BEST Editing Software for GoPro Video

a question that I get a lot is what is

the best editing software to edit GoPro

footage well there's a lot of different

options out there if you're on a Mac you

can use Final Cut Pro or iMovie on a PC

Premiere Pro and premier Pro elements

are awesome but they all require a fair

amount of work but there are other

options go pro mix our own desktop

editing software it's called go pro

quick it's the same name as the GoPro

app that you can use to edit videos on

your phone very very quickly and

basically automatically on the desktop

it has a few more options but it's still

based around this idea of being very

very intuitive to use and allowing you

to quickly go from having footage on

your GoPro camera to having a final edit

which is 90% as good as you would do if

you spend hours doing it but takes a

couple of minutes to get done but still

allows you a lot of creativity and

flexibility and customization in what

you're doing so here is the main landing

page of GoPros quick desktop app now you

can find this on their website I've got

links to it down the video description

it works on both Windows and Mac and

unlike the old GoPro Studios you are no

longer required to ingest all of the

footage into it before you start editing

editing it which was a very large

drawback for the GoPro studio is that

with this you go into edit preferences

and then you basically just pick the

folder where your GoPro footage is

located and then the key step here is

you have to hit scan after you add it

and this will import all of your footage

into this media browser so I've got a

little trip here just with a trip to

Magnetic Island and we'll just select

all of it so from there to here it's

organized by date from oldest at the

bottom to newest at the top and then

just hit open in create mode this will

pop all the footage in on the left here

so each one of these represents a

different video track our timeline will

be down here on the bottom and basically

just from newest or from oldest at the

top to newest at the bottom and all you

do here is you scrub through the video

clip with your mouse and then when you

see a bit that you think is interesting

you click and this puts a highlight

marker you can see the little blue

marker there a highlight marker in that

video and then it drops it down onto the

timeline and as you add more and more

Clips it will continue to rearrange the

timeline in a way to best incorporate

all of those highlighted points that you

have marked


now if you get this warning that says

there you've reached the maximum number

of highlight points sometimes coming

down and lengthening the video a little

bit will help you out there


alright so I've gone through all of the

video clips now and added some highlight

points to them and you can see that down

here on the timeline

all of those highlight markers have been

added and that they've all been spaced

to match the music and what quick thinks

is going on inside of the video clips if

you want to change the music you can

click here you can see there's a whole

bunch of different audio clips available

so you just pick the one that best suits

your video

once you found what you like you hit add

the video and then begin at the play

button to view back our work








we're done hit save and you'll call this

give it a title hit save and now it's

going to render out so this can take a

little while depending on the wall the

speed of your computer so there it is

that was GoPro quick for desktop now

like I say as a veil for Mac and for PC

it's super easy to use and I think the

best thing about it is that it still

allows you to go through and select each

part of the video clip that you want to

include and it just deals with all the

rest of it sure it's not going to give

you quite the same power over the Edit

that you would have if you use something

else but there is a lot of fine tune you

can do in there you can just picking the

right little spots here and there a lot

of customization to your music and

really really simple to use that edit

took about 8 minutes to go through all

those different video clips and select

the parts of one to use and then just

render out and save and it's ready to

share wherever I want and that's a lot

faster than I'd be able to do it using

something like premiere or After Effects

anything I do in there is gonna take

probably at least half an hour to 45

minutes by the time I go find music pick

the in and out points of every single

clip try and match them up but the music

try and figure out where I want to cut

them how to make it just exactly the

right length so much much faster and to

be able to come back load your SD card

in your computer and just go through

pick the clips you want to use pick the

areas that you know you want to include

and then just have something that's

ready to go again not completely as

customized customizable as if you're

using professional software but simple

to use intuitive and really really quick

and you should totally check it out if

you've got a GoPro sitting around and

you've been frustrated by the speed of

editing software's this is one that will

really speed up the process so you

should check it out it's totally free

the only paywall in it is if you want

for more music by subscribing to GoPros

whatever their pro or plus subscription

thing you don't really need that there's

a bunch of music included that's totally

free so go check it out get a copy of it

and try it out because it is simple and

easy and it allows you to create things

that are that look great and do it

quickly and maybe this will make you

going back and beat your GoPro off your

shelf and start actually sharing and

doing something with some of the footage

you shoot with your GoPro camera that

was GoPro quick it's links are down in

the video description I think it's a

pretty cool piece of software and I

think it makes using and sharing your

GoPro footage more easy and more doable

that's something that's more accessible

to everybody so check it out and let me

know what your thoughts are but did you

know about it have you used it before or

if you only heard about the GoPro app

until next time guys thank you very very

much for watching