Which Streaming Service is the Best in 2020 - 2021? Youtube TV, Sling, Hulu, AT&T TV, Fubo TV, Philo

so welcome to the channel everyone

tripling here today we're doing a

side-by-side comparison of the best

streaming services for 2020 going into

2021 so if you guys are new

every year i purchase these services i

put them through their paces

break them down and do a comparison and

let you guys know which one i think is

the best value

so today we're comparing youtube tv

sling hulu

18t tv now fubo tv philo as well

as vidco so within each service we're

going to compare the following

categories we're going to compare the

free trial

base price the channel lineup and

packages the tv guide quality

the simultaneous streams compatible

devices family members and user profiles

cloud dvr the ability to fast forward

and rewind

through commercials as well as the sound

and video quality as i go through i'm

going to highlight each category in

red green or yellow and at the end we're

going gonna look at the chart

see which service makes it out on top

without further ado

let's go ahead and jump into it


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or a giveaway so before we get into the

comparison guys

just know that this is my feelings this

is my opinions this is which service

best suits my needs so for instance if

someone doesn't watch sports

they might be totally happy with a

service that doesn't have any sports

channel so fortunately for me i watch a

little bit of everything so hopefully

this will be as unbiased

as i can be keep in mind that none of

these services are sponsoring this video

and also i am not being paid by

any one of these services to do this


let's go ahead and jump into it so first

we're going to start with the free trial

so the free trial for

most of the services is going to be

seven days so i'll say the standard for

the most part

is seven days so any one of these

services that has a seven day free trial

i'm gonna go ahead and highlight them

green i do realize that some services

out there do not have any trials but for

vidco and sling they do have

three day trials so we're going to go

ahead and give those the yellow

so next we're going to go ahead and jump

into the base price

so notice i do have a base price and a

channel lineup

category so what i'm going to do is just

strictly look at the price when we get

into the channel lineup and packages

we're going to discuss that

a little bit further so youtube tv

recently increased their prices they're

now at the high end

of the spectrum sling tv is at thirty


hulu is at 54. att tv now is at 55

full bowl also at 64. follows at 20 and

big goes at 40. so

fubo and youtube tv they're gonna get a


as far as the greens we're gonna give

philo we're gonna give

sling and in that middle area we're

gonna give hulu

a t tv and vidgo the yellow

so like i said for there we're strictly

looking at the dollar amount

but we're going to get into the channel

lineup and packages that's available

but first let's go ahead and start with

the youtube tv so youtube tv for the

most part is going to give you around

85 channels now this includes your local

channels as you can see there

as well as sports news lifestyle and it

gives you a nice

mixture one thing that youtube tv

recently did was they added the cbs

viacom channels

which a lot of people were asking for

unfortunately that came with a 10

price increase so before they added

these channels you weren't able to get

channels like tbs tlc vh1 was not


some folks were getting youtube tv and

bundling with other services just to

complete their packages so once they

added those channels a lot of people

were able to cut that additional service

however their build they go up ten


slang does have a nice variety guys they

do have the sling orange sling blue and

sling orange plus blue so you can see

here that sling orange

says 20 but it actually starts at 30 a

month after the first month so same

thing for sing blue

and sling orange plus blue is going to

be 45 a month let's take a look at the


um might work for some people might not

that's the sling

orange here's the sling blue

and their top package is going to be the

orange plus blue which is going to give

you a great variety

now hulu is another popular service and

when we talk about hulu

we're strictly dealing with the live tv

section so keep that in mind

so hulu is going to give you over 65

channels when you put any zip code it

gives you a nice breakdown as well so it

gives you

a nice chunk of local channels


they also have movies news sports as

well as additional add-ons available so

who is another one that's going to give

you a very

nice mixture now over to the att tv now

so remember that 18 tv

has two services technically they do

have an 18t tv

and they have an att tv now now the 18t


is not on this list that one actually

requires a contract so essentially it's

like cable so i went ahead and removed

it from this list

but att tv now is a streaming service

and it does have decent channels guys

you can see right here you're getting

over 45 channels

at 55 a month now one thing attv did

recently was they actually removed a lot

of channels

and added hbo and increased their price

so a lot of people got turned off by

that including myself but this is what

we're getting you can see they they do

have a decent mixture of channels they

do have two basic packages

uh the second package is gonna be the

max that's gonna cost about 85 dollars

moving over to fubu so fubo is another

great service and

fubo flat out just offers a lot

of channels you can see over 206 channel

in my area and

like i said it's not the quantity is the

quality have a lot of channels but just

like att tv they

recently increase their prices change

some of the channel lineups

and depending what you're into it might

be a negative or a positive so recently

foobo added disney and espn networks to

their lineup that was not a part of

their package before

however while adding the espn and disney

channels they

went ahead and removed the turner

network so tnt is gone

i believe tbs is gone a couple of the

channels that a lot of people

actually cared a lot about so

essentially they got rid of one service

added another and depending what side of

the aisle you're on you're either pissed

off or

you're content i did a full video on

which channels were removed and added so

i'll go ahead and link that

in as well but they are big enough

