man I keep doing that

hello hello my name is Christine and

welcome to today's video this is going

to be a fitness type of video

specifically for women and specifically

for runners and anyone else that is

doing high-impact workouts I have been

on a quest over the last several months

to try and find the best sports bras for

running specifically I have watched

youtube videos I have read all of the

Amazon reviews I have talked to my

friends I have talked to my family I

have tried to get as much feedback as

possible to give you guys some options

to help support the ladies while you are

running running is a very high-impact

sport there's a lot of movement up and

down and you want to take care of them

so they're still looking nice and sharp

when you're in your 40s and 50s and 60s

so men if you are not interested in this

type of video feel free to skip it and

I'll see you back in the next one I want

to give you guys a wide size range no

matter if you're an A cup or a Triple D

or I actually don't know what's past

that and because I can't give my own

personal experience outside of my own

personal size I have also tried to

research based on people that I know and

what they say as well first I want to

tell you what not to buy and it's

basically anything from Victoria's

Secret pink so this cutesy little like

strappy doodad very very cute right

worthless this will do nothing for you

you might as well be wearing nothing

while you're running now these are fine

if you're just doing weight lifting or

you're on the elliptical there's no

bouncing going on there fotona comes to

running save your money

same thing goes with this one it is

slightly better because it is a thicker

material with a lot less give so it'll

hold you tight this is an old Victoria

Secret one as well they have a ton of

different styles and some are good and

and some are not good so you definitely

want to stay away from the pink side

that's more for fashion and not really

functionality so no good here if I can

find links for these

six sports for us I will leave them all

down below for you and there is actually

one more that I don't have here but I

did purchase and try and then giveaway

but I will put a picture up here for you

and I will tell you that it's a friend

of Mines favorite sports bra to wear so

let's go with your a and B cup to start

with now this is an Under Armour

cross-back sports bra it does come with

little cup pads to help you out a little

bit I love that the band is very

stretchy and thick and you can find this

sports bra basically anywhere it's on

Amazon it's a Kohl's it's at Dick's

Sporting Goods it's at Cabela's any

sporting goods store will have this very

basic Under Armour cross back so a and B

cup this is going to be a good option

for you and maybe see depending on how

the rib cage fits you can get them for

as low as twenty dollars upwards of

thirty five dollars this is a really

really solid choice for your a and B cub

sizing I want to say I picked this one

up at Kohl's

and they come in a variety of colors so

I think this is a very very good option

okay let's move on to the rest of the

sports bras which are not done by small

medium large extra-large etc but by band

and cup size and for the busty ladies

this is going to be what you want to

look for you want to have the ribcage

adjustable and the cup size accurate

because your standard small medium large

may not fit you if you have a larger cup

size and a smaller ribcage so this

champion bra I picked up on Amazon and

it does measure by band and cup size and

so this will be good for your size a

probably through a small D cup because

you can purchase it and maybe a double D

actually there's one girl that said she

still really enjoyed this one at a

double D size so they do have individual

seaming on each breast because there are

two you know you don't want to mush it

into one pancake the shoulder straps are

heavily padded and are adjustable it's

very hard to find shoulder straps with

adjustable straps I find this to be a

very very important feature when you're

looking for functionality because

everyone is different here and it will

make things fit differently and then of


on the back you have three hook clasps

and this is also adjustable so even

though mine is a 34 rib cage I can still

make it a little bit smaller and a

little bit bigger by using this the band

under here is very thick and reinforced

and very comfortable to wear the only

downside to this force bra is that is

not a cross back that is the only thing

I don't like about this one and I wish

it were adjustable to make it that way

because I feel like it's gonna kind of

fall off my shoulder just a bit that is

the only con to this sports bra it is

one that I really like and I reach for a

lot when I know it's going to be a

running day okay let's go to Victoria's

Secret Victoria's Secret has their high

impact double knockout sports bra which

is an underwire padded cup with a center

clasp underneath and then wraps around

with a zipper right here so let me zip

it up and I'll show it to you so it is

double layered which is really nice I

really enjoy the underwire part of this

because it really feels like it holds

you in which is great the only downside

