TOP 5: Best Soundbar 2020

gone are the days of bulky television

sound systems sound bars take up less

space and are much easier to install

with so many different choices out there

it is not always easy to figure out

which sound bar is best for you in this

video we're breaking down the top 5 best

sound bars on the market this year based

on price sound quality size and

situations they will be used in we'll be

taking a look at products in every price

range so whether you're looking for a

great value sound bar or the ultimate

experience in immersive sound we'll have

an option for you so if you're

interested in finding out which sound

bar will be the best for you stay tuned

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starting our list is the Yamaha audio Y

a s - 209 BL our pick for the best value

per dollar sound bar Yamaha has a track

record of producing excellent lower

price sound bars and at under $300 the

Yamaha Y AS 209 is no exception and

makes our list as one of the best value

per dollar sound bars around the Yamaha

Y is 209 BL has a few standout features

that puts it ahead of its price class

first of all the sound bar itself is

nice and thin but it doesn't sound thin

thanks in part to its very large

wireless subwoofer that seriously boosts

its low-end sounds while many sound bars

try to find ways to shrink the sub this

one will definitely take up some space

in your room but the better bass you get

from it is worth it's larger footprint

the main unit includes four 1.75 inch

drivers and two 1-inch tweeters and

overall sound delivery is very good

dialogue has excellent resonance once

again thanks to the subwoofer and you'll

get a pretty nice wide sound when you

use it in the DTS virtual X 3d surround

mode it isn't quite as encompassing as

the Sonos beam which is coming up later

in this video but it delivers better

base than the beam the second standout

feature is that the Y a s 209 is smart

and by that we mean a Lexus smart Yamaha

has built an Alexa right into the sound

bar see

can ask Alexa to change the volume as

well as use the sound bar as your smart

assistant the sound bar sounds great as

the speaker for your smart assistant

much better than the echo dot and the

best part is Alexa even works when the

sound bar is powered off if you're

looking for a smart sound bar in this

price range

the Yamaha Y is 209 is one of the best

sound bars available especially if you

plan to use it to listen to music in

addition to watching movies and TV this

sound bar delivers all-around solid

performance and is most definitely one

of the best value for the dollar choices

out there next we have the Bose sound

bar 500 our pick for a great overall

sound bar Bose is known for getting big

sound out of small packages and at under

$500 its sound bar 500 is strikingly

thin delivers great overall sound and

comes with built-in voice control for

good measure

the first thing you will notice about

the Bose sound bar 500 is how slim it is

it's noticeably slimmer than the Sonos

beam you can play integrated music

services like Spotify music and audible

through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections

and you've got three different ways to

manage what you hear voice Bose Music

app or with the included remote the

sound bar 500 excels at making dialogue

clearer and produces impressive bass for

a small unit without a subwoofer the

sound is bright and clear but does lack

a little in bass step when compared to

systems like the Y a s 290 that comes

with a separate subwoofer

dialogue-driven scenes with and without

music have a wonderful crispness to them

along with plenty of richness the sound

bar 500 s digital signal processing

keeps the tracks from distorting but on

the negative side at top volumes the DSP

thins out the bass so much it sounds

more like a powerful tap than a deep sub

bass heavy thump if you're a sub bass

lover you will either want to opt for

the separate bass module which adds $400

to the price or consider another sound

bar system like the Y a s 209 that ships

with a sub however to point out when

listening to music this sound bar has

the traditional base forward bose sound

and it doesn't lack low-end at all the

bose sound bar 500 delivers a wide sound

despite its small footprint further

price the sound bar 500 gets plenty


voice integration and easy-to-use app

and clear rich audio this is a great

overall sound bar and should not be


up next is the Sonos beam our pick for

the best sound bar for small spaces

shaped like a flattened elongated pill

the tsoumas beam is smaller than most

sound bars but don't let it's relatively

dim unitive size fool you there's plenty

going on inside the unit and at under

$400 it's one of the best sound bars for

small spaces you'd never guess from

looking at it but the sonís beam

produces a wider sound than you'd think

given its smaller size you get nice

balanced treble mid-range and bass while

it generally does have enough face like

the Bose sound bar 500 it won't rattle

the floor unless you add a sub woofer if

you need more low-end you can get the

beam bundled with a sub woofer but for

most smaller spaces the sound bar is

room filling enough Sonos prides itself

on music playback and overall the beam

meets the high expectations as a small

sound bar the beam doesn't get extremely

loud but it's loud enough to fill a

medium-sized room few sound bars can

match Sonos when it comes to matching

sound to the environment the standout

feature of Sonos is true play sets the

