ULTIMATE Streaming Tier List: 100+ Services fully ranked

there are over a hundred streaming

services available here in the US and

I'm gonna rank all of them in into your

list a hundred you heard that right

one hundred one zero zero a Benjamin

some of them are free some of them are

paid all of them wants your eyeballs

like some Witch of the woods hoping for

the final ingredient in her eternal

youth potion Wow

quarantine is really making my

imagination going to overdrive anyway I

thought it would be fun to make a tier

list of all 100 or so streaming services

so holy that's a lot of logos let's get

to work

first things first here are the rules

each service will be given 0 to 10

points in 5 different categories price

originals back-catalogue variety and

accessibility as a side note I decided

to score originals only by quantity not

by quality because really one man's

Tiger King is another man who love is

blind and if you don't know which one's

the bad one in that sentence well point


Harald Baskin once the scores are

calculated each service will be placed

into its appropriate tier one to ten

points is ft r 11 to 20 and e 21 to 30 a

d 31 to 35 a C 36 to 40 a B 41 to 45 an

A and 46 to 50 reaches the coveted s

tier insert angel be secure that's a lot

of numbers to throw at you so here's an

example YouTube TV earns a 1 on price

because it's $50 a month

ouch then you get access to YouTube

originals which let's give that 5 on top

of that you have a large back catalog of

on-demand content because of the TV

aspect of it so we can give that an 8

and it'll of course earn tens for both

variety which YouTube TV has a lot of

and accessibility because you can pretty

much find it on any device under the Sun

that's a great

total of 34 points placing it squarely

in seats here now that you know how I've

decided to score all these let's start

moving large chunks of services into

some of these lower tiers fortunately

for all of these services not a single

one landed all the way down in EFT here

and that's because of device

compatibility these services all came

prepared with your basic bases covered

Roku Apple TV fire TV iOS Android setups

which kept them all out of EFT here good

job guys

now let's talk about eats here and why a

lot of niche services ended up here so

any niche service by its own design is

not made for everybody

therefore it won't ever score high

enough to reach those upper echelon of

our tier list that means you'll see your

usual suspects here like history vault

from jinx which are specifically

tailored to a certain audience but and

this is a little spicy it also scoops up

a lot of the single sports services NFL

NHL NBA MLB and so on and so forth I am

sorry sports fans but there is just not

enough variety there they suffered in

two particular categories and that's

what kept them all the way down and eats

here one is price because these single

sport services can be really expensive

around 40 bucks a month in some cases

which kept them kind of on the lower end

of scoring on price and then on top of

that variety is always a problem because

it's a single sport and honestly I could

not weigh a single sport service any

differently than say a service that only

plays Broadway shows which exists by the

way Broadway HD who knew by that logic

and by that scoring and that place is 26

different services down in each year

that's about a quarter of our list now

let's do the same with D tier which by

the way has the most amount of streaming

services out of any tier in this list

these are the kinds of services that can

be really appealing but usually have a

couple of caveats here and there if

you're interested in subscribing to them

and they

really kind of have to be for you for

example Philo scored 26 points in this

tier they got a 7 on price they got a

zero for originals they Philo doesn't

make their own original content they got

a 5 on back-catalogue and a 7 on variety

because Philo has a very specific niche

that it's filling it doesn't have cable

news channel sports channels local

channels but it does have a lot of

entertainment and lifestyle services so

we can give them a 5 and a 7 there and

then a 7 on accessibility over all 38

services landed here in Dietz here most

of these have again one of those big

caveats they don't make their own

originals or they don't have a lot of

variety they're serve niche services or

skinny bundles that are missing some of

the bigger components of those higher

tier services Wow that is two thirds of

our list just about and I'm sorry I

agreed really tough this is a tough

competition it's a platform a platform

world out there people deal with it

alright moving on a seats here this is

the tier where we start seeing a lot of

the more well-known services out there

and they'll still have a couple of sort

of like who that might not be for me

aspects to them but overall they're very

good services here's what a lot of them

have in common low or free price points

larger back catalogs and tons of variety

for example crackle Pluto TV and stars

all landed in seats here along with 20

other services I already mentioned

YouTube TV and what it scored Apple TV

plus is kind of in a weird place it

doesn't quite make the cut on the upper

tiers it doesn't have a huge expanded

library there's not a bunch of back

catalogue of video on-demand options

except for their originals so it kind of

landed right in the middle and then you

see stuff like sling TV which are sort

of these skinny bundles that are pretty

good but they're also expensive so again

much like YouTube TV kind of lands

somewhere in the middle at this point we

have 13 services left so let's see who

made it into B tier these are services

that are really awesome but you

had one limiting factor or were sort of

high averages across the board

ESPN Plus almost had it all great price

point excellent back catalog good


hello 30 for 30 documentaries a few and

also super accessible across a bunch of

platforms but in the variety category

even though it scored higher than the

single sport streaming platforms it's

still only sports or sports related so

it got ding just a tiny bit there and

