Building the ULTIMATE streaming TV bundle on ANY budget | Cord Cutting Guide

there are a ton of streaming options out

there definitely no shortage you could


hundreds of dollars on tv that you'll

never watch

just like you used to before you cut the

cord okay but

now the other question on the other side

would be if you could only choose

one streaming service what would it be recently did a

survey that found that 47

of people would choose netflix not that


and if you're going to do a bundle of

streaming services yeah that's pretty

much going to make it into every single


most of the time anyway but you don't

have to just choose one

probably i mean maybe your budget is

such that you do have to choose just one

but today we're going to talk about

three other types of bundles

the pretty tight budget the regular

mid-tier budget

and then the ultimate streaming budget

each tier will have different choices

based on

my preferences and i invite you to hit

the comments with yours

when you get to the end of this video

alright so let's dive in


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all right now this video is meant to be

a conversation starter not the end of

one so

yes while my opinions are always correct

i still invite you to hit the comments

below with your opinions

and tell me how you would construct the

ultimate streaming bundle

now for the rules of the road here we're

going for middle of the road packages

wherever that makes sense like netflix

they have three different tiers we're

going to go for the middle tier

package and we're also going to be

ignoring specialty packages like fubo's

football quarterly we're not going to be

going into specialty stuff like that

we're also going to ignore free trials

and special deals there's always

something you know you can get this

streaming service free with t-mobile

unlimited plans or whatever

so we're going to be ignoring those and

just dealing with the prices

as they appear to most of us who are

signing up for

these services all right so first

let's establish before we get to the

bundles let's establish where we're at

price wise with the biggest

streaming services out there on the

on-demand side that's where we're

starting first and i'll tell you why in

a little while

we've got netflix like i said three

tiers nine thirteen and sixteen dollars

so we're gonna mostly deal with that

thirteen dollar tier that's hd video you

get two simultaneous streams on that

with hulu you could pay six dollars a

month or twelve dollars a month

depending on whether you want to watch


prime video is a weird case you can sign

up for prime video for 13 bucks a month

or 119 per year whichever way you prefer

to sign up for amazon prime

but the thing is many of us or most of

us get

prime for the shipping not for the video

we just enjoy the video perk

on top of that so i'm not quite sure how

to deal with amazon prime in a video

like this so we're just gonna

move right past that we've got disney

plus at seven dollars a month or

seventy dollars per year cbs all access

operates a little bit like hulu in that

there are two tiers depending on whether

you want to

watch commercials six bucks or ten bucks

a month there

then apple tv plus for five bucks a

month quibby

for five or eight dollars a month again

depending on your commercials


and then hbo max this one is not even

out yet it's coming up on may 27th

at which point we will be taking a

closer look at it

so make sure you are subscribed to this

channel so that you are there when that

review comes out but

it'll be 15 bucks a month and we already

know a lot about what to expect with it

and finally we've got peacock

it technically came out on april 15th

for a lot of comcast customers

it'll come out on july 15th for everyone

else it's got a few different tiers

again depending on your commercial

preferences and whether you're a comcast

customer already

and on this one you know similar to the

hbo max one we will have

a review later somebody asked for one

now but the thing is i switched i'm no

longer a comcast customer so

i don't have access to it yet but i'll

get access and i'll let you know my


okay all that being said now let's talk


how to construct these bundles the

ultimate bundles here's one that i think

would be really

popular for a tight budget okay so this

is where we're gonna start

30 bucks a month or less for streaming

first of all netflix at 13 bucks a month

like i said that middle of the road tier

and then we've got the bundle within the


hulu and disney plus and espn plus they

all come in

at 14 bucks and that gives you a total

of 27

a month for streaming content and that's

a ton of streaming content between


hulu disney plus and espn plus you've

got a lot to watch

for 27 bucks a month not bad at all or

honestly if it's my personal choice that

was kind of what i think would be really


my personal choice would be netflix for

13 bucks and

hbo max for 15 bucks like i said we

haven't really had a chance to see it

yet but we know a lot about it

so for 28 bucks a month you get netflix

with its

huge original library and licensed

content library and then you get hbo max

they've got all the warner content

all the hbo content that's where friends

is gonna go live

i love that show i'm sorry no i'm not

sorry can i just

stop you right there for a second when

people do this i don't really know what

that means

anyway so that's my personal pick for a

pretty tight budget

all right now let's talk about the

mid-tier budget we're talking 50 bucks a

month or less

for streaming tv here's how i would

construct this bundle again let me know

how you would do it

but netflix for 13 bucks a month and

then the hulu

disney plus espn plus combo for

14 a month and then hbo max

for 15 and then we've got a little bit

more room left

and i'm gonna slip in there apple tv


apple tv plus has a lot of really great

premium content that's geared towards

somebody with viewing habits like my own

so while you might think i'm crazy

i'm gonna put apple tv plus in there

that puts us at 47 bucks a month i think

if i did my math right i don't know

somebody will check me later and then

put it on screen

so that is my kind of mid-tier budget 50

bucks a month or less you can get a

ton of on-demand content now let's move

on to the

ultimate budget we're talking 85 a month

or less

for streaming tv and this is where i can

finally answer a question that i know

some of you have been asking

what about live tv alright so

similar to what we did with the on

demand uh streaming content we're gonna

have to do that with the live

players here so we've got fubo tv which

i already mentioned

they come in at a whopping 60 bucks a


to start or 80 a month if you want to

get their upper tier service

then we've got philo now this is one

that you could mention

in those lower tiers because they come

in at just

20 bucks a month the reason that they're

able to stay so cheap though

is because they've got very little

sports if any and they have minimal news

channels and so those are going to be

your expensive

channels so they're able to keep it

pretty small pretty tight budget wise

because of that

we've got sling tv which is more robust

but if you want to sign up for either

orange or blue it's 30 bucks a month if

you want to get both it's 45

and it just goes up from here youtube tv

50 bucks a month

hulu live for 55 or 61

a month if you want to get rid of the

commercials on your on demand content

and then there's at t tv i guess i

should mention it

it starts at 50 bucks a month or 55 or

65 or 70 depending on your tier

but that's just for the first year of

your two-year contract

contract anyway and then it jumps up to

93 bucks a month all the way up to 135

and you know what

forget i said anything let's just not

worry about at t

tv okay so let's go back to this number

that i came up with

85 a month for the ultimate streaming


why did i come up with 85 because the

most popular live tv streaming service

out there right now is hulu live

seriously it actually overtook sling tv

a few months ago

and if you listen very closely you'll

hear the sound of craig being right

again i

just don't think there's any stopping

hulu live from dominating the live tv

cord cutting arena for the foreseeable

future i

i know i know i'm kind of a jerk but uh

i am always right

so anyway hulu live starts at 55 bucks a

month so

if you want a good live tv option you

take hulu live

and then you tack on your 30 tight

budget option from before or

some variation of it so for my

85 a month i would take hulu live

which by the way gets me hulu and i

would put netflix on there for 13 bucks

and hbo max

at 15. this puts me at 83

a month for a ton of tv more than i

could ever actually consume

but what's your magic number i want to

hear about yours so what's the bundle

you would go for

what price would you go for uh hit those

comments and let me know on your way

down there give this video a like if it

was enjoyable

and subscribe so we can keep you up to

date on hbo max and peacock and

everything else that happens in the

streaming world

thanks for watching today everybody i

will see you next time