Tassimo Coffee Taste Test & Review of Seven different 'Internet Exclusive' coffees

I'm a big fan of the TASMAC Coffee range

especially the cost americano the

Colombian and my favorite cafe creamer

but I also wanted to try some of the

other range that's available mostly on

the website you can get some of these in

other shops but a lot of these are

intern exclusives so haven't got the

espresso days but I have got nearly all

of the coffee's that are available

currently it's summer 2014 and I'm gonna

do a taste test so I'm gonna try all

these quite quickly in one day and give

my balanced honest view of what these

tastes like both in terms of strength

smoothness richness how full or medium

bodied they are the sizes of them all

quite a little bit different some of

them are quite small there any 130 ml

120 ml so them are much bigger and they

get to the more con a traditional 215

mil and the largest is of course the

cost Americana which is also on my

favorites coming in at of 220 ml as a

what else tests of seven coffees so I'm

doing the bottom row not was top for the

top ones I've already done in a previous

video and all my regular mainstay


I've got pedido Genoa the creme intense

EO Medel D old cafe creme intense o

monarch or monarch a voluptuous o

Colombia and a voluptuous Oh Kenya now

I've got the match e in size order so

though there's four cotton wah and three

from Jacobs I've got them going from 215

mill 195 mill hundred 50 mil 140 ml 130

mill 120 mil and 120 ml so they're going

in size order I'm not going to use

different mugs because I think it's be a

little bit confusing to actually show

what size you actually get so I'm going

to use this same sized mug that I've

used in a few other videos because it

holds exactly 350 milliliters so it's

quite a big mug certainly can take any

of these coffees and give you a feeling

for how much room you'd have for milk

etc for those who don't have milk so as

I saying this is just a sample of the

range so tasse my websites got a really


range I'm gonna quickly scroll down but

they don't just do coffee their duty

speciality milk and coffee drink

chocolate drinks etc what I'm doing here

is I'm just focusing in on the coffees

and this equivalent that load and what

I've done in this is on selected

everything that isn't an espresso and

isn't decaffeinated so pretty much

everything that's available at the


so all these green icons here they use

the Tassimo logo all the time these are

saying internet exclusives and very much

you can only get these off their website

from the Tassimo shop so need let's see

whether they're worth a purchase

certainly prices are very reasonable

they actually come in are either the

same or sometimes less than the

supermarkets that I go to so actually

quite good deals and each month you get

a special offer so what actually got me

into trying these coffees was the jacobs

cafe creamer intense I was actually

special often there's only about two

pound a tea and you get 16 coffees in

there and although their hundred forty

mill I achieve on them quite good so a

couple of these I've already tried

before so I'm trying not to be unfair my

judgment before I've actually got them

all now the the difference here is of

course I'm going to test them all

together so I'm going to get that whole

kind of aroma acidity mouthfeel flavor

aftertaste then the overall kind of

balance and any kind of special notes I

have about the coffee as I go along now

each time I'm going to be rinsing my

mouth out of the water because I think

it's only fair I do match sugar to my

coffee I do drink it black and what I'm

gonna do is just go through each pack

from the left of the rise I'm doing a

purely on size order because I think

it's as fair as any and let's see how I

go stuff the first one from kog'maw one

thing to mention about natural tea this

is the a chi or playing black point

quite a lot of the carte Noire discs and

not this dual color at the box and the

packaging first as you can see in order

comes with a really nice crumb froth so

as I was making this my machine was

quite happily fluffing away at the very

end and I've not stirred that as yet I'm

just gonna do that now because I've

added some sugar it's gonna stir it and

let me see how it holds together I also

like the spoon so that's also a good

sign of a good

thick froth and now for the taste I'm

not going to do the taste on the camera

I think it makes sense I get time to

have a think and I'll come back and I

get some quick comments so Tassimo score

the intensity of this coffee is a 3 out

of 7 and they mark that by then

bro-beans on the natural packet itself

personally I will give it my own kind of

strength rating as I go through my

scoring system but it's thread of seven

in their context

a Roman smell really nice so good six

seven or four that this iddah tea not

too much but you could feel it was a

good coffee in the mouth so good six

five mouthfeel because of the crema

I was score these are a little bit high

so a good seven the flavor and the

aftertaste so the flavor itself there

was a little bit medium eek in a week

slightly watery taste I'm afraid to say

so it wasn't as strong as I'd expected

with a nice strong rich aroma the

aftertaste was actually stronger a

little bit more bitter bitter smokey

under tomb so overall balance a little

bit thin a week I wrong to give this a

five I'd say it's liking but it's okay

certainly it's not a bad coffee but I

wouldn't necessarily say it's going to

become one of my top three coffees in

