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I'm assuming you have cable and you're

thinking about cutting it and that's why

you're watching this video if that's the

case you've come to the right place if

you're looking for content on how to cut

the cord

including what equipment to buy and what

you need to stream check out our video

on that topic we used to have cable we

have the highest cost package yet most

of the time we just scroll through the

endless many of channels looking for

something to watch we paid over $100 per

month and thought nothing of it until we

first heard about streaming services if

I could see you right now I'd ask you to

raise your hand or not if you can relate

if you have cable though I'm sure you

can once I saw how much money we could

save it was a game changer for me and

DirecTV knew it too that's who we had

before we cut the cord on cable I can

still remember calling them they pulled

out all of the stops trying to get us to

stay they offered me special deals tried

it out once I never knew existed but the

sticking point for me was the contract

they refused to give me service without

signing at least a two-year contract

that was not something I was willing to

do one of the things I love about

streaming services is none of them have

contracts you can cancel at any time you


I remember that phone call well you were

quite animated as well the other thing I

remember is how good it felt to finally

be free of a cable contract we want you

to feel that same freedom and save money

on your TV bill yes we do and we want

you to know that you can still watch all

of your favorite shows for half the cost

so today we're talking about five of the

best cable alternatives at the end we're

going to tell you which ones offer local

channels so make sure you hang on for

that all right let's get into it with

our first way to cut the cord

Kable Philo TV what I'm just gonna

interrupt you there John I want to talk

about this one okay

I love Philo TV for just $20 a month you

get 59 channels that include favorites

like HGTV Annie

AMC B et MTV Travel Channel you name it

the one downside to Philo is that it

doesn't include sports channels you

won't get ESPN or Fox Sports but if you

buy a digital antenna you can get all

your local channels for free that's good

enough for me because I can still watch

NFL and college football games on the

major networks every weekend during

football season it might be enough for

you Nicole but not for me I want to be

able to watch games that are on ESPN and

I also like to watch ESPN news on

occasion that's why our second streaming

service Hulu Live is my favorite Hulu

live is exactly what it sounds like Hulu

Plus live TV it starts at 50 $4.99 per

month and you receive 60 Plus channels

of live content I like Hulu Live a lot

too not only do you get live TV like

John mentioned but you can watch all of

whose original content like The

Handmaid's Tale Plus a large library of

on-demand content so when the kids want

to watch a new episode of ducktales they

can but they can also go back and watch

any episode in the entire series all

that on-demand content isn't always

available on regular Hulu or even in

most cable programs

speaking of ducktales I know you and the

kids are Disney nerds so you signed up

for Disney Plus before it even launched

but for our viewers who love Disney if

you sign up now you can get their

special package of Hulu Disney plus an

ESPN plus for just $12 a month while you

won't get live TV if you want to spend

less than $20 per month it's one of the

best deals out there especially for

young families speaking of families our

third top way to cut the cord with a

streaming service is sling TV now Philo

and Hulu are pretty straightforward

sling is not they have different channel

packages with different names based on

colors and it can really be confusing to

figure out

which one's best for you the easiest way

for me to remember it is that orange is

cheaper than blue Oh an orange includes

ESPN orange costs $25 a month blue costs

a little more at $40 a month or you can

get them both for $45 a month all the

Fox Sports channels are on blue if you

love sports though and you want SPN it

might be best to pick the combined

package and get it all for $45 a month

while that might seem pricey it's still

quite a bit cheaper than cable that's

right the average cable bill costs

nearly a hundred and ten dollars per

month that's just crazy if you're paying

that much you need to stop and think

about what you watch most often and ask

yourself if it's worth over $100 per

month I'm willing to bet you can still

watch your favorite shows and channels

for less than half of that amount just

think of what you can do with that extra

$60 per month oh I'm already thinking

about it there was a really cool pair of

shoes that I saw online the other day I

could buy those and still have enough

money left over to buy a second pair

okay Nicole let's move on to our fourth

solid streaming choice fubo TV hubo TV

has over a hundred channels and offers a

solid lineup of news sports and

entertainment content like Hulu Live

fubo includes live TV and cost just

fifty $4.99 per month if you like life

sports it's one of the best options

available especially if you like

something like soccer all right John

let's wrap it up with a fifth and final

cord-cutting solution youtube TV do you

know what our kids do every Saturday

morning while we're sleeping watch

copious amounts of TV yes that's exactly

what they do and they play games on

their tablets and they watched tons of

YouTube videos I really don't see the

draw in unboxings but hey it keeps them

quiet while we get our beauty sleep so

I'm okay with it one day a week when I

watch YouTube it's usually how to fix a

running toilet or unlock a bathroom door

from the outside but YouTube has more

than just user-generated

YouTube TV is a full streaming service

just like the other ones that we already

mentioned it includes over 70 channels

for $50 per month that's a huge savings

over cable that's right Nicole any of

these streaming services are much

cheaper than cable now let's address a

final very important question for people

out there looking to cut the cord on

cable how to get local channels without

cable we mentioned at the beginning that

you would want to hang on to the end to

see which of these cable alternatives

offer local channels so let's go through

them one by one

Philo TV the first streaming service we

discuss does not offer local channels

unfortunately Hulu Live and YouTube TV

include all the major networks fubo TV

offers all of them with the exception of

ABC sling TV offers Fox and NBC in

select markets giving them depends on

where you live and what channel package

you select it's a bummer that Philo

doesn't include local channels but if

it's the best service for you you can

get your locals another way all you have

to do is buy a digital antenna there are

different types but if you live in a

city you'll likely be fine with an

internal one like this moo-hoo leaf

which we have we bought ours on amazon

for less than $50 there's more to say

about digital antennas so if you want to

know more check out our video on how to

cut the cord for all the details that's

a great point Nicole our cord cutting

guide is really helpful if you want to

understand the bigger picture about how

to cancel your cable contract and start

streaming we cover everything you need

to know and if you're a little further

down the road and ready to start


try one of these services that we've

discussed if you're not sure which one

to pick try them all one at a time as

all of them offer free trials usually at

least seven days but sometimes they're

longer check out the links below to

access those free trials and learn more

about each service while you're down

there leave us your questions in the

comments below what do you pay for cable

what's keeping you from cutting the cord

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