to that it makes this lower band not

adjustable outside of you saying I'm a

thirty-two rib cage on a 40 rib cage and

I do like that it is a cross back the

straps are very padded and comfortable

and it is adjustable right here which is

fantastic I will say for long runs I

wore this on an 8 mile run and this

zipper flap that's supposed to hold it

like protects the bottom zipper came off

and rubbed my skin off and I started

bleeding like right there

I haven't noticed an issue like that on

like 5 miles or less but once I went up

to 8 9 and 10 that is an issue with this

sports bra so I no longer wear this one

on a longer run but any anywhere from

like a 5k to a 5-mile is acceptable in

this one this one is expensive it's over

$50 but the good news is Victoria's

Secret runs sales all the time and you

can purchase it online have a ship to

your house and they do come in assorted

colors let's move back to the champion

brand and my first fail of the group

this is a champion brand

one that I really like that I got off of

Amazon this champion one is from Target

and they are not the same this one is

supposed to be a dupe of the Victoria's

Secret double knockout and it sucks oh

do not buy this I showed it to my friend

and she's like oh my gosh it's a camo

sports bra where did you get it I'm

gonna go buy it and I was like do not go

buy this I don't use this for running

ever but I am going to show you what

they tried to do to mimic the Victoria's

Secret sports bra so it does have like

it's not a full underwire but it is

lined and seemed quite a bit like the

other one it's a front clasp like the

other one it has a hook to hook it in

that does not work very well I have

found this to be not very effective and

zips in the front just like the

Victoria's Secret one that doesn't zip

past that clip very well hold up holy


the first time I put this on the zipper

didn't stay at all and I had Dave help

me and he was like so that doesn't look

like it's gonna work I did keep it

because I used it for a run but I only

bike or weight left in this one now and

it does have the zipper keeps pros to it

it does have adjustable straps on the

shoulder strap which is excellent like

one of the most adjustable ones I've

seen actually because it goes all the

way down this lower strap while thick

isn't tight enough to kind of hold you

in on the underneath side and there's

just a lot of movement this one is no

good so I know they were trying to do

trying to find a cheaper option to the

Victoria's Secret one but they do not

perform the same I'm a big fan of saving

money but sometimes spending less money

to buy something that you think is

similar is not worth it please buy the

more expensive better quality sports bra

I will say the same about running shoes

please do not buy your running shoes

from Target or Walmart get a real

running shoe your feet well thank you so

this is a no-go total fail hated it

let's talk about to Amazon sports bras

first I'll put on the screen right now

my friends favorite inexpensive sports

bra it's about twenty dollars it comes

up very high in the front so if you want

to wear a tank top but don't want to be

showing all of your goods to everybody

at the gym or while you're running it's

perfect and according to her it worked

really really well and I think the

reason it doesn't work for me is because

I'm significantly taller my friend is 5

foot 1

and I am 5 foot 6 so I've got five

inches on her and the thing I didn't

like about it is that I felt like it

didn't hold me down right there right

there's too much fabric between my

shoulder and the breast itself right so

for me personally I need something that

holds me in on the top as well instead

of just loose fabric and I really think

that's a height issue so if you're short

you might really like that one I will

leave a link to that one down below it's

highly reviewed and very popular on

Amazon it just didn't work for my body

type in that same hunt this sports bra

popped up in my Amazon recommended as a

extremely highly rated high impact

sports bra it's very cute it was

inexpensive it was about 25 or 30

dollars it had this adorable cross back

three adjustable hook clasps in the back

which I loved the bottom band is

extremely thick and you know when

something's rated that highly I'm like

yes so I bought it and it came and I

don't even need to run in it here's it

comes in small medium large extra large

instead of banding cup size I should

have known by that that this was not

gonna work for anyone bigger than

probably a b-cup I got a small which is

the smallest size they offer and it's

too big this strap is not adjustable and

it's like bunching up here and I'm not a

short-girl so I think that's really

fascinating I think this would work on a

larger chested lady that maybe can fill

it out more and maybe it pulls the strap

down a little bit but even then I don't

feel like these straps are that

supportive so this is not gonna be a

recommend for me but if you want

something that's very cute and

functional for weight lifting elliptical

biking yoga this could be an option just

not for running you will regret it

Oh Under Armour because I like this one

so much for like an a b-cup I thought I

