Top 10 Pop Songs Of All Time

these are the songs that made generation

after generation tear up the dance floor

welcome to ms mojo and today we'll be

counting down our picks for the top 10

pop songs of all time

while spanish speakers were already warm

to shakira's form back in 2006

hip don't lie made everyone fall in love

with the colombian star

the song became one of the most popular

tracks of the entire decade

thanks to shakira's distinctive vocals

that melodious chorus and the blistering

latin music

a lively and thumping mix never before


this tune is the true definition of a

worldwide hit and it reached number one

in a staggering 55 countries and set the

record for the fastest selling single to


1 million digital downloads

it's a well-deserved reward as the song

is original fresh and a whole lot of fun

poker face lady gaga

love her hate lady gaga you can't deny

that she creates some wickedly memorable


after a strong debut with just dance

gaga released poker face

and we fell in love all over again

while you can certainly dance to the

song it also highlights gaga's darker


something which makes her stand out from

the other pop stars

complete with euro pop synthesizers

robotic sounding vocals and a memorable

chorus the tracks music video also

introduced the world to gaga's obsession

with the bazaar

having sold over 13 million copies it's

now one of the best selling singles of

all time

a claim which it certainly deserves

you know what everyone wanted in 1997

more spice girls

already a summer hit in europe in 1996

this song washed up on north american

shores in the winter of 97

and spread across north america like a


the lyrics evoke themes of independence

and it quickly became a girl power

anthem throughout the world

even if no one knew what the hell zigga

zinging was

while the spice girls never quite

matched this level of success again they

didn't need to

as they had successfully entered the

zeitgeist and left a lasting impression

seriously though what is zigga zinging

if you wanna be my lover

greetings number seven california girls

katy perry featuring snoop dogg

by the end of the 2000's katy perry

wasn't the most famous pop star in the


but she was well on her way once

california girls dropped in may of 2010

the lead single effectively demonstrated

that a new star had emerged

of course the vibrant music video

bolstered perry's image but for the

music itself california girls functions

as the quintessential summer hit

featuring one of the most commercially

viable hip-hop artists in snoop dogg

wow west coast these are the girls i

love the most

while firework offered a message of

inspiration and teenage dream catered to

a younger demographic

katie's owed to california invited

viewers in for a collective party and

reminded that classic pop songs are all

about having fun


number six bye bye bye in sync

released just days into the new century

bye bye bye was a bit of a holdover from

the teen pop craze that rocked the world

in the late 90s

complete with its earring of a chorus

and unforgettable music video

bye bye bye was one of instinct's best

songs and it solidified them as

contenders for the boy band crown

two years later in sync was no more but

the breakup led to justin timberlake's

fantastic solo career

where massive tracks like sexy back

prove the singer as a legendary musical


number five girls just wanna have fun

cyndi lauper

while lopper's version was renowned for

its feminist approach this song was

actually written and performed by a man

named robert hazard in 1979

after altering some lyrics with hazard's

approval lopper's debut single shot her

to instant fame

with the help of its classic music video

this song reached the top spot in 10

countries and became a feminist anthem

it's an instantly recognizable piece

from its very first synthesized notes

and lopper's energetic vocals carry a

sense of fun throughout the entire song

while still retaining a powerful stance

it was a tricky balancing act but loper

pulled it off perfectly

creating one of the most memorable songs

of the 1980s

number four i will always love you

whitney houston

maurice first released as a country

single in the 70s by its writer dolly


whitney houston's r b infused version

became one of the greatest cover songs

in music history

life treats you kind houston showcases

her powerhouse vocals throughout the


reaching heights that other singers can

only dream of proving herself to be one

of the greatest vocalists of all time

the song was a massive commercial

success spending a then record 14 weeks

at number one

and was certified four times platinum

only two months after its release in


number three baby one more time britney


by the end of the 1990s britney spears

was just an ambitious 16 year old former

musketeer in the age of pop groups like

backstreet boys spice girls and

in sync but all that changed for the

princess of pop with the release of this

solo powerhouse of a song

it reached number one in every country

that it charted and singled out brittany

as a cultural phenomenon

helping to pave the way for other

successful teen pop solo artists like

mandy moore and christina aguilera

her powerful vocals complement the

energetic sound of the production to

create a true 90s classic

filled with catchy hooks and a memorable

chorus that made her a superstar

in the process

number two vogue madonna

the queen of 80s pop proved that her

transition to the new decade would be as

smooth as butter

the material girl voked her way into the

90s dropping this single in march of


and watched as it peaked at the top of

the charts in over 30 countries

influenced by the disco styles of the

1970s madonna created a fantastic dance

house track that helped establish what

dance music would become

throughout the decades

on the cover of a magazine madonna not

only brought voguing and house music

into the mainstream

she briefly made disco cool again and

created one of the best music videos of

all time

before we look at our top pick here are

a few honorable mentions

a good night that tonight's gonna be

a good night

tell me

number one billie jean michael jackson

admit it even if you're not a fan of

michael jackson you love this song

billie jean just screams classic from

the title with the groovy opening notes

of the bass transitioning to the sharp

sounds of the synthesizer

it's instantly recognizable and insanely


michael commands the song from the

powerful chorus to his signature vocal

hiccup spread throughout the song

there's truly something here for

everyone whether it be the stellar


michael himself the wicked guitar solo

or the confident dominating lyrics

often considered to be one of the best

pop songs of all time billie jean is a

true timeless classic

and arguably one of michael's greatest


so do you agree with our selections

what's your favorite pop song of all


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