beam apart from others in its class true

play automatically adjusts the beam

sound to work best in the room in which

you've placed by using your phone's

microphone to measure sound throughout

the room you can also manually adjust

bass and treble when watching a video

you can also engage speech enhancement

which boosts the center channel or night

mode which lowers the bass level as with

other sono sound bars the beam doesn't

come with a remote you can control it

with your existing TV remote or if your

TV supports HDMI arc CC you can use

Amazon's Alexa and voice commands to

control it if you are a collector of

remotes then this could be a

deal-breaker for you but most will be

happy enough to have one less remote

lying around the Sonos beam is packed

with tons of features and delivers great

sound for a small sound bar and comes

with the added convenience of voice

controls if you're looking for a sound

bar for a smaller space then the beam

could be the one for you

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next is the NS 300 sound bar our pick

for the best budget sound bar northern

solutions has been quickly developing a

reputation for great quality electronics

their latest NS 300 sound bar is no

exception so if you're looking for a

sound bar that delivers big but at a

small price then the NS 300 is one of

the best budget sound bars you can get

it's a sleek and compact sound bar with

a premium feeling front grille and the

control buttons feel very responsive the

2 5 watt speakers are quite impressive

you'll find the sound surprisingly

immersive the 3d surround produces rich

and thick base with resonating presence

the mid sound dynamic and the trebles

are crystal clear you will definitely

notice the difference when you are

watching movies one of the big selling

points for the NS 300 sound bar is its

versatility most sound bars remain in

front of your TV from the day you buy it

and it'll probably stay there for a good

period of time the NS 300 thin and

compact size makes it easy and

convenient to take to parties and events

with several ways to connect including

Bluetooth it also comes with a built in

battery so you get up to 5 hours of


your backyard barbecues will rock

compared to small portable Bluetooth

speakers the NS 300 will give you a

better sound experience so take it on

your next road trip or outing

another great feature on the NS 300 that

you won't find from any on our list is

its built-in FM radio it's a nice added

feature making this sound bar ideal to

keep at a cottage or anywhere you might

not have Wi-Fi to stream Spotify it also

comes with a card reader so you can keep

your favorite songs on a micro SD

perfect four times when you can't stream

from your phone it features a built-in

microphone and when connected to your

phone supports hands-free calling the MS

300 is stylish to complement any living

room or

theater room yet it's compact to make it

completely versatile to take on the road

the great sound quality and additional

features at such an affordable price

makes it one of the best budget sound

bars you can buy finally we have the

Samsung hwq 90 are our pick for the best

premium sound bar if you're in the

market for a top-of-the-line premium

sound bar then the Samsung hwq 9dr is

the one for you described as total

immersion therapy this sound bar comes

with Dolby Atmos and DTS X and a price

tag that sits just below $1400 at first

glance the Samsung hwq 9dr appears

rather expensive for a sound bar however

once you consider its capabilities

you start to realize it offers

surprising value the hwq 9dr sets itself

apart from the competition currently

there are no other sound bar packages

that deliver a genuine 7.14 channel

experience using wireless rear speakers

and for upward firing speakers the

speakers combine to produce a genuinely

immersive sound experience with Dolby

Atmos and DTS X when watching the live

aid at the end of Bohemian Rhapsody the

front two channels handle the music the

side firing drivers help to add more

width and rears provide the sound of the

audience while the overheads recreate

the echo of the old Wembley Stadium this

sound bar literally exists in a class

all on its own even if you wanted to

build an equivalent 7.14 channel system

you'd find it hard to achieve for less

than the cost of this soundbar speaker

subcomittee cost more and be harder to

install them the hwq 9tr system the

genuinely immersive sound experience

coming out of the hwq 9dr is hard to

beat Samsung subsidiary Harman Kardon

was actively involved in the development

of the hwq 9dr tuning the sound bar to

ensure it's as good with music as it is

with multi-channel audio there are four

sound modes standard surround game pro

and adaptive sound the standard sound

mode works best with music and because

of the sheer size of the sound bar you

get excellent separation between the

left and right speakers and

stereo imaging and precise location of

instruments is very impressive the

adaptive sound mode works best with

sports broadcasts or dialogue driven

programming the Samsung hwq 9dr is a

fantastic immersive audio sound bar that

delivers real bang for your buck no

other sound bar comes close to producing

the full Dolby Atmos and DTS X

experience and thanks to tuning from

Harman Kardon the hwq 9 TR sounds just

as good during music playback this

well-made and cleverly designed package

puts you right in the action and makes

it well worth the investment alright

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