The 6 TOP Stocks To Buy in February 2021 (High Growth)

hey guys so in this video i'm going over

my top six stocks for the month of

february 2021.

i am obsessed with the stock market and

i've spent the last month analyzing

hundreds of stocks this is my list of

stocks that i think are the best buys

right now be sure to watch

all the way through to get my full

analysis on each of these companies i'll

go over key numbers

recent news and why i expect them to

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so let's get started first stock on my

list is neo stock ticker nio

this is an electric vehicle and battery

company that's headquartered in china

right now they have four

very good looking cars on the market

with more to come so right now neo is

trading at 57.11 cents with a 52-week

low of 2.11

and a 52-week high of 66.99 so right

away you guys can see that this company

has grown so much in the last year if we

take a look at their one year price

chart we can see that their stock price

was hovering under 10

for a long time and since june or july

of 2020 that's when it really started to

grow we had a huge rush followed by a


and since then neo has been trending

upwards this company has a market cap of

89.029 billion dollars and since they

are not yet profitable we do not have a

pe ratio their earnings per share is

negative forty four dollars and ten

cents and they do not pay out a dividend

looking at their valuation measures we

can see that they have a price to sales

ratio of 34.86 and a price to book ratio

of 77.97 as far as profitability like i

said they are not yet profitable with a

profit margin of negative 56.26 percent

and also a negative return on equity of

negative 116.34

their balance sheet however shows a very

good current ratio of 2.42 which means

that they have 2.42 times the current

assets as current liabilities

it's always interesting to see what

analysts have to say so on the scale of

one to five one being a strong buy and

five being a cell

neo is rated as a 2.4 meaning it is

between a buy and a hold

the average analyst price target is


which is about 15 lower than the current

price of 57 dollars and 11 cents now

when i recommend neo it's not me pushing

you guys away from tesla in fact i think

that tesla is a tremendous opportunity

still but i've talked about tesla to

death on this channel

since they were like a few hundred

dollars pre-split neo is another

fantastic electric vehicle opportunity

that i really think has the potential to


massively however that being said it is

on the riskier side because it is very

volatile we may see

some pullbacks in the short term but

that would present even better buying

opportunities and long term i don't

think it really matters what price you

pay for the stock

in 2020 ev sales in china crossed one

million cars and that is such a small

number compared to

where this market will be in the next

decade since neo is not yet profitable

we can take a look at its price to sales

ratio of about 35

which is a little bit higher than

tesla's of 30. their recent neo day

presentation announced

a new luxury sedan called the et7 which

has a huge

150 kilowatt hour battery pack now some

people are wary investing in chinese

companies but i think it could be a big

selling point here faced with

competition from other ev companies like


it's popular opinion that the chinese

government would want to see a chinese

eevee company grow massively these

companies provide a lot of data and the

chinese government

wants to be in control of that ev

infrastructure in china is also

improving and buying ev cars is becoming

more and more trendy also its batteries

as a service

baas business model will create a lot of

recurring revenue there's a lot going on

for neo and if you're big on the shift

from internal combustion engine cars to

electric vehicles then neo is definitely

a stock to watch i repeat this is

definitely a short term speculative


so you should be prepared for some

pullbacks but in the long term i do

think that this company has a lot more

growth ahead of it number two my list is

microsoft stock ticker

msft this is a multinational technology

company that's based in the us and they

make computers software

electronics services and so much more it

is a rather boring stock but one with a

lot of growth potential so right now

microsoft is trading at 232.90 with a

52-week low of 132.52

and a 52-week high of 240 dollars and 44


we saw microsoft take a pretty big hit

with the pandemic but ever since then

it's been on the uprise to hit the low

200s microsoft is a huge company with a

market cap of 1.761 trillion dollars

they have a pe ratio of 37.57 and

earnings per share of 6.20

and a small dividend of zero point nine

six percent they have a five year

expected price earnings growth ratio of

two point six

one and the price of the book ratio is

thirteen point eight four microsoft is

wildly successful with their

profitability and right now their profit

margin is sitting at 33.47 percent they

also have a sky-high return equity of


they're sitting on a whopping 131

billion dollars in total cash and they

have a very great current ratio of 2.58

analysts currently rate microsoft as a

1.6 meaning it is a pretty strong buy

and the average analyst price target is

244 dollars and 25 cents which is a tad

higher than the current price of 232

dollars and 90 cents

so microsoft just reported the quarter

to 2021 earnings and

wow these numbers are really good they

hit revenue of 43.1 billion dollars

which is about seven percent higher than

expectations their earnings per share

was also 25

higher than expected and their cloud and

personal computer sectors

crushed it as well gaming revenue topped

five billion dollars for the first time

due to the new xbox release and

microsoft has said that they expect

double-digit gains in revenue and

profits for the full fiscal year ending

in july 2021.