the house certainly not going to throw

these away certainly going to drink

these and you enjoy these they're

probably going to be a good good coffee

not from perhaps late evening perhaps a

better one for breakfast so I could turn

could well believe that being a kind of

lighted coffee for earlier in the day

and now the carbon walk creamer and

tinsel ooh let's zoom in again again

another nice frothy head so it's just

constructed a machine and leave a quick

look at the spoon I'm deliberately over

stirring it to give you a feeling for

side of the mug froth as well and as you

can see there plenty of froth good

thickness all of it because I've got

quite a lot of coffee to go

this one the aroma actually slightly

less so I'm giving it five comma six

acidity the same kind of six seven area

Matt feel good again because it's a

frothy of the creamer I'm going to give

us a good solid seven stronger flavour

very nice and velvety aftertaste

smooth savino bitterness at all

and smoky and definitely a bit of

summation has come through here very

easy to drink for a coffee ball I'm

going to give this overall outcome of

six so I think this is a nice coffee and

I guess if I were to give it a my kind

of common I think I'm going to say it's

a little bit reminiscent of hot and

burnt Guinness in a nice way I don't

know if you can imagine that under that

she is helpful or not but it's got a

very nice deep dark flavor I'm not

saying it's multi I'm not saying it

tastes like beer but there's something

very nice smoothie and very coffee ball

this goes on my light list I think this

is going to be a great evening coffee

the Tassimo intensity score that they

gave this is a five out of seven so they

rank this is one of their more intense

coffee flavors and it is an interesting

one so it's it is stronger it has got a

stronger flavor but it's got a nice nice

lingering aftertaste so I think that one

goes down very well recommended okay our

first Jacobs let's just zoom in again

and as you can see another froth which

I'm all in favor of I'm gonna give this

a nice aggressive stir again rookie

bringing good coffee at the sides so

it's not a huge portion not a stick on

the spoon but still good I'm still so

nuts enough that's an enjoyable factor

now I think that is having given it a

second dunk I'll say that's a good thick

froth again really pleased about this

huh so the Tassimo rating intensity as

they give it is a 3 out of 7 so it's got

three beans out of the possible so the

room is a little bit lower than the

previous two columns so I'm gonna give

that kind of five the acidity is a

little bit higher in the tongue seven

mouthfeel again good seven I almost want

to give this one seven and a half it

just has something something thick and

really kind of almost creamy party but

I'll stick at the Sun now the flavor and

the after taste really good

slightly biscuity maybe very slightly

fruity maybe but a very good

coughing really nice certainly

well-balanced and I'm gonna give isn't

that the high score

so fast I'm giving it a seven this

although it's slightly small portion

because it's only hundred and fifty mil

really nice it's a very nice luxurious

coffee and I'm writing this in quite

highly so very nice more than Jacobs one

other thing that I think is worth a note

is this one is Rainforest Alliance

certified so that's a little bit nicer

for the year for the growers and the

farmers and the deals for the for the

countries where the growing of these

beans is done so I think that get some

initiative half point thumbs up

somewhere so well done Jacobs really

nice coffee recommended okay the second

Jacobs now this one I have had before

some months ago and I know I like it

let's just zoom in and hopefully yeah my

opinions today you will remain the same

but let's let's see how it compares to

the other coffees so again let's do the

stir test let's give a good stir again a

really nice froth I'm gonna just do that

again yeah that's that's a good thick

creamer again stick it to spin quite

nicely and the side of the mug I am

rushing them up each time I do these two

Tassimo give that intensity a five out

of seven to five beans out of seven the

aroma is quite good so I'm giving out of

five five-and-a-half aroma acidity seven

good nice feel and taste in the mouth

the feel of them in the mouth the forth

doesn't quite last as long as some of

the earlier ones so I don't have to give

this a little bit lower than my normal

seven give it six north but the froth is

certainly there it didn't get me wrong

the flavor and the aftertaste it's a

good hearty strong taste it's smooth and

not bitter so I think it's a really nice

coffee again give it a good overall

balance now I've got to give it you know

I was gonna give this another seven but

I'll be honest I can't quite score the

same as this because I really did enjoy

that so I've got to give this a 6 and a

half which is still a good coffee really

good recommendation I got this is the

Jacobs monarch and the first one that

hasn't got any head at all so it's

pretty fresh as you can see well steam

and the moisture on the cloth I'm gonna

give it a stir just

so that you can see there's really no

froth accretion going on there and on to

the taste test okay for me this is a not

the top marking Jacobs coffee they give

it an intensity measure of three out of

seven personally I think the aroma is a

little bit lacking it's five more

acidity in the mouth so we give that an

eight and the feeling overall though is

just you know it's got no profit all

