Top 10 Tank Mates For Bettas

I remember when I got my first beta like

20 years ago the people that the pet

store were like hey these are Siamese

fighting fish they'll kill anything you

put in the tank with them I was always

scared to put anything in the tank with

betas so they would always stay in there

by themselves and it was a little boring

the truth is you can put other fish with

betas but not just any old fish will

work though so we've put a list together

of our favorite tank mates for betas to

help you decide for yourself what to get

let's be honest what fish doesn't go

well with Cardinal tetras as long as

it's a fish that's not large enough to

fit the cardinal in its mouth they can

pretty much go with anything this is an

absolutely gorgeous little fish with the

striking red and blue with the neon

sharp going all the way down there

perfect take mates for betas cuz they

won't do anything to hurt the beta or

even pick it its fins it's also common

to see Cardinals with betas because

you'll usually find them in smaller

tanks and Cardinals are teeny-tiny and

can fit in almost any tank Cardinal

tetras are schooling fish though just

like a lot of the fish you're gonna see

on this list so don't just get one keep

them in a group of 5 to 6 to keep them

super happy


I've said it on this channel many times

Harlequin raspberries are one of my

all-time favorite fish they have a super

cold t-bone shaped mark on their side

which makes them really easy to identify

plus they get along with pretty much


they're super Hardy and they get along

perfectly with betas we currently have

Harlequin razz borås in three different

tanks and in all three they're in there

with betas they're just a perfect match

this is another schooling fish that

doesn't get huge but you'll want to have

them in at least a 20 gallon tank we've

got to make sure we say the name right

when we're doing these videos because

when we're off camera Lisa and I both

call these fish Harley Quinn's


corridors are another small member of

the catfish family they're super cool

and they won't bother anyone and they

won't bother your betta either these are

for the most part super active little

fish that'll do a great job scavenging

around looking for food which means yes

they're another fish that'll help keep

things tidy which is always nice some

quarters like to be in small groups

though so make sure you do your research

on them before you go and pick them up

it's always cool to watch them interact

as a school too

they'll be all over the bottom of the

tank and doing it in a little group it's

cool to see Cory's are kind of like

snails though some of them get bigger

than others if you've got a smaller tank

like a 10 gallon go with panda Cory's

but you wouldn't want to put pepper

Cory's in a 10 gallon cuz they can get

almost 4 inches in size you see what I'm

saying just check in to him before you

buy them but the important thing that

has to do with this list is their great

tank mates for betas


we all know most of the betta tanks

you're gonna see out there are gonna be

small sometimes really small like five

gallons one of the most common questions

is what can I put in my five gallon tank

to help with algae control and help keep

the tank clean well you obviously can't

put larger plecos and stuff like that in


so what do you do well this is where

snails come in if you've never kept

snails you might be thinking well snails

are a little boring all right I'll give

it to you that they aren't gonna provide

a ton of action and movement in the tank

but they're anything but boring or maybe

it's just me snails come in a ton of

different varieties some of them are

really unique and even though they don't

move very fast they'll still provide

something visually interesting in every

tank if you're looking to put a snail or

two in a smaller tank like a five gallon

look for the snails that are gonna stay

smaller like the ram's heads or the

narrate snails if you've got your betta

in a larger tank and want some bigger

snails look for the mystery snails or

assassin snails be careful though

because assassin snails will eat smaller

snails like narrates

this is a good thing if you're getting

overrun with them but if you have a

couple mare rights and you introduce an

assassin don't be surprised if they



neon tetras are very similar to Cardinal

tetras I know we've already talked about

them but these are a staple fish in the

hobby and we had to include them on this

list this is another super tiny

schooling fish that won't take up any

room won't create a huge by a load on

the tank and won't bother your betta

this is another great fish for the betta

keeper that wants to add some movement

in their tank but they only have like a

5 gallon so they don't have a ton of

options you can easily throw five to six

neons in a five gallon tank with your

betta and they'll be perfectly fine

the cool thing we've seen in our tanks

is that sometimes the beta's will pal

around and school with the neons it's

neat I know it might sound kind of weird

but I think it makes the betta really

happy like they're hanging out with

their friends you can find neon tetras

anywhere and sometimes you'll even find

them for like a dollar apiece so if

you've got a medium sized tank grab a

dozen or so of these little guys and

watch them fly around all over the place

