TOP 5: Best Streaming Devices 2020

the world is changing gone are the days

when a cable subscription was necessary

to watch all the latest and greatest TV

shows there are plenty of streaming

devices out there to help you connect

the video streaming services to your TV

but before buying you'll want to

consider a few different things in this

video we're breaking down the best 5

streaming devices on the market this

year based on price performance features

and situations that will be used in

we'll be taking a look at media

streamers in every price range so

whether you're looking for a great value

streamer or the ultimate feature-rich

device we'll have an option for you so

if you're interested in finding out

which streaming device will be the best

for you stay tuned as always all the

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description the products mentioned in

this video are in no exact order so be

sure to stay tuned till the end so you

don't miss anything starting off we have

the Amazon fire TV Cube our pick for the

best streaming device for Amazon users

at under $90 the Amazon fire TV cube is

a smart streaming device that not only

offers hands-free controls for video

playback but can also do all the heavy

lifting of controlling your home making

it a very strong contender as one of the

best streaming video players especially

if you are already an amazon prime

subscriber the fire TV cube puts

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant in a fire

TV device but thanks to hdmi cec and an

IR blaster the fire TV cube also makes

you master of your entire entertainment

system using the power of your voice

plus it also supports the latest HDR

formats including HDR 10 plus and Dolby

vision and now even has YouTube the fire

TV cube can do many things a fire TV

operated by an echo speaker can't do

outside of hardware control for instance

you can tell Alexa to tune in to ESPN on

Xfinity Dish Network or direct TV and it

will change the TVs input to whichever

cable or satellite box is connected then

change the channel on the cable box to

ESPN you can also specify the channel

number you want you can also tell Alexa

to tuned to a specific TV show or have

her simply launch the TV show on the

right channel it will also go straight

to the correct app provided you've got a

subscription and start playing a show if

you ask to watch a show that is an


for free from one of your subscribed

services the fire TV cube will show you

what your options are

even if what you want isn't available on

Amazon's own prime video service lastly

it's worth noting that amazon firetv

cube has the ability to play some light

games as well but amazon's offerings are

smaller in number and lesser in quality

to what you'd find on the Nvidia shield

TV which is coming up next the Amazon

fire TV cube may just be the

entertainment control center you've

waited decades for it is a very

affordable smart streaming device and

especially perfect for those already

hooked into the Amazon ecosystem up next

we have the Nvidia shield TV our pick

for the best streaming device for gamers

and Android users for those who prefer

their streaming with a healthy side of

gaming there is none better than the

Nvidia shield TV available at just under

150 dollars encased in a cylindrical

black chassis the new Nvidia shield is

the first of its kind to offer AI


which is primarily seen in high-end TVs

from Samsung Sony and LG at almost

double the price of the Amazon fire TV

cube the shield TV is not cheap but for

your money you're getting a crazy

powerful 4k HDR streaming video player

support for both HDR 10 and Dolby vision

content as well as Dolby Atmos audio

you'll also get the newly redesigned

shield remote with the latest version of

Android TV and also serves as a gateway

to Nvidia's game streaming service

GeForce now most of the main players are

all here including Netflix Amazon Prime

and YouTube and a select few of these

like Netflix and Vudu offer Dolby vision

right out of the box but you won't find

Apple TV here but with all that said one

of the main reasons you'd want to pick

up the Nvidia shield over say an Apple

TV or an Amazon fire TV cube is because

the shield TV is not only a streaming

media player but it's also a micro game

console capable of playing Android TV

games found on the Google Play Store or

you can stream games from Nvidia zone

GeForce now service

something to note unlike previous

versions of shield TV it does not come

with a gaming controller but it's

compatible with both the Dual Shock 4

and Xbox one controller or you can opt

to purchase the shield gaming controller

separately the Nvidia shield TV is a

premium 4k HD are dolby vision streaming


it's not the cheapest gateway into 4k

streaming but it is one of the most

powerful if you're looking to dabble in

high-end formats or want a media

streamer that doubles as a gaming

console then this is the player to get

next we have the amazon firetv stick 4k

our pick for the best value $4 4k

streaming device the amazon firetv stick

4k is one of the best value options for

4k streaming and is priced just under

$50 compared to the non 4k version of

the firetv stick you're looking at a

price increase of around $10 which is

very reasonable considering the

increased quality of content you'll be

