DIY: How To Adjust Attic Fan Temperature

what's going on YouTube so can you here

again with another video and so this

video is about how to adjust the

temperature or thermostat on your attic

fan if you have one so stay tuned

thanks for checking out this video so

recently you know as the weather has

been getting hot summertime all about

the heat I have been paying a little bit

more attention to the attic fans that I

have in the attic and so I notice maybe

a couple of days ago the attic fan was

running to maybe about nine ten o'clock

at night which is very late now I will

admit that the temperature got into the

lower 90s but the fact that it runs that

late indicates in my opinion a lot one

indicates a higher power bill because of

the fan using the electricity to cool

off the attic and two that the

thermostat setting for the fan may not

be where it probably should be so after

doing a little bit of research I found

out that you know given where I live and

the possibility of the temperature

getting into the 100's in the hottest

part of the summer that attic fan

probably needs to be said about a 110 or

120 degrees so I'm gonna go up and

actually check this one and the reason

why I know this one is probably not set

at that point is because of the fact I

recently had it the motor on the fan

replaced maybe about a year and a half

to two years ago and so when the guy

that replaced it did the replacement he

lowered the thermostat temperature to a

part of like 95 which makes no sense

because at the hottest part of the day

in life maybe July or August it can be

almost 100 maybe even 105 so that means

the attic fan will probably run for 12

to 16 hours in a given day which is a

lot so I'm gonna go up in attic and I'm

gonna show you how to adjust the setting

on your attic fan alright so I am in my

attic as you see here's the attic fan it

is nighttime as I'm recording this so I

would recommend that if you do choose to

make this adjustment and to go into your

attic to do this at night or at least on

a rainy day if it's during the winter

season that would be even better

and so looking at the setting as you see

this one has some recommended marks and

I'm actually turned the camera so it

looks straight on camera and so as you

see 95 is the setting mark here was

where originally set and so each of

these lines I believe represents five

degrees so the recommended setting is

around there about a hundred or so and

it's actually a little bit of advance of

that setting and so as you see there is

a screwdriver there Phillip flathead


there's others that may be Phillips so

I'm actually gonna move this a little

bit further I'm not gonna move it all

the way to 120 but maybe about the 110

range and that way it doesn't run as

long for a given day so yeah between 110

and 120 right there so you have to

remember that you know if you really

wanted this like if you lived in colder

climate you could actually turn this

down to a lower tail


and so as you see I turned it below 95

or so and it actually kicked on

so given you know like I said I live

down in the south and you know they're

very close maybe two to three hours

within the coast so hopefully this video

has helped you you know if you need to

make an adjustment to your attic fan

that you have the insight to be able to

go and do this now again as I

recommended please try to do this at

night or when the weather is very cool

or when it's rainy out so you don't go

into a hot very hot attic and you know

pass out due to heat exhaustion so if

you have any questions about how to

adjust your attic fan you know feel free

to drop a comment in the comment section

below and in the meantime see you in the

next video