they're just awesome little fish


bristlenose plecos are a fish we talk

about quite a bit on this channel

they're super cool alien-looking fish

that will patrol all over your tank

looking for something to suck on I

didn't mean for that to sound weird

seriously these are really cool little

catfish that have never been known to

bother any other fish they'll help to

keep things tidy around your tank and

it'll be no problem for your betta the

biggest thing I like to mention when it

comes to plecos is these are not fish

that are gonna keep your tank clean to a

point where you don't need to do any

maintenance yes they'll pick up little

things and some of them will help with

algae control but they're not going to

prevent you from needing to do your

routine maintenance don't be lazy


otters are everyone's dream fish wait a

minute they're little catfish so how can

they be a dream fish well I'll tell you

everyone's looking for a fish that can

go in smaller tanks that won't hurt the

other fish in the tank they stay small

and help clean algae

well that just described Otto's see I

told you everyone's dream fish otters

are great little algae eating fish that

do really well and groups and in tanks

10 gallons and larger they'll help clean

algae off your decorations plants and

even the glass and they'll do a really

good job too the only warning I'll give

you about them is if you buy five or six

of them and put them in a 20 gallon tank

with your betta

and maybe some neons or Harlequins

they'll clean up the algae really quick

people automatically think if their tank

is clean it's great the others are doing

their job but it could be that they

cleaned it all and ran out now they're

starving we sold autos when we had our

store and we'd have people come in and

say we put them in our tank they did a

great job and then they just started

dying in a nice way if we'd say well did

you feed them and they'd be like

now they eat the algae and I'd say yeah

you said the algae is all gone so what

are they eating now and they'd be like

point is feed your autos give them some

algae wafers and they'll keep your betta

tank nice and tidy cooler loaches are

one of the most fascinating little worm

fish that you'll ever see in this hobby

they stay pretty small they're non

aggressive and well they look like

little worms

what more really needs to be said this

is a super easy fish to keep but there

is a downside and that is that you're

gonna put them in your tank and they're

gonna disappear

I'm serious they'll be gone and you'll

be like hey we had one in an angel tank

years ago and I totally forgot about it

I literally hadn't seen it in years then

we were moving into this house and

taking the tanks down I drained that

tank all the way down and when I went to

take it off the rack

I saw something dark across the bottom I

was like what the hell got into my tank

it was that loach I have no idea

where he was all that time but anyway

these are awesome little fish that you

can find anywhere just remember they're

very shy and skittish so you won't see

them all that much but by a group of

them and you might have a better chance

you'll have a bunch of really cool

little worms swimming around your tank

and they won't bother your betta

let's see your brand-new fish keeper and

you're getting used to this whole thing

and how it all works you're still

learning the ropes and you're nervous

about adding more fish well I've got the

perfect fish for you go get you some

Pilates or mollies they're super cute

they don't get huge and the best part is

they're super Hardy so they'll be great

while you're still learning all of this

they'll also be great tank mates to your

betta I won't even try to mess with them

platies and Molly's don't care about

being in a school either so you can just

buy one or two and they'll be perfectly

happy the only thing I would caution you

on with these fish is their life bears

and they're constantly popping out new

babies if your tank is small I'd make

sure to get only females or males that

way you don't have all those babies

platies and mollies are available in

tons of different colors and patterns

they're easy to find and super cheap so

if you're a brand new fish keeper or

even experience and you want to give

your betta some company grab a few and

put them in there with him they'll all

get along just fine


ah yes rummy knows Tetris the gift to

fish keepers everywhere

I love rummy knows I always have and I

always will in my opinion they're the

coolest schooling fish in the entire

hobby and I can assure you you'll never

come to my fish room and not see a

school of rummy nose in at least one

tank this is an awesome tetra that

doesn't get huge and won't bother any

other fish in your tank in fact if you

put a school of them in your tank

they'll just run around together all day

and never bother a soul they have the

most striking red heads and a gorgeous

black and white tail that both stand out

from across the room I love these fish

so much and I love them with betas again

the rummy nose will just do their thing

leave everybody alone I seriously think

we should do a whole video just about

rummy nose the only problem is the list

would be number 10 they're awesome

number 9 they're super cool number 8 I

love them number 7 they're the best

number 6 they're my favorite