would try out their high impact sports

bra for C cup and higher this one is

also done by band and cup size which is

a requirement to me

you're looking for something that fits

really really well and it does have an

adjustable strap in the ribcage which is

great it has a cross back which is great

and the shoulder strap is adjustable

which is perfect this bottom band is

extremely thick and tight I think that's

the best part about the sports bra now

for the negatives it is very very padded

so whatever you do have will be pushed

right up and that's the issue they push

it up and don't support it on the top

this is a sports bra to like show off

the girls and not actually for running

so while it holds everything in down

here it holds nothing up here so if

you're jumping there's gonna be a lot of

movement up top so I really really

wanted to like this one

but unfortunately it was a no for me and

this one is fairly pricey at $55 retail

you can probably get it cheaper but I

would not recommend this one lastly my

favorite one that I have found is the

most expensive of the entire bunch and

the best of the entire bunch the she fit

sports bra I originally saw this sports

bra on a separate YouTube review video

and this was her number one recommended

sports bra and I was like I gotta try it

this is the most adjustable sports bra

you will ever find the shoulder straps

are velcro and you can adjust them

however tall or short your shoulders are

the front zip is the most comfortable it

has hook-and-eye clasps which are better

than any of the other ones that I've

seen as well as this incredibly sturdy

zipper and a zipper cover across the

entire back and you think I'm done but

I'm not the band that goes here is also

adjustable total velcro you pull it you

cinch it as tight as you want it and

there it is and it fits you this sports

bra is $60 I know I know but to help you

guys out what I did is I signed up for

their referral program to save you guys

$10 when you sign up and purchase

a Sports Bra so it should take it down

to $50 which is very close to the

Victoria Secret one this is the best

force rock you can do burpees in this

you can run in this I have had no

movement no issues no bleeding because

the zipper rubs on me the only thing I

will tell you and this might be unique

to me because I'm weird is when I

breathe in heavily my rib cage gets very

large and I found the first time I wore

this I tightened the rib cage strap too

tight and it was hard to inhale all the

way once I got my heart rate up during

my run so I had to stop and loosen it

and then keep going so what I've learned

for me is I put it on and then I inhale

as much as I can to get my rib cage as

big as I can and then I cinch it and

then exhale and then I'm good and it

doesn't bother me after that they come

in a lot of cute colors I got red

because I love the color red even though

nobody really sees it with me and Dave

this sports bras amazing I'm gonna have

to save up and get a couple more of

these these are fantastic they have a

whole sizing system on their website I

want to say they recommended me get a

medium so that's what I got so even

though it is like small medium large

extra-large extra extra large because

the whole thing is so adjustable you

really can fit it to you I just felt

like it held you in up top it held you

in at the bottom this was super

adjustable it's a cross back which I

like and it even has removable cut pads

so if you don't like the cut pads take

them out but if you want to keep the cup

heads in to give you a little smoothness

if you know what I'm saying keep them in

so I thought that was fantastic I have

washed it and dried it several times I

have been wearing this one for about six

weeks amazing

highly recommend ten out of ten

recommend please invest in your girls

okay in order from favorite to least

favorite of the ones I showed you for me

personally okay so keep in mind that my

favorites are not gonna fit everybody

the same way because we all have

different body shapes just like I told

you that my friends really enjoyed the

other Amazon bra and it just wasn't a

win for me that's because we're shaped

differently and that's okay

that's partly why there are so many of

these options okay I'm gonna go for a

run top three that I'm gonna pick this

one will be my number one pick every

time if it's clean number two is going

to be the champion one I got from Amazon

with the blue padded straps this one I

feel very secure in number three is

going to be the Victoria Secret double

knockout as long as I am NOT going over

about six miles as far as the rest go

this one for target will not run in it

ever um no absolutely no and then the

little Skippy once I showed you the

beginning I don't wear those either this

video took several months of research

because I wanted to wear these sports

bras in in all kind of running

situations long runs short runs Sprint's

up hills down hills and talk to my

friends who are larger than I am to see

what they thought as well and so I hope

you guys enjoyed the review if you want

to shop any of these I will leave those

links in the description box for you

okay that is going to wrap up this video

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