Tap water might be better than bottled water

turns out that tap water is a better

choice than bottled water because tap

water is actually regulated by

government officials the fact is that

somebody is regulating drinking water

I've been in water treatment plants

watched government officials monitoring

this water every single day bottled

water is often just tap water packaged

they don't put it through any other

kinds of tests if you can drink water

free out of the tap or you can put it in

a bottle and pay ninety nine cents for a


the problem with bottled water is you're

not only getting the tap water you're

also getting the plastic in the bottle

which is then of course leaching into

the bottle you're getting that into your

system when I was growing up nobody had

plastic water bottles now everybody has

plastic water bottle the problem with

these plastic water bottles is they are

all made out of a chemical called

phthalates which are known hormone

disruptors they mess around with your

endocrine system so in other words you

can test your body before you drink a

bottle of water and after you drink a

bottle of water and you can actually

find quantifiable amounts of this

plastic in your body it's not like I'm

drinking a pint of water is going to be

a problem but if you're drinking bottled

water day after day after day after day

you're going to actually see your

so-called body burden start to rise now

you combine that with that you know this

several dozen personal care products

it's used in a given day that could be

lipstick it could be shampoo it could be

mascara it could be nail polish remover

all these things start to basically

build up and accumulate your body is

absorbing all of them very few of them

have ever been tested individually for

their effects on personal health but one

thing we're really certain about is

they've never been tested in combination

with each other

buying filters is a great idea filters

can always take out certain kinds of

things but as you know that the market

has got lots of different kinds of

filters some are very basic cheap

charcoal filters it'll take some of the

odor out for example and they didn't get

all these reverse osmosis filters that

are very very expensive but the truth is

you're never going to be able to get

everything out because if we could they

would be taking that out at these

municipal water treatment plants you

can't undo the problem once the problem

is already out it's kind of like closing

the door after the horses left the barn

why is it that Manhattan has some of the

cleanest drinking water in the United

States it's because where the water

comes from up in the Catskills and the

Croton reservoir these are areas that

are mass

we forced what we want to do is be able

to protect the source of our water which

is to say the forests that protect all

the water that we drink