Best Mac Apps 2020: Top 20 Apps Every Mac User NEEDS

I've been a satisfied Mac user for over

10 years now and I want you to feel the

same way half of that happiness comes

from the apps that you actually use not

just the operating system so well the

best things about Mac is that they have

some amazing apps that you can use and

some of these I've used for years some

of them are fairly new but they are all

very useful thanks to CleanMyMac expert

sponsoring today's video now let's get

right into this list going in

alphabetical order at some point every

Mac user will need to edit photos and

instead of paying $10 a month for

Photoshop you can get affinity photo for

a one-time fee and it does almost

everything that Photoshop can do it

comes with a massive tool set designed

for creative professionals whether

you're doing minor editing and

retouching images or creating full-blown

multi-layered compositions it most

likely has all the power and performance

you'll need in a photo editing app for

your Mac I use this when designing my

YouTube thumbnails and it's been great

so far so if you want a powerful yet

easy to use photo editor and you don't

want to be locked into Adobe's monthly

subscription check out affinity photo

next is the ultimate productivity app if

you've ever seen Batman you'll know his

handy assistant named Alfred well that's

exactly what this is but for your Mac

Alfred is an application launcher at its

core and it can replace spotlight search

on your Mac but it does a lot more than

that with things like hot keys keywords

text expansion and more with it you can

quickly search your Mac and the web and

be more productive with custom actions

that you set yourself best of all it's

free even though you can pay for an

optional upgrade some of the main

features include launching any

application with a quick shortcut

performing calculations and spelling

checks in the search bar itself and

quickly controlling your Mac by doing

things like emptying the trash starting

the screensaver restarting shutting down

ejecting a drive and more get Alfred if

you're serious about productivity and

fetta mean is not what you're thinking

it's one of my most used Mac apps and

it's very simple you have very useful it

does one simple task it keeps your Mac

awake and optionally the display through

a super simple on/off button or

automatically through easy to configure

triggers an amphetamine includes

advanced features for those who need

them yet remains simple to use for those

who don't need all the bells and

whistles you can quickly start a no

sleep session for your Mac with one

click on embed it means menu icon you

can set it to stay awake indefinitely

for a specified amount of time or until

a certain time or for certain conditions

like while a file is downloading or

while a specific app is running or many

other custom triggers and of course it's

100% free

Backblaze is one of the most important

apps you can get for your Mac if you

want to avoid the heartache of losing

any of your important documents or files

for just five bucks a month on their

annual plan you'll get unlimited cloud

backup of all your files not only does

it back up all your Mac's data but it

also backs up any connected external

drives and it's all covered under the

unlimited plan for me this is essential

because I have multiple external hard

drives that add up to over 20 terabytes

and Backblaze automatically backs up all

of it and for some reason my hard drives

crashed I could recover and download all

my data immediately it also has strong

security so I trust my data is safe

having back plays definitely keeps my

mind at ease

next is be focused in it's based on one

of my favorite productivity tips called

the Pomodoro Technique which is a time

management method that uses a timer to

break down work into intervals usually

25 minutes in length separated by short

breaks it's a very effective way to

retain focus on whatever you're doing

the app lets you create tasks configure

breaks and track your progress

throughout the day week or custom period

it lets you customize your work interval

duration the number of intervals between

breaks and has the ability to start

pause or skip a work interval if you

want to maximize your productivity

definitely check it out

cheat sheet say that five times fast

cheat sheet is a free app that lets you

quickly view the keyboard shortcuts of

the active app you have opened we all

know keyboard shortcuts are much faster

than using the mouse but sometimes it's

hard to remember all the keyboard

shortcuts for a particular app for

example if I'm in Final Cut Pro which is

my video editor of choice with chichi

installed all I have to do is hold the

command key down for about five seconds

and it shows me a list of all the active

keyboard shortcuts for the current

application super simple but very

helpful next is one of the most popular

Mac apps and today's sponsor CleanMyMac

X which is an all-in-one optimization

tool for your Mac to clean it of junk

files and keep it running fast it has a

beautiful intuitive interface that can

do a wide variety of tasks including

cleaning and optimizing your Mac with

one click and keeping your Mac free from

malware because yes Mac's can get

viruses too it can locate hidden

background apps on your Mac and disable

unseen data collecting apps but is clean

my Mac X safe to run yes in fact it

passed the Apple notarization process

which guarantees that it is free from

malicious components and is safe for

distribution it also has a safety

database feature which whitelist

important files so you don't

accidentally delete them from your

system it's the ultimate tool for your

Mac if you want to free up space by

automatically deleting chunk remove

viruses and unwanted

applications tune your Mac for maximum

performance keep your browsing details

private get personalized cleanup tips

for your Mac and update all your

software automatically for maximum

protection you can try CleanMyMac X for

free by clicking the link in the

description below

speaking of storage space this next step

is an oldie but goodie Dropbox if you

need some free cloud storage that syncs

with all your devices and is accessible

from the web Dropbox is one of your best

options I've been using it for years and

when installed on your Mac it gives you

a folder on your Mac that stays synced

with the cloud so that all your files in

that folder will be accessible from

anywhere even from your phone or tablet

it's also a quick and easy solution for

sharing documents and files with other

people another app I've been using for

years and one of my favorite apps of all

time is Evernote this is like Dropbox

but for notes it's your own virtual