there's no real texture to it it's warm

coffee in the day so for flavor and


very slightly fruiting it's got a bit of

smokiness to it which is I think the

first one of the Jacobs this has a kind

of smoky taste aftertaste emotionally

but a slightly metallic undertone so

that's not uncommon in coffee but I

think this one it doesn't quite work so

there's a there's a very subtle

smokiness slight metallic tastes like

fruit eaters trying to be a little bit

of a bit of everything so balance is

okay there's certainly no over bearings

particular taste coming out of this but

overall I can only give this five out of


it's just really not my cup of tea pun

intended okay back to cotton off we are

getting size-wise into kind of double

espresso kind of territory now okay

let's zoom in and give us a stir this

here there's a nice frothy headless you

sieve it lingers even if the come off

side a little bit more than some of the

others but no that's good good fourth in

the spoon there that was really quite

nice and different so aroma nothing

overbearing I'm gonna give that a 5 bit

more acidity in the mouth so going into

the canal 89 area mouthfeel good froth

not as thick as some so 6-7 flavor and

aftertaste now this this really did have

a kind of different fruity but woody

earthy lomi kind of taste really quite


maybe mildly smoky slightly salty all in

all very good

phlex tastes us rather noise so overall

that's an accent that's a good coffee

I'm gonna give it a good 6 knife going

close to 7 again really quite enjoyed

that I think that would be nice to drink

on its own I don't think you necessarily

need that after a lunch or with food I

think that's a really nice stand alone

has quite distinctive and different

flavours so yeah that gets a

recommendation I think that's going to

be a regular as well so that's so that's

really quite different recommend that


when the final coffee now let's zoom in

glad to say it's got a hidden or froth

again let's just get the spoon in for a

stir again I'm going for a kind of crazy

stir just really want to show you the

froth and there it is on the spoon let's

do that once more for a little bit of

thin a little bit and maybe bless that's

a good cream another good coffee

okay so aroma again a little bit locking

Sonia five there acidity in the mouth

and eight slightly less and the previous

one feel in the mouth six seven because

again the froth just just not as thick

as some of them can be and the flavor

and aftertaste so this one's definitely

very very smooth there's no bitterness

at all

you've lost the kind of smokiness you've

got the fruitiness it's it's a really


good complex coffee taste with no real

remarkable negatives or strengths a

partner for these extremely smooth so

it's a good coffee coffee no bitterness

they rate it as a four to seven coffee

bean strength which is the same as the

previous one so both of these karna

voila petruchio I can't say that volley

petruchio are--some at all

I've already murdered quite a lot of

pronunciation in this video so do

apologize but again on balance it's good

overall I'm gonna give it six and a half

I'm certainly not going to give it the

highest accolade because I think

previous coffee had all those kind of

differences that were quite novel and

although this Kenya blend is very good

it's it's not remarkable enough for me

to give any higher score but a very good


okay several coffees later and obviously

my views are only my own and there's

nothing professional about my tastes or

my explanations of the tastes and aromas

I've got a particular

tastebuds and I've never done

professional tasting so they are just my

views so apologies if they don't fit in

with your own hopefully though what this

has done is given you a feeling that the

Tassimo internet exclusive offers are

worth trying so certainly worth

subscribing just to get the monthly

email and if there's a good bargain or

an offer comes up I'd certainly give it

a go both the Jacobs and the carte Noire

range really are quite nice and although

they're not developing the shops here in

the UK certainly there they're certainly

now on my list so these two at the back

oh my top rated based on my sports so

they both get a 7 out of 10 in my books

these are good sixes and suddenly these

three whenever there's an offer on I'm

gonna be buying these even though

they're slightly smaller quantities I

think some special offers and the fact

that these are a little bit cheaper

anyway I think that gets to be

worthwhile even though I'll be honest

that Columbia I'm gonna probably be

tempted to have two in a cup it was very

tasty but certainly that something to

keep an eye on regarding family the two

on the right however just not for me

finest coffees go but there's something

lacking in the kind of taste area that I

I expect all I want in a coffee

ephram's coffee tastes are different I'm

a bit of kosta fan or a bit of a cafe

creme fan and I also like the kind of

fruitiness of the Colombian that's

already available the shops so three

that I've been having all the time

perhaps give you a feeling and an

impression of the kind of coffees that I

already go for and hopefully that this

gives are a reasonable balanced view and

gives you a bit of confidence to try

some of these coppers now especially

since the mixture sets that they do they

do kind of coffee bundles etc sometimes

throughout the year so concern you

recommend giving those ago I hope you

found this video useful

who else'd purchasing decisions please

feel free to like subscribe and comment