sports but if you're a sports fan this

might be

the service for you i should also

mention that fubo has three basic plans

they have the family the

ultra and they do have a latino package

so over the following follows another

one of those budget options

they do have 61 channels starting at 20

a month so you can take a look at some

of the channels here if you're not into

sports this might be a service for you

you can see what they have here they

have wii they have

tlc discovery a e nick jr

they also do have epic and stars as an

add-ons if these channels are something

that you watch

this service might actually work for you

so over the vid go invid goes a new

edition now after doing these reviews

the past couple months a lot of requests

came in for me to take a look at vidco

and i did go ahead and do a full review

on it so vidgo

does have a lot of decent channels you

can see they have four packages here

starting at 40 they have the core they

have the plus

and you can see a lot of sports starting

to add in there they also have latino

and latino mass so

if you're big into sports this is a

great service to having

you can take a look at both of the the

main packages there but don't sign up

for vidgo just yet we're gonna get into

some more details about the service

let's go ahead and highlight these and

let's start with the worst and moving

our way up to the best

so for me follow is going to be a no

it's just really limited guys

18t is also a no for me the fact that

they removed a lot of the channels that

we watched

added hbo increased the prices made no


for me so viggo does have a great lineup

the only issue i have with vidgo and

their lineup is that they don't have the

local channels

that i was looking for so just looking

around the comments some people had

local channels some didn't

i was one of the people that did not

have local channels so i can't put them

in the green category

just yet another one i'm going to give

the orange to is sling so sling does

have a decent mixture but just looking

at the lineup

i just feel like it's missing a lot of

those channels that i watch as well

drop your comment in the comment section

let me know what you think about sling i

know a lot of people have it i think

they're the largest streaming service

in the us so a lot of people like what

they're offering i just find that

they're missing some of those channels

that i like to watch

so another one i'm gonna give a yellow

to is

fubo so fubo yes they have a lot of

sports but they took out

a lot of those other channels that

people like to watch if you guys don't

know turner networks includes tbs

tnt cnn cnn international cartoon


turner classic movies so they remove all

of those yes they added

more sports channels but a lot of those

channels that i just mentioned does have

a lot of content so

gonna have to go ahead and give fubo the

yellow as well

the other two i find have the best

lineups gonna be youtube tv

and hulu plus live tv so the next

category down is gonna be

tv guide and this is gonna be subjective

to to what you're into or what you like

doing for the most part i found that the

tv guys are pretty on par

guys the services have done a lot of

work over the years to improve on their

tv guide so very hard to give

any red on any one of these services

however i do have some that i prefer

fubo and youtube tv in my opinion has

the best

tv guy with a nice thumbnail that

helps the navigation and they do have

customizable options so

those are going to get it green from me

so i'm not saying that the tv guys on

the other ones are not great

but i just happen to prefer fubo and

youtube tv so

the rest i'm just going to give the

yellow to

so you can see the chart is starting to

build out a little bit let's go ahead

and jump into the amount of streams you


per service so just looking at this the

standard amount of streams

is going to be three so anyone

essentially with three

is going to get the green from me now

hula only has two and that's something

that they should go ahead and just

increase just to stay on par with

everything else that's going on

now as far as the amount of streams you

get on sling sling is going to give you

one string for the sling orange

three for this thing blue and four

strings for the sling orange plus blue

so this is where i'm touring between

giving it a green or yellow guys

if you're paying for that base package

at 30 dollars you're only limited to one


however if you go all the way up to

orange blue you're getting four streams


yes it's good that you're getting four

stream but it's also

terrible that you can have a service

that only has

one stream available so i was torn on

this one but i went ahead and gave it

the yellow

so down to the compatible devices and

this might not affect you as much but

what i try to look at is

anything that that has most of the

streaming devices including tv's

highlighted these are going to get the

automatic green so

just looking at them you can see youtube

tv sling hulu

also have att tv now fubo

they're going to get the green box

vidgo's missing some devices souls philo

i'm missing some of those smart tvs i

know a lot of people stream directly

from the smart tv

and if that tv is not compatible with

the service some people are not gonna

buy it so for that i'm just gonna go

ahead and give the yellow

to vidgo and philo

now down to the family member and user

profiles so this is something that's

that's really important to me at least

if i have multiple people in my house i

want them to have their own account that

way when they go into their

profile they can see what they're

viewing easily get to their content

and most importantly they don't mess up

what my viewing experience is when i log

into my account so for youtube i believe

you can share with up to six people

same thing with hulu some of the other

services allows you to create profiles


but i'm not gonna dig too much into that

for anyone that i gave a yes to

i'm gonna go ahead and give them the

green box

anyone that doesn't you're gonna get the

red automatically there's no

in between on this one

so we're getting down into the

nitty-gritty so the next one is going to

be our dvr and dvr capacity so

vidgo doesn't have any dvr which is a


bummer this was one of my main

complaints and gripes with vigo

not having a dvr just makes it seem like

it's an incomplete

service for youtube tv they offer

unlimited dvr up to nine months

philo also offers unlimited dvr so i'm