the cloud industry is growing a lot and

microsoft is the second biggest

cloud provider just behind amazon

they've also announced exciting

partnerships with cruz and gm

in which microsoft would be their

preferred cloud provider i know

microsoft is not the most exciting stock

but we are investing to make money right

in the long term you really can't go

wrong with microsoft they have fantastic

numbers the right teams in place to grow

in the next decade

and they are in heavily growing

industries i mean they hit 40 billion

dollars in quarterly sales for the first

time and 15 billion dollars in profit

which is why their stock

jumped after the earnings were announced

azure which is its cloud computing

business grew 50 in quarter two which is

astonishing overall we will see

tremendous momentum for microsoft that

should really help its share price in

the coming months

it's a really great safer long-term hold

than most other companies and that is

why i'm adding more of it to my


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to check it out okay the third stock on

my list

is open door stock ticker op en this is

an online real estate company that has a

really interesting business model

being in real estate myself i feel like

i have a solid understanding of market

disruptors and

open doors definitely doing that they

allow people to sell their homes as

is then they basically flip it and sell

it for a profit when done at scale this

can make a lot of money so right now

open door is trading at 25

and 18 cents with a 52-week low of 10.55

and a 52-week high of 32.39

if we take a look at their price chart

we can see that their stock has been

fluctuating in price a lot but right now

it is trading

under its all-time highs they have a

market cap of 13.709 billion dollars and

we don't have enough data to know their

p e ratio or earnings per share

they are not yet profitable and we see a

profit margin of negative eight point

one percent they have total cash of

about 550 million dollars and they have

a very

great current ratio of 5.16 now we have

very little data from analysts but right

now the rating is at 1.7 meaning it is a

buy and the average analyst price target

is 32.50

which is quite a bit higher than the

current price of dollars and eighteen


so open doors back merger closed on

december 17th so it is a very new stock

that is trading under its highs

right now quarter four stats have not

yet been released yet but we do have

some information about the company's


in 2019 they brought in 4.7 billion

dollars in revenue although that did

decrease substantially in 2020 due to

the pandemic now they are not yet

profitable but once their frictionless

business model picks up steam i think

profits will be plenty their

sophisticated algorithms allow open door

to really be spot on with their home

analyses knowing exactly how much profit

is in each deal based on all the factors


buy price renovation costs and more it's

also priced relatively cheap compared to

some of the other big real estate

internet companies like zillow and

redfit now they are applying e-commerce

and tech

to the real estate buying and selling

process which i believe is a big

disruptor in a very traditional industry

overall i think the stock is better for

people with some short-term risk but in

the long term i think open door will do

very well with its share price and that

is why i'm adding more of it into my

portfolio okay next up on my list

is square stock ticker sq this is an

american financial technology company

that's from california

that makes point-of-sale software and

hardware and also offers financial and

marketing services right now

square is trading at 202.46 with a

52-week low of 32.33

and a 52-week high of 246.49

looking at the one-year price chart we

can see that this company has performed

exceptionally well in the last year and

they are just off their all-time highs

square has a market cap of 91.297

billion dollars a p e ratio of 307.22

which is

insanely high earnings per share of 66

cents and they don't have a dividend

they have a five-year peg ratio of 4.45

and the price to buck ratio of 48.72

which is also extremely extremely high

now looking at its profitability square

has a profit margin of 4.05 percent

and the return on equity is pretty good

at 18.72 they're carrying total cash of

about 2.8 billion

dollars and they have a current ratio of

1.7 right now analysts currently rate

square as a 2.4 meaning it is between a

buy and a hold and the average analyst

price target is at 222

and 60 cents which is about 10 higher

than the current price of 202.46 so as

you saw square has performed extremely


over the last half decade and yet

there's still so much upside

in my opinion they started with

point-of-sale systems that allowed small

businesses to take credit card payments

and recently started focusing on their

cash app which allows person-to-person


you know why i think square is so much

upside well they are less than

two percent penetrated for the p2p cash

app business and three percent

penetrated for their point of sales


the digital payments market can reach

two trillion dollars in the next five


value investors won't like the numbers

for square and it appears grossly

overvalued too

many but if you look at the future

growth for this company i would disagree

right now cash app has

30 million monthly active users and in

the last year their gross profit is up

200 squares revenue is increasing

rapidly in large part due to cash app

and guys whenever i see companies using

influencer marketing heavily like square

does i know that they have a huge

advantage in gaining new customers they

have a very wide ecosystem of products

in the fintech sphere which will

undoubtedly grow

in the next decade and beyond so yeah

overall i think that square is a very

great pick for a long-term stock number

five on my list is arc innovation etf

stock ticker ark this one's a little bit

different than my other picks as this is

not a single company stock rather this

is an exchange

traded fund that has multiple high

innovation companies that means it

should give you great growth potential


also limit the risk a bit through

diversification so right now arc

innovations etf is trading at 138.41

with a 52-week low of 33 dollars and a

52-week high of 149.85

