Doctor Explains: Do Male enhancement pills WORK?! | Erectile Dysfunction

hey guys veena malik urologist and pelvic surgeon here did you know that

52% of men between the ages of 40 to 70 experienced erectile dysfunction and

what that means is that they are unable to have penetrated intercourse every

time they want to so no wonder there are a number of sexual enhancement pills

available on the market or sex pills for men to try do these actually work what's

in them and should you try we're gonna delve deep into that and if you like

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thumbs up as a disclaimer I do not recommend any of these supplements but I

do know that there are people out there who are using them and I want you to

know what you're putting in your body also I think it's extremely important to

see a physician to get a diagnosis and be evaluated for your erectile

dysfunction it can be a sign of other really serious problems like heart

disease or problems with your blood vessels it can also help us find other

problems like low testosterone so it's important to do that and also we can

prescribe you medication that is FDA regulated for erectile function and

there is no such thing as a medication or supplement without side effects so I

know people think that these supplements are all-natural and they are but we

don't know what goes into them and they all also have side effects so that's not

a reason to forego seeing a physician so I see a lot of guys who come into my

office who've tried some sort of gas station pill some Rhino pill something

over-the-counter for their rectal dysfunction before they finally come see

me so before you try anything over the counter get on the FDA website they have

an entire list of medications that are on the naughty list are on the warning

list because they have undeclared ingredients or they have ingredients

that aren't supposed to be taken under the supervision of a physician like the

medications that we prescribed for erectile dysfunction so please avoid

those medications they are not safe the biggest issue with all of these

supplements is they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration so

there is no body of govern looking at what ingredients they're

putting on the label and comparing it to what's actually in the tablet that

you're taking so while the ingredients themselves that I'm gonna go over today

may be safe for you it may not be actually what's in the tablet itself so

you have to be very very careful also some of these are quite costly I know

back in the day that the cost of medications like sildenafil or Cabella

fell which are commonly known as viagra or the blue pill were more expensive and

so it was cost prohibitive to get those medications but now they are available

in generic form so if you see a physician you can get a generic

prescription for these medications and very often there are coupon programs or

compounding pharmacies that can give you even better discounts so it shouldn't be

cost prohibitive to get medications to help with your erections the first

medication we're going to discuss is called libido max and right on the cover

of this medication it says it as dr. developed male enhancement pills but I

went on the website and I couldn't find any information about a physician that

actually claims to have developed this medication so I'm not sure if that claim

is actually true also on the website I'm gonna read it directly from the website

it says this product contains a chemical known in the state of California to

cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm so I would

immediately say please don't take this medication because there is a chance

that there are some medication that's been linked to cancer somewhere the

first active ingredient in this medication is l-arginine you're gonna

see this in a lot of the medications review and this is actually a precursor

for what's called nitric oxide and nitric oxide is a key component of the

ability for someone to obtain an erection so what happens is when you

have nitric oxide it allows the blood vessels to open up so that blood can

actually flow into the penis and cause tumescence or erection and so without

nitric oxide you can't have an erection so in theory this sounds like yes

l-arginine is an important part and could potentially improve erections they

have done Studies on this specific component they found that the data is

mixed probably a dose of five milligrams of l-arginine a day may be helpful but

it's most likely helpful in people who

already have some vessel disease so that it helps open up those vessels so

patients who have cardiovascular disease or other blood vessel diseases this may

be good for them there's also a number of side effects that actually none of

these pills seem to describe any side effects but when you look at the

individual ingredients they are listed as having some side effects including

cramping nausea abdominal pain or bloating and so you might get some

abdominal discomfort or belly discomfort when you take this medication you also

want to be careful taking this in if you have a history of asthma so asthma or a

reactive airway disease can actually be worsened by taking anything with

l-arginine in it also if you have low blood pressure liver disease or any

genetic conditions this can be concerning and so you want to avoid

these medications if you have any of those problems

the next active ingredient in this medication is horny goat weed you may

sometimes seem to see this ingredient labeled horny goat weed or you may

sometimes see it labeled with the first word being at the medium what this is is

an herb that has an active ingredient called urine and this active ingredient

helps to increase nitric oxide synthesis so that you have more nitric oxide

available to then obtain an erection there have been no randomized controlled

trials meaning that they haven't tested this particular herb extract with other

sugar pills or placebo pills to see if there's really truly a benefit so we

don't really know if this is effective but in theory that's how it works so

horny goat weed has low bioavailability poor absorption and a short half-life

and what does that mean well that means that when you take this medication or

this particular ingredient it doesn't stick around very long in the

bloodstream it doesn't really get absorbed into the bloodstream so that

it's useful and in that case it's probably not very effective there's also

some concern that over long periods of time you could get some dizziness with

taking it some vomiting dry mouth and in really severe circumstance if you're

taking a large quantity of it it can cause muscle spasms or difficulty

breathing so you do have to be careful with all these medications I keep saying

medications but what I really mean is supplements because these are not

medications they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration again

you want to be careful taking anything with horny goat weed in it if you have

low blood pressure if you're taking blood thinning medications or if you

have any clotting disorder the next active ingredient in this particular

supplement is yohimbe and yohimbe is extracted from the bark of an african

tree and it actually works in two ways it has a central effect meaning it works

on the brain and it blocks the receptors that decrease sexual arousal it also

works to increase nitric oxide this has been studied but it only enrolled a

small number of patients so it wasn't powered or it wasn't large enough to

detect a true difference between taking yohimbe versus taking just a regular

sugar pill so we don't know if it's completely effective if you're taking

any supplement with yohimbe in it you need to be careful if you have any sort

of psychologic to sword err if you have I already have anxiety if you are having

any prostate problems if you have diabetes or heart problems these sorts

of things can make it dangerous for you to take this sort of ingredient in a

supplement the next supplement that we're going to review is called the male

extra and this has two particular active ingredients the first one is pomegranate

