Sealing Stains in Wood with the Best Stain Blocking Primer

hey there it's bred for bread the

painter calm and I just wanted to show

how I take care of a little thing like

this this house the painters didn't

notice that there was a knot right there

you know knot is where the tree limb

grows out and there's a lot of SAP

concentrated tannins and concentrated in

that spot

they didn't seal this when they painted

and it probably looked fine for quite

some time I mean I bled through whatever

they put on primer and two cloves so but

who knows what primer so I'm just going

to do a touch-up today I'm gonna use Ben

and I'll show you how I did that but

first this and then I have been okay so

here comes the nasty part I'm gonna have

to put my respirator on here in a sec

but I've already opened it in the way I

do primers like this that I don't need

very much I I do it like this I you can

say actually when I bought this court I

split it into two into an empty a quart

and I kept it only half in this then I

cut a dollar store brush now I'm gonna

need my respirator it's getting nasty

already and I just leave the brush in

there and this brush is doing fine and I

don't want to throw away brush every

time I need to hit a little spot like

this okay I might use my respirator

that's the perils of working on TV right

but anyway so there that brush goes

right back in and I don't have to work

you know spend another dollar to do it

to do a little touch-up so that's been

it nothing is going to bleed through

this I've never seen any kind of a stain

water stain whatnot obviously any any

kind of resin or

or SAP or just nothing bleeds through

this stuff this is the king of them all

and and and still champion and there are

other great partners like prime Locke

from Benjamin Moore there every company

has something but nothing is like this

this is an alcohol based very nasty

stuff when they say danger flammable

they mean it hits and and I can I can

show you that here's my I'll use this

finger it's it's clean and let's see if

it's dry no but anyway it dries

extremely fast it's alcohol-based I'll

be I'll be painting that you know here

in the inside 10 minutes so a really

good thing of by a court by an empty by

an empty can of some sort or two and

split it into half or thirds because

every time you open it you lose alcohol

and actually sometimes I just put

rubbing alcohol in there and they works

fine denatured alcohol from the paint

stores is fine too but but it should any

kind of alcohol and any kind of look

what's the difference between the

drinking alcohol and the the kind you

can't drink I can't remember off the top

of my head but you wouldn't put scotch

in there would be a bad okay I hope that