getting with the support for 4k Dolby

vision HDR HDR 10 plus and dolby atmos

you don't need a paid Amazon Prime

account to use the fire TV stick 4k a

regular free Amazon account will work if

you have Amazon Prime though you'll

automatically get access to streaming

media through Prime music and prime

video the remote now includes volume

buttons and a power button which is

great the inability to change the volume

using the previous models remote was a

particular sticking point as it was

annoying to have to constantly switch

between the fire TV stick and the TV's

remote or having to ask Alexa to change

the volume the Alexa power voice search

functionality is quick and accurate when

you're using apps like Netflix or Amazon

Prime video and you can voice commands

to turn your TV on control your smart

devices and view live camera feeds from

compatible smart security cameras on

your TV which is really useful overall

the selection of apps available is also

extremely good and you should be able to

find most streaming platforms you can

think of although if you are in the u.s.

you won't be able to stream on

wal-mart's Vudu which is currently a

large source of Dolby vision content the

fire TV stick is a brilliant option for

all your streaming needs and is one of

the best bang for your buck out there it

is a nearly flawless smart media

streamer with support for 4k HDR 10

Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos at a very

attractive price point if you're looking

for value this one is it if you're

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below up next we have the Apple TV 4k

our pick for the best streaming device

for apple lovers similar to how the

amazon firetv cube is to prime users the

Apple TV 4k is that equivalent to fans

of Apple and at 175 dollars the Apple TV

4k delivers one of the best streaming

video experiences available two

compatible 4k HDR and Dolby vision TVs

Apple TV works very well alongside

Apple's other devices including the

iPhone iPad and Mac computers it allows

you to copy over accounts and settings

from those devices making setup a breeze

the airplay feature lets you easily put

content from a phone or computer onto

the larger TV display and you have

access to anything you've purchased

through iTunes in addition to all other

streaming services Apple TV can also

discover and pair with air pods for

private listening and supports multi

room audio the Siri remote is a real

boon and offers helpful voice navigation

and motion controls for basic games that

children will enjoy and the facility to

connect sensors makes this an effective

next generation fitness machine as well

you can still get the original non 4k

Apple TV HD for about thirty dollars

less than this 4k model but if you own a

4k or HDR TV you'll get an immediate

benefit and even if you don't chances

are good that your next TV will be 4k

and HD are compatible so it is well

worth the little extra investment to get

the Apple TV 4k if you're already in the

Apple sphere and want a streaming box

with a deep rooted connection to all of

your AI devices and a decent app

selection the Apple TV 4k makes the most

sense it's costly yes and there are

cheaper options on the market if you

just want to get high quality images

beamed into your eyeballs but the Apple

TV 4k offers one of the most polished

streaming experiences today the best

remote on the market and excellent Siri

voice options finally we have the Roku

Express our pick for the best budget

streaming device not everyone is quite

ready to spring for a premium streaming

device so if you are looking for a solid

no-frills budget device at under $30 the

Roku Express may be all that you need

look as hard as you want there's no

other streaming Play

on the planet like the Roku Express sure

at face value both chromecast and the

basic amazon firetv stick seem to offer

something similar but will fall short

either due to their lack of a remote in

the case of chromecast or in the lack of

a truly open platform in the case of the

Amazon fire TV stick the Roku Express

offers a basic steadfast HD streaming

player that's dead simple to set up and

use comes with a remote in the box and

does not break the bank costing less

money than literally every other

streaming device on the planet it's got

all the major streaming platforms such

as Netflix Amazon HBO Hulu Google Play

TV and movies and Apple TV plus there

are thousands of extra channels

including the roku channel which offers

free TV shows and movies with ads at

last count roku has over 3,500 channels

available to download with varying

degrees of paid content interesting

shows and specificity one point worth

pointing out is that the Roku Express

can only handle streams of up to 1080p

if you want to stream your favorite

Netflix or Amazon Prime series in ultra

HD you'll have to step up to any one of

the other players in this video the Roku

Express may not be the most powerful or

fastest player on the market but it's

built on a rock-solid egalitarian

platform that offers both a truly

universal search feature and a ton of

free content it makes some concessions

to reach its low point but it's still a

very good player especially for those

using an HD TV alright guys that's all

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