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meet lookout

the world's first undetectable security

camera and film charger balloons what is

normal for you and your home simply plug

into an AC outlet and look out starts

capturing 1080p HD video and audio of

its surroundings feeling safe and secure

shouldn't be difficult most security

cameras are complicated to setup require

apps access to Internet and easily

detectable so we designed to look out to

fit in your life with up to 32 gigs of

internal storage lookout is packed with

all the necessary features in a security

camera while maintaining the simplicity

oh and you can charge your phone without

any disruptions








hello everyone that my name is Tim and

I'm one of the product specialists here

at spy center security the spy gear

superstore and I'm here today to talk to

you guys about the Wi-Fi digital oval

clock camera have a small shelf but need

big coverage look no further than our

oval spy clock hidden camera this little

camera records a full high-definition

video the camera can even be motion

activated built within the clock is a

Wi-Fi adapter which allows you to view

the camera remotely from your smart

phones and tablets this camera produces

Full 1080p HD video it produces

incredibly clear video take a look at

this quality demonstration what you were

looking at is a quality demonstration of

the oval digital clock nanny camera I

put this clock around several areas in

the office just to give you guys an idea

of the quality as well as the field of

view keep in mind that this is an audio

overlay and that's this product does not

do any audio


now more than ever our privacy is under

attack because there are tiny hidden

cameras watching and recording us all

the time everywhere even in our most

intimate moments without our knowledge

these tiny cameras are found all the

time in dressing rooms hotel rooms

public bathrooms apartments locker rooms

and places you didn't think possible the

spy Finder Pro puts an end to concerns

of privacy invasion by instantly

uncovering all hidden camera lenses

which are spying on you this easy-to-use

pocket-sized detector can go along with

you anywhere to use the spy finder Pro

look through the viewfinder while

pushing the button on top to activate

the 6 super-bright LED strobe lights

these special red lights are

specifically engineered to bounce off of

the reflective surface which all camera

lenses have no matter how big or small

they may be now with Maximus

LED technology there are three LED

intensity modes that allow you to better

control and hone in on the area you are

sweeping hi is best for larger rooms and

open office or living spaces and blow is

best for smaller rooms bathrooms

dressing rooms and shiny surfaces such

as plastic for glass in a slow sweeping

motion scan the room looking at all

surfaces until you are confident room is

clean and free from potential hidden

cameras even if the camera is turned off

you'll clearly see that the camera lens

is blinking backing you up take 45 of

the away

whatís stops the invasion of your

privacy of the for instance get your spy

finder pro now









glasses have always helped us master

light they Bend it focusing shield us

from it but these are not your standard

glasses they have a lighter thrown a

light that connects you to the people

you care about gets you where you need

to go announce you prioritize the things

that matter technology that's there when

you need it gone when you don't get in

by design introducing vocals by North

your smartest pair of glasses















hi there are you in front of your webcam

right now most people use their webcam

for social innovative features such as

Skype and FaceTime but did you know that

people with much different intentions

may be using your webcam to more and

more reports warned us about such

occurrences bringing the importance of

covering your webcam to an all-time high

so you want to cover your webcam but why

does they have to be ugly and


we designed a sleek and simple gadget

that is easy and practical to use then

enough to close your laptop that will

and complements the design of your

device introducing the spy slide webcam

cover a beautiful gadget that is thinner

than a paper clip and made of durable

stainless steel you can effortlessly

slide it open and close whenever you

please and it is remarkably easy to

install on your laptop desktop and

tablet our webcam cover will make web

cam spine impossible so whether you're

in a business meeting discussing

classified files or in the comfort of

your own home using your favorite device

you can feel safe the spy slide webcam

cover is the most elegant and practical

way to cover your webcam