looking at the price chart you can see

how well this etf has done and it's

pretty much it's been straight growth

since the start of april 2020. for etfs

i like to look at their sector ratings


for this one consumer cyclical makes up

10.8 percent

financial services is 5.62 health care

is 31.56

communication services is 24.42 and

technology is 21.44

we can see that the average price to

book ratio for the companies in this

fund is 9.98 and the average price of

sales ratio is 10.44 now the top 10

holdings is also very interesting to

look at so for this one tesla is their


holding at 10.79 of assets after that we

have companies like roku

crispr squared teledoc yeah a bunch of

these companies that i have talked about

on this channel before looking at the

performance overview we can see that

there's a year-to-date daily total

return of 17.82 percent

and their one-year daily total return is

182.26 percent arc innovation etf

is a fund led by kathy wood an

experienced investor who in the past

year has blown people away

with the performance of her funds ar kk

isn't the only etf that she oversees in

fact she has many other ones including


arkw arkf and more all have performed

very well in the recent years now when

compared to other etfs like vanguard's


or vti this one has performed much

better recently but that's also because

companies in this fund

are much fewer in number and they are

all more risky and speculative stocks

its top performer has been tesla which

makes up about 10 percent of arkay's

holdings kathy would have said that she

had to sell tesla to keep it around 10

percent of the fund otherwise could be

sitting at about 20

or more but yeah looking back at its top

10 holdings you see big growth stocks

like tesla roku squared teledoc a lot of

which i have talked about on this

channel before

so if you want a more diversified

approach to investing in these types of

companies i think this one can be a

great choice now the expense ratio is

perhaps the worst part about this fund

and at 0.75

it is quite high much higher than the

industry average but hey when you get

kathy wood to invest for you it's going

to cost you

overall this is a very popular fund that

will perform well if these more

speculative companies

end up going in price this year again

not the right etf for everyone but i

will be adding more of it to my

portfolio all right so now the last

stock on my list

is adobe stock ticker adbe this is an

american multinational software company

they are well known for creative

softwares like photoshop

lightroom premiere pro after effects and

a lot more right now adobe is trading at


with a 52-week low of dollars and 13

cents and a 52-week high of 536 dollars

and 88 cents their price chart shows a

small drop back in march of 2020 but

since then they have grown quite well

but we do see somewhat of a stagnation

in their price in the last half year

adobe has a market cap of 220.2 billion

dollars a pe ratio of 42.47

and earnings per share of 10.83 they

have a five-year peg ratio of 2.34

and a price to book ratio of 17.05

looking at the profitability we can see

that adobe does extremely well with this

and the profit margin is 40.88 percent

they also have a very very strong return

on equity of 44.21

they're sitting on about 5.99 billion

dollars in cash and they have a current

ratio of 1.48 right now analysts are

giving adobe a 1.8 ring meaning it is a

buy and the average analyst price target


565.87 which is much higher than the

current price of 460 dollars now i am a

big long-term believer of adobe because

i personally use the products and they

are in such a good position as a

software company their creative cloud is

a software suite that is an all-in-one

solution and it's available to both

individual creators as well as companies

it's on a monthly subscription and if

you've been following my analyses for a

while you'll know that i love

subscription business models for their

continual and steady revenue you can

either get all their apps in one or pick

them individually anyways let's take a

look at some of their growth

in 2020 adobe's revenue was up 15 to


billion dollars i mentioned the

profitability already but at just over


this is spectacular businesses succeed

when they make money and when profit

margins are so high

that is super great for long-term

shareholders in 2020 adobe also spent 3


repurchasing eight million shares of

stock and they just announced that they

would authorize another 15 billion


in stock buybacks through the end of

2024. their earnings per share are

projected to grow by over 15

in the next year and they are even

getting into the crm business

now in the creator atmosphere more and

more people are staying at home and

getting creative and i think that 2021

will be a great year for the software

subscription adobe has a really big moat

meaning that it is very hard for

competitors to gain market share we have

companies like apple doing quite well

with their creative softwares but

nothing yet has been able to really take

a big stab at adobe and really i don't

see this happening anytime soon that's

why i think adobe could be a really

great stock to look into for the month

of february and beyond so there you have

it those are my top six stocks for the

month of february 2021. now for any

investor i always tell them you have to

do your own due diligence don't buy any

stock i talk about just because it's on

my list of stocks you have to have to do

your own research before purchasing

because only you can make the right call

to see if it's a stock worth investing

in in the last half year most stocks

have grown

a lot so that's why it's important to

diversify your portfolio

with safer companies that have strong

balance sheets and are not just hype

stocks this should help you out in case

there is a market correction i also

think that it is quite important to buy

index funds to reduce your investing

risk some of these are definitely

riskier on this list and some are safer

but yeah please you guys do your own

research and trade according to your own

risk tolerance and your own judgment i

wish all you guys a really great year of

stock trading anyways if you guys

enjoyed the video make sure to hit that

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thank you so much for your time and i'll

see you guys in the next video