and so does pomegranate actually improve erections so there was a study done

looking at men drinking pomegranate juice daily for four weeks compared to

people who didn't drink pomegranate juice because the thought is that

pomegranate is an antioxidant and this antioxidant can improve the

bioavailability which means that your body can see more nitric oxide when you

need to have an erection but in this study they didn't really find any

difference in a reptile function after drinking pomegranate juice daily for

four weeks so I don't think it really works also if you're taking anything

with pomegranate in it you need to be careful if you have certain medications

that are processed by the liver or if you have high blood pressure because it

can counteract with a lot of blood pressure medication the next ingredient

something we already covered in that l-arginine so mail extra I don't think

you're all that the next supplement we're gonna look at

is verectin and verectin has a disclaimer on its website which says

exactly the FDA has not evaluated any statements that are made by the company

and the supplement product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or

prevent any disease so again I think use this with caution because they're trying

to protect themselves obviously from any sort of liability but again these

supplements are not regular by the FDA so far I'm not really that impressed

by any of them although the ingredients you know may show some promise in some

studies nothing is a homerun and nothing is conclusive so let's see what this one

has this one has l-arginine which we already talked about as well as horny

goat weed which we talked about as well and it has another thing called maca

maca is a peruvian root vegetable that's

similar to a radish and this has been thought to increase sexual desire and

there is one study on maca where they gave it to 57 men and compared it to

placebo or taking some sugar pill and they found

that it was somewhat effective again small study and may be useful but we're

not really sure and so the nice part about maca is there's really not a lot

of side effects or contraindications at least that have been reported with this

particular ingredient the most common ones are usually mild and they're kind

of some moodiness some abdominal cramps and occasionally insomnia but again

there wasn't a whole long litany of things to look out for the next

ingredient is ginkgo biloba and ginkgo biloba is extracted from the leaves of

the ginkgo tree which is a Chinese tree and gingko biloba has been used for

years in ancient Chinese medicine and what they presume the mechanism of

action is that also increases the bioavailability of nitric oxide but

there was a study done a randomized study where they used gingko biloba and

compared it to placebo and they found that there was really no statistically

significant difference in erectile function so I don't think this really

work that well also there's a lot of reported

side effects of ginkgo biloba specifically a lot of anxiety a risk of

spontaneous bleeding and it really can contraindicate with a lot of other

medications that impact the central nervous system so medications for

psychological disorders anxiety and if it's taken with certain things like st.

John's wort or melatonin it can cause what's called hypomanic symptoms so

where you're potentially in a detrimental fashion really to awake and

energetic and doing things they're out of character for you so you have to take

this carefully next one is max performer and max performer has the same exact

statement on its website is directing which is which is exactly that the FDA

hasn't reviewed or condones any of the statements and this is not intended to

cure prevent or diagnose any sort of disease so again it's done for liability

but it points out that the FDA is not regulating this so this supplement has

three main active ingredients so it includes maca root powder which we

talked about it also includes horny goat weed and lastly it includes Korean red

ginseng or panax ginseng and this is also thought to increase the production

of nitric oxide and interestingly it's been studied pretty reasonably well and

they only looked at a small number of patients and in all these studies they

really focused on healthy men with erectile dysfunction so this may not

apply to people who have other comorbidities and in this study they

looked at 90 men and they found that it was 60% effective so of those who was

effective for they had an increase in penile rigidity girth the duration of

their erection and libido and overall satisfaction so could it be effective

potentially it's been studied but there are some really significant side effects

here the number one and most common side effect is insomnia and have to be really

careful when taking this with any sort of stimulus so caffeine sudafed things

like that because it can actually speed up your heart rate pretty quickly you

also have to be careful when you're taking it if you have any sort of

immunosuppressive condition so if you have lupus transplant

if you have diabetes this can be contraindicated in people with those

conditions as well the next supplement is advice and we've

already discussed all the main active ingredients in this particular

supplement and they include at the medium or horny goat weed ankle biloba

pomegranate and ginseng root extract and the last supplement we're gonna discuss

is vague rx interestingly this particular supplement has undergone an

actual clinical trial and so there is a one paper which goes over this exact

formulation and tries it against men who are taking a placebo medication so what

they did this particular trial was funded by an Indian pharmaceutical

company called Vedic life sciences and they took 76 men and they randomized

them to take either two tablets of veigar X or take a placebo and what they

found was they found improvement in five distinct domains

these included erectile function orgasmic function sexual desire

intercourse satisfaction and overall satisfaction so they the nice part about

this particular medication or supplement is that it's been studied in a

systematic way and published in the biomedical literature furthermore this

particular supplement is endorsed by a physician who I could actually find in

Google his name is dr. Steven Lam and he is the director of the men's health

clinic at New York University School of Medicine so I think that there is some

validity to this supplement it's been studied in this exact formulation and

it's being sold presumably in the exact formulation that it was studied and so

if you're gonna try one this may be a reasonable one they also didn't find any

really significant side effects in this study but again they only looked at

normal healthy men so you do need to talk to your doctor if you have other

comorbidities or other medical problems so they can see if this is safe for you

to take but what I do think is important is that men's health and the ability to

have normal erections is super important and seeing your doctor is can be very

helpful so please don't delay if you're nervous are concerned this is something

we do day in and day out and we're happy to help

you so please go see a doctor if you have a reptile dysfunction and we can

help you if you've taken one of these pills please comment below because I'm

curious to know what your experience was always remember to take care of yourself

because you're worth it