STAND MIXER REVIEW! | Which Home Stand Mixer is Best? | Cupcake Jemma

I got welcome to ecom's indoors HQ now

if you are watching last week's video

you would have seen Dame sally and i

unboxing these beauties we get asked by

you guys all the time what mix that we

would recommend you've seen us using all

sorts of different ones in the bakery

and you guys want to know what you

should buy for home use so we thought it

was about time that we tested them out

against each other yeah I mean just want

to state that the this video is not

endorsed or sponsored by any of the

brands that are featuring it to get yeah

we went out and fought these ourselves

unfortunately we didn't get our opinions

of the mixes as well so I have got the

KitchenAid Artisan which is also known

as KitchenAid classic I think in America

and maybe some other countries and it is

an absolute classic you would have

almost certainly seen this model or

heard of it or lusted after it for many

years I've been using kitchen aids for a

long time so I'm very familiar with this

with this model and this brand I got one

from the Kitchen Aid website and it cost

me 499 pounds but I did manage to use

their custom mixer builder which meant

that I could choose from a really wide

range of colors including the delightful

pistachio green which I think's rather

nice and it also came with an extra bowl

as standard this little guy but also

it's part of the custom builder I got to

choose an extra bowl so I chose this

rather snazzy black bear ceramic number

now they got my name engraved on it for

like some extra pizazz and I know this

demon yes

but it's a really classic design it's a

brilliantly made that if kit really

heavy-duty these guys lasted on time but

I'm really excited to test it out

against these other ones yeah and I have

got the cane x-bike n-word which comes

in at around four hundred twenty pounds

however I managed to get myself one

brand new for 250 pounds so they're

always kind of on offer

so before you kind of commit to buy and

just have a look look around the

internet and make sure you again best

deal it's another kind of take on the

classic design it's not quite as classic

as the KitchenAid but I think it's still

pretty cute and it does you can't get

this in other colors as well like

nowhere near as extensive range it has

the KitchenAid you can get it in kind of

red and black as well as bronze and

which I'm personally not super keen on

like I love these kind of tones that are

open and modern and my Instagram of all

which is why I went for the white one

the kids it's kind of neutral and would

fit with kind of any kitchen décor it's

nice and sturdy again like Germans it's

about 11 kilos so it's a good bit of

care and we've used these for years I

have one at home and it hasn't broken

down yeah they've got like a no

warranties or not on them as standard it

comes with this glass bowl we'll talk a

little bit about that later and but you

can get stainless steel if that is your

thing but in general you can what is a

really kind of well-known good brand

like KitchenAid mine is not so much well

known I've got the all command it's from

Amazon and it's $79.99 so really cheap

compared to you guys mixers and it's not

quite as sleek and chic as theirs it

comes in two other colors but I like

this pass every nice shade yeah

and it comes with a bigger bowl than

your team so well anyway it's got two

handles which is quite useful but I

think we'll maybe found out that you're

holding it with one hand it might be a

bit difficult to pour the mixtures out

or whatnot and it comes to the same

attachments as the kitchen is in the

Kenwood and yeah I mean it's a bit of

plastic fantastic but it's not metal

like your mixers so it's a lot lighter

which is a bonus and it's easier to move

around but yeah I'm pretty excited to

see how it holds up hey I think we're

all kind of looking for dueling how this

one goes yeah on it so we're going to be

testing these mixers on a variety of

different levels and starting with the

attachment so what comes with it what

you can add to it and all good the

attachments are we're also gonna look at

the speed so how fast the fastest speed

is and how am I going to look at the

mixing action which is pretty important

you want to know how are these mixers

are gonna combine the ingredients

yeah we're also gonna look at the power

of the machines as well how capable they

are of mixing really heavy dough's and

also general usability so you don't know

how easy they are to like maneuver

function and how good they are in the

kitchen yeah and the overall quality of

the machines to how well they stand up

over the test of time yeah so without

further ado let's look at the

attachments okay so as standard all of

the three mixers come with three classic

attachments you've got the paddle which

is great for beating it's probably what

you've seen us use in pretty much every

single video we've got the dough hook

which is used for making like bread

dough's inside because that's really

annoying to pick my hand

I never have because I've got a mixer

and the balloon whisk for whipping up

your egg whites and and they all come as

standard with these three what I would

say is dude even just looking at them

straight off the bat I would say there's

various degrees of quality yeah sure

yeah my the whisk I'm a bit worried

about because the plastic bit that goes

into my mixer look fit a bit like it

could snap my overtime or break off and

which isn't quite as easily replaceable

as eBay yeah for sure I think mine and

Emmas are aluminium they look kind of a

bit sturdier Blake's with one sort of a

piece rather than Danes which is yes got

the metal bits fitting into the plastic

