

glass of wine or beer you consume

drinking alcohol can also stimulate the

appetite and combined with the impaired

judgement that can come from indulging

in booze that can mean slip-ups when it

comes to your diet if you're going out

be prepared by bringing along keto

friendly snacks or researching the bar

or restaurant menu ahead of time when it

comes to non-alcoholic drinks water zero

calorie unflavored sparkling water or

seltzer unsweetened tea iced tea and

coffee are best diet sodas and energy

drinks as mentioned before may still

affect your insulin levels even though

they don't contain sugar perk up your

water by adding frozen berries ice cubes

frozen with finely chopped fresh mint

citrus juices or any combination of

those items some water enhancers like

the stir and Skinnygirl brands add

natural flavor to water and are

sweetened with Steve

just make sure you stick to the

recommended serving size because some of

these products flavors contain

preservatives and trace amounts of sugar

which might have a negative impact on

ketone production unflavored sparkling

water and mineral water are almost

always carb and calorie free and can

provide a refreshing alternative to

still water

Coffee is of course an important morning

ritual for many of us and is perfectly

keto friendly serve black or with full

fat dairy or dairy alternative you can

also up the fat content of coffee easily

by adding MCT oil or powder coconut oil

or grass-fed butter if you miss the

specialty blended drinks from your

favorite cafe check out our recipes for

keto pumpkin pie spice latte creamy keto

hot chocolate and a spinach shamrock

latte all of which you can make at home

teas are another great option as they

contain virtually no carbs black green

and herbal teas provide plenty of

variety just beware of teas that contain

dried fruit or sugar derivatives which

can leach some sugar into your cup as it

steeps always read the label there are a

handful of keto friendly sports drinks

like Powerade zero and vitamin water

zero that have a zero net carb count

some zero carb energy drinks include Red

Bull sugar-free monster zero ultra and

zbo zero calorie energy drink nut milks

are often a better keto alternative to

cow's milk which contains 12 grams of

sugar per cup for drinking or baking

consider using a non-dairy alternative

like almond coconut hemp or flax milk

carefully read labels to look for added

sugars and don't consume more than one

serving of these milk alternatives per

day because of their net carb content

people following keto diets sometimes


just because most smoothies are loaded

with sugars from fruits and milk doesn't

mean you can't enjoy a keto friendly

version to make a nourishing low-carb

smoothie combined high quality fats like

egg yolks avocado MCT oil or coconut oil

with full fat yogurt keto friendly

liquids leafy greens like spinach or

kale protein powder and no or low carb

sweeteners and other flavorings like

vanilla extract even though they

certainly have nutritional benefits

drinks like coconut water vegetable

juice and kombucha should be avoided as

each contains a medium high net carb

count with so many great keto

alternatives it's best to stay away from

them on a regular basis as you can see

whether you're looking to start your day

with a coffee or end your day with a

mixed drink there are so many keto

friendly drinks available to help you

stay on track with your goals for more

information recipes and tips check out

ruled Me's extensive resources for

starting and sticking to a ketogenic