What to do in & around WHISTLER (Canadian Rockies Road Trip)


good evening and welcome to room 2

tonight at the four seasons

it's 21:42 I'm gonna show you okay so

first up we have the very first bathroom

to our left hand side we have a minibar

area then in here we have large area

sofa chairs super large TV fireplace we

have a balcony or a yacht - Vanya and

then from here we have the main bedroom

king bed comes standard large TV on the


and then here walk-in wardrobe we've got

ironing boards irons shoe cleaners

umbrellas goods yeah we have the main

bathroom isn't her sinks toilet we've

got the hot tub very all the things you

should have a nice bath shower

watch this feature this is a feature I

like the most ready okay so it's half

won here in Whistler just had the most

delicious lunch from her Portobello

restaurant it's actually connected to

the Fairmont Whistler so if you're

looking for it that's where it is

I got a lovely barbecue pulled chicken

sandwich it was content for the best

sandwich I've ever had in my life it was

literally different plus and Frances got

lovely chicken Taj and bacon Caesar

lovely chicken noodle soup also

delicious and here

there's a wasp behind Francis okay we

got rid of the wasp so I think it was

like $40 within God and I think it was

$40 for so a sandwich yourself and then

soup and yeah now we're gonna go to the

Train rent hike and check out some


so they'll pick up the car from Four

Seasons and had that know




okay so I made it to the train right

honestly I was looking at the photos and

I was just excited to do kind of a nice

big Walker but we've done it again

I didn't think that the train wreck

would be that impressive but I see it's

still sick it's so good photos in

summertime and it's sure in the winter

it looked even more incredible so it's

definitely worth the hike and it's only

I would say maximum twenty met from the

carpark be here so if I going to

continue going now see what's a bit

further see what's out of the hill and

maybe walk for another 20 minutes at

least because we want to stretch all

that but yeah train wreck hike

definitely worth it we finished the

trail difficulty it was a little bit

harder on the way back because it was

slightly uphill but again as it was very

busy you could bring you hints to do it

now we're gonna get two snacks in the

car don't

chocolate was good stuff and then we're

gonna try and see a warm-up so let's do


we have a maple and bacon donut one my

all-time favorites but first I'm gonna

eat them plain up

6:00 p.m. here in Whistler and we're

about to do the Brandywine for thrill

hopefully to see the waterfall and yeah

pretty good we're just getting a few of

the smaller easier trail to have away

today and I'm gonna do something a

little bit more intermediate I would say


so yeah it's pouring down rain I'm yet

to buy a coat which is annoying but the

well and I've got trailers

let's go do this anyway


okay so brandywine falls definitely

mercy it was extremely beautiful

especially as the Sun is setting and the

rain is falling makes it very magical

and yeah it was like literally I would

say between a five and a seven minute

walk to the forum so like no time at all

it's all completely flat and it's

perfectly safe so definitely recommend

that and it's really beautiful they have

a nice lookout point where you can see

the waterfall from very safely and again

like I said you can't venture down to

the left I don't know the route and it

is closed so you will get fined if we

get caught and it's very different just

so I'm not recommending that but if you

want to do it

so what we have here finally the famous

Canadian Caesars cocktail it's very

similar Bloody Mary and I've never tried

a Bloody Mary before so this will

definitely be interesting it's a savory

alcoholic drink

very good hangover cure I believe so

I've been told and so it looks like

we've got olives celery we've got bacon

and got lemon and got a chip I've

already tried this a chili salt around

the outside so I've seen it's well

presented no way better to try a

cocktail than the four seasons obviously

it's extortionate which is a shame

and what delivered to the pool so we got

charged like eight dollars see I

delivered to the pool so that's a bit of

a joke but no matter

but I'll put the end I put the

ingredient less here so you know what's

in it it's like a spicy super spicy cold

tomato soup with vodka pate with vodka

porter god I would not want now on a

hangover I would not want that ever and

I would not want to pay $42 at the Four

Seasons far for two of them but oh well

at least we're trying to Canadian seize

a cocktail that'll be my first and I'm

pretty sure that William Ellis

okay so it's 10:00 a.m. 10:00 September

and today we're going on one of these

bad boys in exactly 20 minutes so at

10:20 but first we're going over at the

Fairmont yeah a quick coffee and yeah

we're super excited for today join

another best thing about this holy is

every single morning when you wake up

you're excited like you just can't wait

to get outta bed which i think is the

best film in the world I took four

coffees I got I'm not cappuccino that's

go ice americano and I did yeah every

muffin because I don't know what it is

about America Canadia yeah it's just

like I love getting muffins for

breakfast whether it's an English

breakfast muffin or whether it's a sweet

Willie refilled chocolate chip muffin

just love it so we're two minutes later

hopefully we're going right now








huh so we've made it to the higher link

and we did it in 1 hour and 10 minutes

and I would say were hard probably 5

minutes if that was stopping messing

with our bikes taking off that he's off

stuff like that it says it takes 3 hours

to get to the very top it says it takes

two and a half hours to get through the

middle lake it took Hurst 45 minutes to

get to the middle leg however it did

take us half an hour to get here it's a

little bit harder it's a lot more muddy

we do have to hop across big rocks and

it's a little bit more challenging is it

worth it I think the middle leg is a

little bit nicer in color but I do think

it's very impressive to say that you're

this close to the glass here I'm going

to set my watch again and we'll see how

long it takes the end of all


what are you doing there how is it


I would actually love to do

okay so we've just made it down from the

high lake to the middle leg took exactly

20 minutes on the way down we're going

to see how long now it takes to get from

middle leg down to the bottom leg I'm

estimating around 3035 minutes but we'll

wait and see


okay so we just made it to the lower

lake total time from the highest lake to

the lowest lake was exactly worn out so


total time up to the highest lake from

the lower lake was about one hour 10

minutes one over 20 and then down an

hour so don't why the sign says three

hours but again it's no rush there's no

competition take your time go at your

own pace and just enjoy it because this

time of night it's pretty incredible to

say pleased with it and I'm pleased that

wouldn't scared off by the time and how

it's at for us because that we've been

displaying so now I'm gonna head back in

the car and we're gonna skip to the

sushi place hopefully we'll make it in

time so ya see that

so we actually climbed the joffrey lakes

hike yesterday and I filmed literally

everything like a whole journey up from

the lower lake to the middle leg to the

high Lake and then when we got to high

Lake I ran out of space on the camera so

a format had one of the clouds my camera

holds two memory cards and I form I had

the wrong ones who lost everything from

the way out I didn't realize it all got

home and then last night I just wanted

to cry because I see carrying that big

heavy camera and we spent a lot of time

for men and quite nuts in different

routes and how hard certain parts were

and just given an update which was I

feel very good but never mind we'll get

over it

I used as spam eighty quid last night

buying some software that's trying to

recover that memory card at the minute

so I'm gonna put everything I have into

the vlog and it's cost me eighty six

pound plus to make this vlog because of

that so if you would leave thumbs up and

really appreciate it

we're just about to leave the four

seasons in Whistler now I'm gonna head

to Portobello absolute favorite grab a

coffee and maybe I'm nothing for the

road trip because about a nine hour road

trip today wasn't Jasper

when I stopped in Wales great park and

yeah nine hours at least that's with no

stop so thank you very much for watching

I hope you enjoyed this vlog we had a

lot of fun making it we're a bit of one

buy what to do in Whistler but I think

we did a good job and we did some more

irregular things rather than just get me

at the top of the mountain so thanks for

watching I'll see you in Jasper