which they break mine are apart from the

balloon whisk everything else has been

powder-coated and which is lovely but

you might find over time that sums that

paint comes off if that is the case it

means you just need to adjust your

setting which washing after you later

I also got I got this basically the same

thing as a paddle and but it's got this

like silicon rubbery bit on which is

going to be really great for scraping so

when you're making your cream and making

anything really as well as kind of

attachment obviously we need to talk

about the bowls and different bows and

as standard the Kenwood comes with its

glass though which looks really pretty

you can see what's in it you can take

like photos and videos there which is

wonderful for your Instagram accounts

but it's actually not that practical

first start it's really really heavy and

this hasn't even got any batter in it

and the whole point in having this

handle like Gemma's got the same the

vertical handles is that you can hold it

and kind of scrape out or you know stir

and with it in your hand but not that

much use if it's like the other thing

about it is that because it's glass it

needs this kind of plastic ring thingy

that slots into the machine which it's

plastic you can break I personally have

one that's broken in the past so it's

just not ideal and talking about

breaking if you drop this is better than

right it's glass everywhere and say I

mean in a professional bakery we would

never use anything other than a

stainless steel bowl and you cannot get

as Dana stolen from for the Kenwood and

the bit that it fits into on the mixer

itself is really sturdy it's made of

metal so no worries there just I

personally wouldn't recommend the gloves

and I would recommend my bowl is lighter

or they the bit that it fits into is all

made of one piece and because my machine

is plastic and one of these little

nodule bits could break the snap off and

so you'd have to replace the whole

machine and that bowls when you like

it's got two handles one on either side

and which could be a little bit of a

problem if you want to tip up your

mixture and scrape it out at the other

hand and but we'll see how that guy

isn't also in stainless steel I feel

like it's easier to clean it and hold

degrees as well as glass

yeah for sure you can kind of tuck it

around a bit more put in the dishwasher

yeah well at my disposal I think I found

it this guy comes with the stainless

steel bowl like like Danes and like

Sally's wine it's got the vertical

handle which is Cooper Gandhi and

especially who the things I like least

about my batter right this model also

comes with a smaller bowl which I have

never seen before

maybe but it's it's I don't know if it's

that much ease because they haven't got

handle it's small but it is we always

need to have extra bowls because that

means you can have to like wash up so

much in between or if you're doing like

kind of battered legs yes and your

batter another sick it is actually have

more different components for recipes

yeah but obviously I don't imagine well

three because I did the online custom

builder so I went for this rather cheap

rumack my only concern with this part

from the fact that it's heavy like your

glass bowl is that I almost certain who

break this very soon so this is probably

display only the other thing about the

Kenwood and the KitchenAid is that you

can get a whole heap of extra

attachments so they both have this kind

of hatch at the front here and you can

fit in things like pasta rollers sausage

makers whatever is mr. maker is like the

KitchenAid you can even get like an

ice-cream machine yeah it like space is

a value to you you don't need a million

different appliances you can do all

through the one I mean at Fuji

attachments but I don't have this cool

thing at the front so I won't be making

any sausages I mean I just wanna make

you cakes and cookies it's pretty

alright yeah which is what we're gonna

be testing these out yeah so that's all

the attachments let's move on to speed

so my KitchenAid has turned the whole

feeds which i think is the most and

there's a really reassuring knots

between each one and mine it has got six

speeds and it's in this nice round dial

here it's not graduated steps like Jabez

it's really nice and smooth that seemed

really like it means it will really nice

and gradual from one to the next

mine is a dial similar to Sally's and

it's got specific knotch steps and it

goes up to six speeds

so aside from knowing how fast your

Mexican go it's also a really good idea

in a house oh yeah so in our boys we've

each got egg whites and we're gonna

start a mixed on a slow speed as if

we're making meringues making this nice

big bowls

yep so everyone's ready on our slowest

speeds let's go

well Sally I think yours is definitely

the slowest mine and Dane seem a little

bit faster yeah my kinda buzzers look a

little bit bigger which means they've

had more time to break it down perfect

but now we need to test out at the

fastest speed

so let's whip these egg whites up till

we get nicest difficulty yeah it's a

race to the peaks let's go



aha yes well looks like my mr. fastest

yeah I mean mine did take a lot longer I

mean like in the grand scheme wasn't

that much longer in Danes and Gemma's

but they've all done a perfect job of

whipping up the egg whites and don't

forget that fast doesn't always mean

better is the mixing action so you don't

just want a mixer that mixes fast or

slow you want one that mixes well so the

next thing we need to test is the mixing

action mm-hmm

so we've got some cake back to here and

we're gonna mix in some milk that we put

different color food coloring into each