kept it out of that a and s tear a corn

TV suffered a very similar fate here

it's all catered toward British

television British content so there's

not a ton of variety but because it does

cross genres you can have a British

comedy or British drama so on so forth

it did score a little bit higher there

so it ended up in the same tier as ESPN

Plus but for the same reason sort of

like just a small limited bit a variety

ding there kept it from those ANS tears

Showtime and epics are those two that

sort of scored high averages across the

board landed them in B tier not really

anything to kind of go crazy about an

ARS tier but they did well enough to

land them up in the higher tiers so good

for them

Hulu live TV actually scored really

really well in just about every category

but at $55 a month it's such an

expensive option that that price score

kept it just shy of reaching eights here

so well sorry sorry Hulu TV it was a

really tough one to keep you down in

beats here but I had to do it lastly

peacock is here which their service

doesn't officially roll out to everyone

until July 2020 and I scored them based

on that availability not the Comcast

only soft-launched they're doing right

now and maybe just maybe we'll see

peacock and a higher tier next year

we're down to just seven services at

this point the criticism is so finely

pointed I mean one little tiny nitpick

could keep a service out of s tier so

these are all excellent services you can

go wrong by any of them really it just

depends on what you want but here we go

let's talk about a tiara Oh Disney Plus

Disney Plus is great for families I mean

and their original slate is pretty good

so far

I love the Imagineering story I love the

mint Lorien obviously who doesn't but at

the end of the day

Disney Plus is a service made for

families and it is very focused on

having family-friendly content only

which holds it back just a little bit in

the variety category so I'm really sorry

Disney Plus like you're gonna either

have to start putting are rated movies

on your service which I don't see

happening are you never gonna make it a

nest here so you're gonna have to just

deal with that you'd have to sit here in

aides here and think about what you've

done which is provide nice content for

families guess that's all right

CBS all access okay so full disclosure

here legally I'm required to tell you


CNET's parent company is in fact Viacom

CBS which also owns CBS all access and

there are actually other services in

this list that are also part of the

Viacom CBS family like Pluto TV Showtime

there's probably more I don't even know

this is a big company okay I have no


all I know is that we're now part of the

family that owns RuPaul's Drag Race it's

definitely more than two now that we've

gotten that on the way let's talk about

cbsl access it is objectively a good

service there's a pretty big back

catalogue there's a live TV component

it's relatively cheap and there are a

slate of originals like Picard and The

Twilight Zone available if you are so


so it actually scored really high on the

list I was kind of surprised but also

not surprised because you know a lot of

people really liked those originals and

CBS all access has a live TV component

which broke its tie with peacock and

nudged it up into a tear and now we come

to HBO so this was very weird to rank

because HBO now is the current iteration

of the way to get standalone HBO it's 15

bucks a month you get all of the HBO

original succession Westworld blah blah

blah and then Warner Media will be

launching HBO max at the end of May and

it will include all of the things you

get with HBO now and

also original content from studios that

Warner Media ult's Warner Brothers DC

all of those things are extras they're

gonna be doing these max originals with

franchises like Looney Tunes so it cost

the exact same amount as HBO now which

made it really weird sort of like ranked

them as separate entities because I have

a feeling at some point in the next

let's say calendar year

Warner Media is probably going to merge

these services which means they scored

almost exactly the same with the

exception of originals which HBO max

ended up getting a couple extra points

in because it's making these max

originals so that kept it one point shy

of s tier but generally speaking HBO now

HBO max right in the same category

they're in a tier both excellent options

for you I guess I would say if you're

gonna pay $15 a month it seems like

you'd want to go with next

I don't know that leaves our final three

services which all landed in the coveted

st air yes Netflix Hulu and Amazon Prime

video are our champions the best of the

best the cream of the crop these

companies spend billions of dollars in

developing original content they have

massive back catalogs they have tons of

variety there literally available on

every platform Under the Sun and they

have good cheap entry-level price points

all great things not a single one of

these services scored any less than

eight in every single freaking category

the top scoring service Amazon Prime

video it got an 8 in price and tens

across the board in originals back

catalog variety and accessibility for a

grand total of 48 points just to shy of

perfect chances are you're already

subscribed to at least one of these s

tier services or at least you're

borrowing the password of someone who


we just ranked over a hundred streaming

services good for us Internet now I know

a lot of you are super mad about at

least one of these services not ranking

as high as you thought

which is probably in your personal last

year so you tell me down in the comments

what your s here is one of the three

services you literally cannot live

without or even the one service you

can't live without you maybe crunchyroll

are you huge anime fan maybe you love

Broadway 2d I don't know I don't know

your life drop it down in the comments

tell me what you must have in your life

to feel complete streaming wise oh my


I almost forgot we have a challenge for

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setups and until next time wash your

hands and be good humans