gonna go ahead and give those the green


now for full bone att tv they do offer

500 hours so i'm gonna go ahead and give

those the yellow

and now we have sling which offers 10

hours at 30 days and

for anyone that's recording that's not

enough space so i'm gonna go ahead and

give that the red

as well can

i fast forward and rewind through

commercials so this popped up a lot

during my reviews guys

people want to know if i dvr something

will i be able to skip

or fast forward through the commercials

or do i have to sit there and still

watch the commercial so

for the ones that allows it i'm gonna go

ahead and give the green box too

for hulu that still makes you sit

through commercials

it's gonna be red vidgo is also going to

be red

mainly because they don't offer dvr at

all so

got to kind of just snip that in the

butt and here comes

philo you can fast forward through

anything you save

you can fast forward but the last break

is required unless you watch it already

you can't start fast forward during the

on watch break you cannot fast forward

past the furthest point you've watched

and with that

it's too much confusion either allow it

or you don't so for that i'm gonna give


yellow so the last category is gonna be

the sound and video quality and this was

a late edition

i know a lot of people ask about it for

the most part each one of these are

gonna offer

720p at 60 frame and 1080p at 30 frames

per second

so for those i'm going to give a yellow

to now one service does offer

4k content and that's football tv but

it's not going to be a lot of 4k guys

it's going to be certain sporting events

certain live events it's not going to be

consistent it's not going to be

something that you pick

it's just going to be something that's

on that's in 4k so keep that in mind so

even though they don't have full support

for 4k i'm still going to go ahead and

give them the green

yes i did a lot of talking guys but we

finally got our chart

filled out and like i said this is based

off my feelings

please share your comments in the

comment section but it's time to start

eliminating some of these services and

see if we can narrow it down a little


so the first one is going to have to go

is vidgo vidgo

has a lot of potential i do like their

user interface they do have a live chat


which i think is pretty cool but they're

just missing a lot guys they

don't have a dvr they're missing local

channels it's just an incomplete service

that they need to improve upon

the next one that i am going to

eliminate is att tv now now 18t tv now

used to be a great service in my opinion

before they made those changes

before they took out almost half their

channels added hbo

increased the price and expect users to

continue using them so for that att tv

now has to go

it follows another one that has

potential but just looking at especially

their channel lineup guys

i there's no way i can use the service

by itself without adding another service

which is going to cost me more money so

fortunately i have to get rid of filo

even though they do have a nice


good dvr just don't have the channels to


unfortunately the next one that has to

go is sling so sling does have a lot of

promise they are a budget option

starting out at 30

channel lineup is decent they do have

the sling orange the sling blue as well

as a sling orange plus blue

where you kind of mix some of those

channels in unfortunately with the 10

hour dvr

no family profiles are sharing this is

one that's gonna have to go in my


great service just not for me so we're

down to the final three

looking at price we're looking at lineup

we're looking at dvr

everything is being taken into account

just taking all that

into consideration i have to eliminate

fubo fubo was headed in the right


by adding espn adding the disney

channels then they went ahead and got

rid of all the turner networks

which include a lot of the big channels

that a lot of people watch so not sure

the move behind that i'm sure it's a

balancing act to kind of keep the

keep the price down and with that said

they're still tied for the most

expensive service so for that i have to


fubo so that brings us down to youtube

tv and hulu once again

so the price you're gonna pay ten

dollars more for youtube tv

for hulu you're paying 54. you're

getting a little bit more with the

youtube tv but hulu still has a

great lineup which includes a great

mixture of everything that i like to


so what we start separating is where it

comes to the dvr

hulu is limited to 50 hours fast forward

and rewinding through commercials

another big one guys

i've used hulu and i know that those


get ridiculous super long super annoying

and if you happen to just skip ahead it

will actually compound the commercials

on top of each other and just makes the


horrible now youtube tv does have them

beat on the amount of streams as well

tv guide is a little bit better on

youtube tv in my opinion it is uh

subjective though but

my opinion i like the tv guide on on

youtube tv

like i said the only thing here where

hulu is winning is the price the price

is a little bit lower

so even though youtube tv increased

their price what they did was make a lot

of people happy

so a lot of people from last year when i

asked what service are you using

a lot of them would say youtube tv and

philo or youtube tv

and sling and that's because youtube tv

was missing those viacom cbs channels

guys they were missing tlc

missing vh1 missing mtv missing

housewives of atlanta

so in order to get those programs they

had to add a second service

even taking into my account my personal

experience i don't watch those channels

personally but

someone in my family does and i'm not

going to name any names you want to get

a service that's going to make everyone

happy so

having said all that taking a price in

consideration taking the dvr

taking the user interface youtube tv is

this year's winner once again once again

this is where you voice your opinion

drop your comments in the comment

section below

let me know if i got it right again this


so starting to see a trend here youtube

tv two years in a row but

they did increase the price but unlike

att tv now they actually gave us stuff

that we wanted

that made their service better and

that's why i think youtube tv is the

best again for 2020 going into 2021

that's it for this video don't forget to

hit the thumbs up share this video

thank you for watching and i'll catch

you on the next one