and then we're gonna see who's kind of

incorporates it really well but it's

kind of worth noting that you know

you're never gonna make sure that take

like mixes everything there's always

going to be an element of stopping and

scraping but this test will just give us

a good idea of how well beats work about

and I'm not cheating by using my silicon

edged paddle because I that kind of does

the job of stopping and scraping I want

to be even students with you guys so I'm

just using the regular pad fine right

well we're already ready steady me




well I think there is a clear winner

guys like me yeah the others definitely

incorporated at the base it's kind of

bull nice and even for as mine you know

the middle looks nice but their outsides

got problem kinda and obviously you can

see that myself fully operated yeah and

in mine when you lift the head up you

can straightaway see that there's an

incorporated color in the middle of the

batter it's just all the colors are on

the sides yeah yeah pretty much yeah

but like even the best mixer will need a

little scrape so even this one while

it's done the best job at incorporating

the green it still does need a little

bit of help

yeah it's not it's clearly not as bad as

mine you don't even need to scrape this

to see that my own around the edge is

completely kind of white still and Dana

yeah same old say it's just all white

batter yeah so Dimon's it's definitely

won this test it's a wooden like it's

the most even have all of them but

they've all kind of worked it just means

that these two new we're gonna have to

give them an extra little stuff as faint

as we go yeah

so the next thing we need to test


so one of the things that makes is a

really easy part is mixing large amounts

of really heavy dough things that would

be too hard to do with a bowl and a win

spoon and beyond the capabilities of a

handless yep so we've whipped up three

batches about my C cookie dough and it's

a really really heavy day of about 1.5

kilograms and we're all going to use the

paddle bisa and a medium speed and just

be you guys we're going to do this one

at a time so you can kind of hear the

noise that the mixers make and get an

idea of how well they're coping as well

I'm gonna start with my 1



that sounded really good like it wasn't

struggling with the down it was like a


there's one and a half kilos of dough in

here and I and the kitchen they do say

that it and take up two T kilos of dough

so I don't think it's gonna have any

problem like that did not sound like it

spoken about it sounded really good so

can anyone say that they can handle up

to 1.3 Q so we are gonna pushing this

over a bit with an extra 200 grams of

dough so it could be on the edge and

we'll just see how


oh yeah struggling and you could hear

and see how it was fun jumping around a

bit and you know we didn't push it by an

extra 200 grams which isn't surprising

that it was struggling it has made the

dough it looks really lovely and nice

but it was on edge yeah but with a

lighter body if that is mine I would try

mine and see how it fares

oh come on doesn't give any

specifications on the capacity of day

that it can hold and so we're just wait

yes see I mean you've got a bigger bow

which as beautiful yeah let's see yeah


right so looks like mine has fared quite

well it was struggled a little bit but

not as much as yours and then felt like

the bigger ball help checking to fit

anymore mix in there but I think it's

probably just best for like two mixes

that cakes for mines I think my one

probably came out on top here again

which is surprising because there has

got the lowest wattage at 300 watts yes

say they've all got like different

amount of what it just LJ misses 300

minus 1000 and dangers 1,400 and that's

a measure of how much Parris is drawing

in from there kind of plug pocket yeah

and just because just because mine's the

drawing amounts to power it doesn't mean

it's the most efficient because that

might be lost through like heat loss or

the gears back gearing my gears inside

are plastic so that means that you know

it's having to work a lot harder to get

the same engagement as jammers whereas

has a maximum said yeah this is like

like a book keep saying is really solid

well-built machine and the gears are

metal and so it's gonna last a lot

longer and that power is drawing is

gonna be transferred into more efficient


so it isn't a good idea to base your

purchase on like the wattage because

actually that doesn't always necessarily

mean the best thing but what are these

guys like to use like are they usable or

they user-friendly give us a chance to

clear up a bit and we'll come back and

tell you work like to work with they all

kind of have similar controls and stuff

but there are a few subtle differences

so which one you prefer might just come

down to perfect personal preference

we're gonna start by looking at the way

that the head lifts up so on the

KitchenAid believer for this is on the

opposite sides of the controls that over

here and which is fine but it does feel

a little bit awkward for me it's a very

heavy head as well and which is good for

the mechanism of it but my natural sort

of position would be to have the control

here and then lift up with my other

a little bit like your and say I do I

find that a little bit awkward but it's

alright the attachments go on really

sort of straightforward there's like a

little notch in the middle and you're

just gonna put it on and twist it and

then once they were on they feel really

sturdy and they still feel really sturdy

when there's a big bowl of dough

discovered and so that's pretty good and

the bone itself is also really easy to