notebook that syncs to the cloud and is

accessible from nearly any device I pay

for Evernote premium but the free

version works incredibly well for most

people if you want to quickly save

access and organize all of your most

important ideas and thoughts this is a

must-have app for your Mac one of the

most popular questions I get is answered

with this app called flume which is an

Instagram app for your Mac the pro

version lets you upload photos and

videos to your Instagram directly from

your Mac you can also use it to switch

between multiple Instagram accounts view

your feed and ultimately use your Mac to

manage your Instagram highly recommended

if you are constantly moving videos and

photos to your iPhone for Instagram this

will save you a lot of time a helium is

a neat free app that really only has one

feature it lets you keep a floating

browser on top of all your open windows

at all times it's perfect for watching

videos while you do other tasks on your

Mac the helium window will never fall

behind your other windows even as you

switch tasks it allows you to

simultaneously see your content and your

work and what's really cool it does not

intercept mouse clicks when it's in

translucent mode so you can still click

drag and scroll behind the floating

content it's certainly useful if you are

a multitasker now this app is the newest

app I've downloaded out of all the apps

on this list it's called eine iina it's

a free open source lightweight modern

media player for Mac OS for years I use

VLC as my go-to media player but VLC's

interface has always been a bit outdated

so I switched to eine and it does work

great so far it's designed with the look

and feel of the latest Mac OS versions

while integrating the latest features

like force touch touch bar

picture-in-picture and dark mode and

best of all it can play pretty much any

media file you throw at it next up is

something everybody needs

past which is my go-to password manager

I switched to last past last year

because it offers all the features that

I need in its free version and when it

comes to remembering passwords having a

password manager create and remember

strong unique passwords is a lifesaver

when choosing a password manager you

want one that is secure with strong

encryption and one that is easy to use

on all your devices

LastPass that's both of these things

very well it's able to encrypt and

decrypt at the local device level and

the free version has unlimited access on

all your devices which is a huge plus

pocket is an underrated app it lets you

easily save any webpage for future

reference so if you want to save a blog

post article or video for later this is

the perfect app for that with pocket you

can quickly save anything from the web

and access it at anytime on any device

it also formats articles into easy

distraction free readings so you can

even read them offline it also lets you

tag and organize all the webpages you

save so you can quickly find and sort

through them the hard part is actually

remembering to go back and read it what

you've saved I have things in there from

years ago that I haven't read yet a

rectangle is one of those apps that

shouldn't exist but because the feature

should already be built into the Mac OS

but alas it's not it's a free

open-source app that lets you move in

resize windows in Mac OS using keyboard

shortcuts or snap areas similar to

what's been in Microsoft Windows for

years now

not sure why Apple hasn't added this

feature yet I used to use magnet which

works great but rectangle is free and

does the job just as well it was so hard

to finally choose a to-do app because

there are so many I use one a list but

it's discontinued so I settled on

todoist after seeing the positive

reviews and it's worked out well well

for me so far it's an intuitive to-do

app to let you quickly capture and

organize tasks you can use it to

remember deadlines with reminders and

due dates build lasting habits with

recurring due dates

collaborate on projects by assigning

tasks to others prioritize your tasks

with priority levels track your progress

with personalized productivity trends

and best of all it is free and available

on any device screens is an awesome app

that lets you remotely access your Mac

from anywhere and control it from the

comfort of wherever you are in the world

I used to use TeamViewer for this which

is a good free alternative but if you

want something optimized for a Mac go

with screens it's fast secure and

reliable with some great features like

curtain mode which keeps your Mac

desktop hidden while accessing it

sharing files between Macs via

drag-and-drop clipboard sharing and

multiple display support it's a

must-have if you travel frequently or

just need to access your Mac from


smart converter has been my go-to Mac

Video Converter for years it's free and

easy to use and it's quite fast smart

converter can handle hundreds of file

types and converts them so they play on

your favorite devices I use it a lot to

convert MOV to mp4 when I want to upload

videos to Twitter because Twitter is

very particular about their video

requirements you can also convert audio

files and add your converter files to

iTunes automatically if you want just

drag your file into smart converter

select an output preset and click

convert it's that easy this next step is

probably the most boring app on this

list but it's something you want to have

when you need it

the unarchive er is a small and easy to

use program that can unarchive or unzip

many different kinds of archived files

such as zip rar 7-zip tar and gzip all

of which sound like the names of

SoundCloud wrappers it will also open

many older formats it will even open

other kinds of files like ISO and bin

disk images and some windows exe

installers it's just a useful utility

app for your Mac and last but not least

unclutter gives you a convenient place

on your desktop for storing notes files

and clipboard items it's pretty easy to

use just move your mouse to the very top

of your screen and scroll down from here

you can drag items from other

applications to the top of the screen to

store them in the unclutter app being

just one gesture unclutter becomes a

surprisingly helpful tool for your Mac

it's actually three tools in one file

storage to keep your desktop clean from

temporary files notes to write down

something quickly and a clipboard

manager to track what you copy and paste

so those are my top 20 best Mac apps

that every Mac user should have did I

miss any let me know in the comments

below I hope this helped you out all the

links to these apps are in the

description below my name is Andy thank

you for watching and I will talk to you

in the next one