The Best Times To Visit Las Vegas!

what's going on everybody in today's

video we're gonna talk about when to

visit Las Vegas and when it comes to the

time of year on Las Vegas I like to

split them into two seasons one being

peak season the other being offseason

now peak season is the busier time of

the year or the major events are going

on and then the offseason is more of the

slower time of the year it's not as much

going on that crowds aren't as big so

hopefully after this video making your

decision on when to visit Las Vegas

it'll be that much easier so let's get

started now before we get started this

video is just for educational purposes

only these are just tips and suggestions

please don't make anything and hold

anything in this video to be exact just

to help


peak season is between March and October

I call peak season also pool party

season because they're normally in

alignment with each other if you're

looking to come to Vegas for pool

parties the pool parties start early to

mid March and they go all the way until

mid to late October just depending on

how the seasons of the year ago so if

you're looking to visit Vegas for the

pool party because a lot of people love

to come to Vegas for the pool parties

you can want to schedule your trip

sometime between March and October for

those who are planning to come to Vegas

during spring break most of you know

Spring Break is March depending on where

you are may carry over in April those

are also great times of the year to come

because the temperature is perfect in

Vegas you're in the 70s 80s so if you're

looking for a wonderful time of year to

come to Vegas as far as the temperature

goes March and April will definitely be

your ideal times unless you want to come

later in the fall of Suharto birth

that's definitely when the summer heat

starts to cool down this spring break

time early March April those are great

times of the year to come to Vegas

most of the major US holidays also occur

during peak season we've got the fourth

of July Memorial Day Labor Day Halloween

even Saint Patrick's Day in early March

it's a big event in Vegas people love to

have fun around Saint Patrick's Day but

most of your major US holidays that are

also big events in Vegas occur during

peak season so if you're looking to go

to Vegas for a big event that's going on

around a major holiday you definitely

want to consider one of those holidays

during peak season they're all good

times it's always a good time in Vegas

especially during peak season so you

can't go wrong picking any of those

holidays if you're planning to visit

Vegas in the summer prepare for the heat

Vegas is hot hot hot it is extremely hot

for the summers in Vegas when I say hot

I mean the hundreds hundred the main

hundred and ten

sometimes it'll creep around 120 it is

hot for the summers in Vegas so if you

are not a heat person not recommend you

visit in Vegas in the summer but if you

got something going on you're gonna be

visiting Vegas in the summer just

prepared for the heat extremely high

might want to for sure it goes to those

pool parties or hang out at the hotel

pools find something to during the day

because it is extremely hot Vegas I love

to watch the strip and have a careful

walking the Vegas strip up at summertime

you can best believe you're gonna get a

workout being out in that summer heat so

just prepare for those hot days as well

now as I stated a peak season is the

busiest time of the year most of the

major events are going on there a lot of

fights going on there a lot of

basketball events going on there's a lot

going on between March and October and

vases Vegas it's very busy it's also the

most expensive time of the year just the

tip for those who are looking a book of

a Koosh trip Sunday through Thursday

nights at your cheapest nights once you

throw Friday and Saturdays in there

that's when your price starts to

skyrocket but especially during this

time of year summers and any time during

peak season your rates are typically

gonna be higher than they are in the

offseason so if you're looking to visit

Vegas for more of Anneliese expensive

budget you're gonna probably want to

wait until the offseason when rings

start to decrease Halloween is my

favorite time to be here I get asked all

the time what is my favorite time of the

year in Vegas what do I love to do the

most in Vegas I love being in Vegas

around Halloween and Halloween is also

the end of peak season that's normally

when the crowd started to slow down all

the parties start to slow down the major

DJ's and artists that come in performing

today because they normally start to cut

back from those performances after

Halloween so Halloween is pretty much

like the farewell tour the peak season

and the big crowds

so for those of you were wondering what

is the end of peak season as I said it's

October but specifically Halloween

weekend which also happens to be my

favorite time of the year so if you're

thinking about going to Vegas for

Halloween definitely want to consider

doing that you'll definitely be glad you

did it and you will not regret offseason

now off season is from November until

February specifically I like to say

offseason starts the weekend after

Halloween that's when the crowds started

to slow down I mean to Vegas so it'll

always be busy it just won't be as busy

as the major holidays are going during

peak season or the major events it'll

definitely be a slower crowd so you

definitely be able to enjoy Vegas more

for those who don't like a big rush

onslaught of people you'll definitely

want to consider going during the

offseason Thanksgiving and Christmas are

two major holidays in the u.s. those

aren't really major Vegas events because

most people spend Thanksgiving and

Christmas with their families so if

you're someone who's considering

visiting visiting Vegas during these

times of year the rates will be in your

favor to be a really good time to visit

as far as the Rings go and it will not

be busy either it'll be really really

calm to be a relaxing time in Vegas

because most people live with their

family during this time of year not much

new year comes around new year is your

major event your major holiday for the

offseason that's the one time during the

offseason that I can say is going to be

extremely packed the strip gets

absolutely nuts it's flooded with people

so if you are looking for a major

holiday during the offseason that'll be

your offseason holiday on the event to

be ready for but aside from New Year's

Vegas is pretty cool and pretty chill

from November to February you've got a

couple conventions that going

during the off-season but they're not

gonna bring nowhere near the major

crowds that you will for the holidays

and give events that go under at peak

season and as I said earlier Sunday

through Thursday night so your best

night for rakes those are your cheapest

nights Fridays and Saturdays the rig's

go up a little more because they're the

weekend most people come to Vegas during

the weekend but even in the offseason

the rates are not as high during the

week and on the weekends as a guard

there are peak season so if you strictly

just wanted to try to find the time to

go to Vegas when it's not expensive you

can get the best day long rooms you're

definitely gonna want to visit in the

offseason I would say sometime between

November December or mid-january those

will probably be the time for your best

rates even if everywhere you're around

Valentine's Day rates aren't bad so you

definitely want to go during offseason

or you're looking to save money

hopefully this video was helpful for

those of you who are trying to decide

when they visit Vegas if you have any

further questions feel free to leave

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