kind of come on and off and like we

talked about earlier because it's a

stainless steel bowl but this thing is

steel insert bit where it looks on it's

gonna take quite a bit of commonly yeah

turning them on and off I personally

wish that there was a slightly slower

things like yours yes I think when

you're folding delicate days and stuff

like a lot of the time you would do it

by hand but it's nice to have the option

by the mixer and the first speed on this

one is actually quite fast compared to

another thing I should say and I'll

demonstrate it is that you can actually

lick things up while it on which I'm not

sure why that is because if if my mixer

was up like there's no just you know you

spent a couple of minutes mixing some

batter and absolutely

gonna be all over me and so that's an

odd feature that I don't quite know why

there and I think yours yeah yours

hazard cut off me

yeah make a safety thing we're heads up

into small yeah it's just

especially when you come Dylan and the

more things are fair about it is it's a

really heavy well-built machine as a

classic bit of American engineering good

on you guys and which doesn't mean that

it mean it's not clean meter like move

around so if this is not going to live

on your counter then getting it in and

out cupboards or shelves is gonna be

caught on me because it is but it is

also looking especially when you have

your name in it and you're potentially a

color so the chances are you're going to

be so proud to have this on your counter

it's gonna live there so there's not

really much moving around so personally

I think this is a great machine really

solid really performs super well they

last a long time

that's cool yeah pretty pretty ace

machine and I think the camera is not

far off you know I'm so looking at

another headless like my leave it into

the back here which is really nice easy

to use because the head is heavy and you

really want to usually other arms lift

it up I would say that the attachment

doesn't feel super kind of secure and

sturdy it was a little bit kind of

sloppy and flimsy but me stop right then

say that's great the attachments fit

just like Gemma's in a similar way

so insert and then twist to lock it and

once they're in they feel really nice

and kind of secure and one thing about

the attachments it has this kind of

shell flip thing here I don't think the

idea of it is to stop anything getting

inside the machine but sometimes if

you're adding the ingredients or less

you're going it kind of catch on the

Shelf here which is a little bit

annoying that again not being the world

in terms of the ball attaching into the

machine if you have the stainless steel

version like demos it's really nice and

smooth this is just got the kind of

plastic fitting on that which it does

fit in it's just a little bit kind of

squishy squeeze and you know just the

heaviness of the bow just makes it won't

quite a bit and the part that it's

fitting into it's one nice big piece of

metal so again I'm not going to break

I've got my nice dial here and the only

thing to say about that and your holy

saw in the experiments is because mine

goes really gradually do the speeds when

I turn it on there's a slight delay

between its starting which can make you

think oh that's not and as soon as you

gotta get used to that like you're fine

and again they tell us it's the same way

it's 11 kilos they're moving it around

is heavy I mean yeah moving this around

your kitchen is again a bit a bit fatty

but it's pretty easy if you've got space

and your counter then what are you so

what I love about the ultimate is my

controls are all on the same side so

I've got the lever which took up the

head and tilts it back down and it's

really easy you just tilt it down to to

lift it up and back the other way and

the speed dials on this are similar to


you turn them round and then it's a nice

gradual movement to the next speed which

is good since we've got a pulse feature

which is unusual you guys don't have

that Batman sometimes you have that one

like a few processes that's just yeah

yeah and also my attachments they pretty

much attach the same as yours so and

they have the little notch in there you

put it up and then twist it to lock in

and when they're in they also feel

pretty sturdy they don't feel like

they're gonna come out worst your

mixture is mixing in there

and turning it or not we spent about

that with the dial it's pretty good then

moving it around - got the suckers on

the bottom which is kind of annoying

container selector go but it doesn't

mean that when you're mixing it's not

really gonna go anywhere

yeah which is your lighter as well yeah

if it didn't have those would you ride

right off the counter yeah you can move

that on and off the countertop as and

when you wish if you need to store it

somewhere one thing I would say about

your attachment though is this spring

yes you've got like a spa nice a little

spring then yes

and the KitchenAid used to have that

years and years ago I'm certainly money

at very first kitchen I had that I don't

have it anymore

and I think they probably designed that

out because I feel like it's just a

place to catch one thing we didn't show

you as well is that we didn't

demonstrate with the plastic talked

about in the unboxing and but James Dane

is one without the plastic guard we're

making we're making icing in particular

because obviously I said she was

incredibly fine and it has these

and when you turn it on air comes out

and there was a lot of icing sugar went

everywhere with the garden exactly as

the guard fits really nice and smoke but

I think with events it kind of helps cuz

my mix doesn't get very hot especially

as it's plastered I can show you really

