7 Best Innerspring Mattresses - Are Coils The Way To Go?

what's up everyone my name is Jenna I'm

from mattress clarity today I'm gonna be

talking about seven of my favorite inner

spring mattress pics I mean letting you

know everything you to look out for if

you want to get an inner spring mattress

then I'm gonna run through my top picks

and let you know everything about them

the pros the cons who they're a good fit

for they're not a good fit for basically

by the end of the video you have a

pretty good idea of which one you're

gonna want to get it's a state tip


first things first if you have any

specific questions or you want me to

give you a personal recommendation I'm

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who should want to get a spring mattress

well sue me more breathable than it also

and marketing tips so if you're worried

about sleeping hot that's something to

consider to be more supportive overall

so if you're a bit heavier it just wants

to be more supportive

Stephani more supported than the null

foam alternative they're also gonna be

more durable as well than all film

alternatives so that's something to

consider who should not want to get a

spring mattress well they can be more

expensive because they're gonna be more

supportive the material is just more

expensive overall the motion isolation

is not gonna be as good so if you sleep

with a partner that's something to

consider and then it'd be a little bit

more bouncy as well so having said that

let's run through some topics first of

all this is the sattvam mattress is a

very comfortable yet supportive mattress

is a great value as well it features a

coil and coil construction the euro

style pillowtop because of the pillowtop

when you're on your side it's pretty

comfortable it relieves pressure quite

well yet because of the two sets of

steel coils it's very supportive overall

so it's a pretty good fit for all three

slimming positions and just a great

mattress overall also very breathable -

next to our list is the wink beds

mattress in my opinion this might be the

most comfortable of all the mattresses

on this list has a nice coil on coil

construction as well pretty similar to

the soft foam mattress it's also very

supportive - they do have a plus option

so if you're a little bit heavier you

might want to go with the plus option

they do have a soft option as well so if

you want even more pressure relief I

would take a look at the soft option so

they have great options very comfortable

mattress overall it's just a great value

- next up my list is the Brooklyn

bedding signature mattress is the most

affordable mattress on this list so if

you want a nice innerspring mattress

that's both comfortable and supportive

and don't want to break the bank I would

take a look at this mattress it's gonna

sleep very cool and it has a latex like

two layers on top that are Lake text

like so it's gonna be pretty bouncy

overall sleep cool it's also very

comfortable it's got in that medium

firmness range I found it to be a good

fit on my side and my back so it's good

for a combination sleepers as well so if

you want a nice comfortable supportive


don't want to spend too much money I

would definitely take a look at the

Brooklyn bedding signature mattress next

up on our list is the avocado mattress

is a natural latex mattress over spring

so if you're worried about chemicals in

your mattress I would take a look at the

avocado mattress it's very supportive

overall you

so have the option to get a pillow top

so if you just sleep on your side I'll

get the pillow top and then it's gonna

be very comfortable as well it's gonna

be a very breathable mattress very

bouncy because of the latex and a very

durable mattress overall it's a very

comfortable and supportive mattress

overall if you're worried again about

chemicals in your mattress definitely

take a look at the avocado mattress next

up on our list is the helix mattress

which is a customizable mattress so if

you really don't know what type of match

you want to get or just want something

that's customized to you helix is a

great option it'll basically do a lot of

quiz and based on the answers to your

quiz they'll give you a mattress that's

customized to you you can also select

from they have a selection of mattresses

that you can just choose from or do the

quiz they even have a heavy person

option so if you really don't know what

you want I would definitely take a look

at the helix you can get a very

comfortable mattress if you want that a

more supportive mattress if you want

that so it's really customizable and

just a great option overall next up on

our list is the new purple mattress I

really enjoyed the original purple

mattress and think they really stepped

it up with the new purple mattress you

can get Springs instead of foam and the

support layer and you'll set the option

getting the two the three or the four so

the two will be two inches of this gel

material that they have three is three

inches four is four inches the four is

very comfortable two is more supportive

three is kind of right in the middle

it's a completely breathable mattress

very supportive overall it's me the

probably the most durable mattress of

any of the matches on this list so if

you're viewing this is a long-term

investment I would definitely take a

look at the new purple mattress and it's

pretty customizable as well given that

you have the option of eating the two

and the three and the four so just a

great mattress overall last ivana this

is a dream cloud mattress is a luxury

mattress there's a lot to like about

this mattress very comfortable and

supportive has some nice luxury finishes

I did not review this mattress Martin

did on my team so he's gonna jump in and

talk about this mattress and other

mattress study like from this list

hey guys Martin here to offer a

different perspective Joe made this list

of the best inner spring mattresses the

great thing about spring mattresses are

they're usually good for heavier people

like myself so I can actually say all

70s worked for me in different positions

but I think there are four that really

stand out for heavier people so I want

to talk about those one by one first off

as Joe mentioned I reviewed a dream

cloud and this is a fantastic

luxury feeling mattress so on my back

really good overall support my hips

thinking that top layers really nice of

my back on my side

pressure relief as well moving on to the

purple the new purple mattress this is

great especially for heavier side

sleepers I think so

even with my larger size you got four

inches that gel material I press in I

feel almost no pressure my shoulders and

my hips great for side sleeping and then

lastly you have the wink beds plus and

the helix nightfall so with the winged

beds they have its mattress the plus

made specifically for heavier people

like me so really nice overall support

special meant back in my stomach

lilian that's kind of plush feel on top

really great for back and stomach

sleeping and the helix nightfall again

like Joe mentioned with the helix you

take a quiz they make it matters to

actually fit your needs and if you're a

heavier person the helix nightfall is a

great option so really high durable

great foams also high-grade coils so a

really nice match for heavier people so

while all seven could be good for have

your people like me I would definitely

look at these four in particular alright

that's basically it hopefully I've given

you a good overview here of what need to

look out for if you want to get an

innerspring mattress and hopefully i've

given you good rundown of these seven

mattresses if you are interested in any

of you seven mattresses I definitely

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