The BEST video streaming services (top 5 fully ranked)

how are we ranked apff I've video

streaming services we're looking at

basic plans without any big add-ons so

we won't be looking at Amazon Prime with

HBO and other channels added on no

bundles either that would be weird weird

I say at number 5 is Amazon Prime video

if you're paying for Amazon Prime 2-day

shipping already prime video is a fine

little service at $9 per month on its

own it's so-so

there are some high quality Amazon

originals marvelous misses Mazal

delivers great fast-paced comedy with an

outstanding cast

there's also fleabag which racked up a

bunch of Emmys including Outstanding

Comedy Series and Outstanding Lead

Actress in a comedy series

I also recommend forever with Fred

Armisen and Maya Rudolph it's really fun

it's movie library is okay and has some

high-profile films that hit theaters

like the big sick

Amazon Prime also offers Thursday Night

Football and will be live streaming New

York Yankees games according to a report

that's not too shabby

I mean number four is Hulu it's six

bucks for the basic version 12 for the

version without ads when it comes to

getting Li the latest from broadcast

networks like NBC ABC and Fox Hulu is

the place to go it's like paying a

service to DVR almost everything on TV

at once

apart from TV Hulu has quite the library

of movies it's not just a bunch of lousy

flicks just there to pad a catalog at

the time of this recording who has

titles like Creek to Mission Impossible

fallout a quiet place and sorry to

bother you there is one bit of warning

with Hulu as far as I'm concerned the

Hulu app on Apple TV and Roku are just

not great let's leave it at that and

number three is HBO now it's a bit

pricey at $15 per month but you're

paying for quality here first up are the

current HBO television shows like

succession berry watchman and Curb Your


then there's the older titles like Game

of Thrones deep and Six Feet Under

a dish

as this is HBO it gets big-name movies

pretty quickly right now it has us and

Shazam more importantly to picking up

Pokemon detective Pikachu by the end of

the year

see big-name Pikachu on top of that you

get comedy specials documentaries and a

Sesame Street

we will definitely revisit this topic

when HBO max comes out because that's to

change everything

number two is a new guy it's a Disney

plus if you're a Marvel fan a Pixar fan

Star Wars fans or a general Disney fan

Disney Plus is a no brainer it's cheap

it's got a great catalog and the app is

okay what more could you want

maybe a bigger selection you say wait

there's more to Disney it bought Fox

what about all the Fox stuff I'd say

you're right but Disney Plus has its

limits the service will not have any

rated our content that means you'll

never see alien diehard or Logan on

Disney Plus so while Disney Plus has an

impressive catalog it will be limited to

pg-13 adventures now that's a nitpick

for a brand new service Disney Plus is

off to an incredibly strong start also

baby Yoda and at number one is the big


CBS all access are you looking for a new

Star Trek CBS all access old Star Trek

CBS all access

yes see net is owned by CBS and no it's

not really number one crazy number one

is Netflix built up over years on

third-party content Netflix has created

a huge library of originals basically

Netflix has diversified and very well it

pretty much has something for everyone

kid shows sure how about dragons troll

hunters or Voltron you want comedy

Netflix has tons of comedy specials from

top comedians like Ali Wong Mike

Birbiglia and John Mulaney what a

nostalgic sci-fi horror show stranger

things want something like goosebumps

how about creeped out how about some

crime shows try out mind hunter or

narcos want to mess up your brain how

about black mirror or even worse fuller

house original films are a little iffy

but it just added probably its biggest

movie the irishman huge stars huge

director and lots of accolades I don't

know how often Netflix will release a

movie of this caliber

but it exists and it's on Netflix if you

want to know more about Disney Plus

check this out the whole streaming

landscape is changing this list could be

very different to next year who knows

maybe NBC Universal speak hock is the


Amaya Zack Carla see you online