wanna get him so that's the usability

yeah and now we need to go on to quality

yeah so they're all kind of varying

degrees of quality I would say the

kitchen age probably the best built we

actually use some of the bigger bowl

lift kitchen aids here the kitchen

frosting behind them and over the years

I've used Kitchen Aid and they do last a

really long time which is I think

testament to how that bill and they do

come with a two to five year warranty as

well depending on which model you get

which is really good because if you do

need to replace anything they're

brilliant at getting that fixed and also

spare parts like spare bowls but paddles

are really easy to get your hands on

yeah similar with like n-word it has

this particular model has a five year

warranty can you guys get some

professional ranges that that's like 10

years but you know these are designed to

last they're good heavy quality like the

pitch noise you can get the spare parts

really easily and get them fix this

easily as well yeah and with the

ultimate mine is probably the lowest

quality but I think it's still pretty

decent for 80 pounds I mean it stood the

test of time if anything you only really

see it unless you've had it for like a

year or two how long it will actually

last and mine comes with a year warranty

and in terms of availability of parts

I'm not sure how easy it would be but

say if it showed up not working or does

something missing from it Amazon will be

quite good I think that dealing with

that problem for you yeah I guess but

this is another gonna show you like the

true quality of them because like they

says you need to give them like this

times we gonna lose them for less couple

of weeks now

and we will use these two brands before

we couldn't really say live up to it

especially like we pointed out earlier

with this one they're kind of plastic

mode things could break off it you've

got to replace the whole machine with

these you can get kind of like bits box

as a we need web that leave us I think

we can all agree that the biggest

surprise here was yours

yeah York man yeah I mean it's got the

biggest bowl which is great I think 80

pounds I mean I'm not looking to spend

500 pounds on a mixer and if you're just

gonna be making really infrequently and

it's just cakes and biscuits and whatnot

I think that's it there you go

you know it definitely just goes to

defend this looks money these are more

like investments and if you burn like I

would maybe go for something if it might

expect a little bit more hard-wearing a

bit more quality to it because they you

know they should last a little bit

longer with the spares and the

warranties and staff sake especially if

there's something you're going to be

using quite a lot like infrequent baking

brilliant like a bit more kind of like

wanting to take it to the next level I

think you do what's a bit hard yeah like

this for me is perfect because I'm not I

have mine at home for a few years now

and nothing's been roaming it

and 250 pounds if I can find it to

around that bias I think is pretty

decent respect and obviously you know

I'm like fine so you know 500k is a

massive massive investment and it you

know you really do need to think about

how much you're gonna be using

but that much money you know if you are

an infrequent Baker this is such a

luxury to have like seriously guys it's

a lot of money to spend so I would say

if you're serious about baking and even

if you're starting a small business I

mean when I first I come to do is I use

fetch Nate and I you know gradually

upped my production and it lasts so long

and so it wasn't money well spent

although actually as a prison my mom but

yeah I I really love this I I'm really

familiar with both of these brands I've

used both of them over the years and I

am super surprised by that I think that

is a really great entry-level mixer yeah

this is like the intermedia and this is

like a gold standard especially when you

go through all the yeah but your

ultimate playing for extra later it's

not just the quality of the machine but

you know you do get the extra two bowls

you get the extra kind of caliber and

stuff like it's not like you're not

getting a bit more for your money that

you guys yeah absolutely so you know

there's something for everyone here and

obviously these aren't the only things

available in the world like go out and

do your research or asleep this is the

first place start with your research and

but if you know if you're somewhere

where there's loads of other different

models available and check out read

people's reviews because like just make

sure you read reviews basically don't

just kind of go on like look how much it

is it's really important to see how

other people are fed with these things

and if there's anything that you think

we've missed

you've got any questions about each of

these then please let us know in the

comments box below yeah alright if

you've kind of used any of them and

you've got things that you want to kind

of point out like those like I said

don't just buy the one that looks the

prettiest because it doesn't always mean

it's gonna be the fastest no yeah and

equally if there's anything else you'd

like us to review in the future please

let us know in the comments below

yeah watch that we'll be back next week

with another video so we will see you

then in the meantime please let us know

how you felt about this review video

because it's never done one before we

hope it's been a great help to you I'm

hope it helps you make the right


oh and you know just to kind of

reiterate we pay for all of these SS and

no cake mix one day yeah don't you know

that we're gonna bake the cookies now