Best Times to Hunt Deer

Primo's honey stream the language when

the hunt to me is anytime you get a

chance because for many of us you know

I'll have weekends to hunt and we can't

we can't change the weather weather is

what it is and the conditions are what

they are so we definitely got a better

chance of being out there and being

successful in the woods and sitting at

the house if I only had one or two good

spots to hunt and the wind was wrong I

personally would rather forfeit that

hunt that afternoon and going there and

mess that stand up because you work hard

you have one time of year and pretty

much a small wind or whatever that good

spot is to be successful and if you

educate those deer they go they gonna do

something different if you're trying to

hunt them a true deer you know the mood

plays a factor the weather probably the

thing I I try to stay away from or not

hunt the most is when it's low pressure

and it's warm humidity is high you know

the deer don't like to move they're

miserable just like we are if I walk

outside it's miserable out there and

it's just hot and yucky the deer feel

the same way a lot of times they got

that winter coat so their movement is

extremely suppressed little food flocks

you can hunt the edges of your good

spots just to be out there and enjoy the

outdoors those are great maybe shoot a

doe but when you really are focused on a

mature deer you got pictures in this one

spot of this two or three bucks you're

excited to hunt this bottom of this

Ridge of whatever little funnel natural

funnel way to those conditions are right

I've read the hunt of a good spot one or

two times then then try to force it in

because after you've been there eight

ten twelve times and unless the ruts

fishing and starting those deer get on

their feet those little local do that

live there they know what's going on

they're doing that's how I feel about it

so moon phases you know definitely

there's I don't want to sit here and

tell you that they're you know being a

tree at 10:00 to 2:00 on a full moon you

definitely see deer patterns change as

the moon changes it's pretty common it

does affect them always afternoon


is my favorite in the early season you

could hunt mornings but I pretty much

don't enjoy hunting many mornings during

the early seasons as you get further

than a year and you start getting close

to that pre-rut things start changing

when those deer on their feet but when

those deer in early season feed patterns

they're feeding late in the evening at

night you can catch some in the morning

it happens all the time but on my best

spot I don't like to walk in there at

daylight or right before they like cuz

it's a good chance you're gonna bump

deer out of that going around so I'd

rather go in the early afternoon before

they get up start moving to my better

spot so that's kind of a big topic with

a whole bunch of different variables to

it so you know you got your early season

you adjust to the pre rut you're just to

the rut you got rug scrapes we'll talk

about your food changes you got to keep

changing as that season goes so to get

back to to this whole discussion is when

to hunt you know just be conscious of

the time of year conscious of your food

sources and and we all want to hunt we

all enjoy the woods and it's never a bad

time to be there but there's always

better time